Digital Smile Design – Creating Perfect Smiles Through Technology

Last updated Friday, September 16th, 2022

Digital Smile Design – Creating Perfect Smiles Through Technology

Digital Smile Designs In Gilbert AZ

The dental industry has evolved over the past few years, offering people more dental care solutions.  One notable advancement in dentistry is digital smile designs which focus on improving the smiles of patients. Digital smile design involves a range of activities and technology to offer patients the perfect smile.

Previously, dental patients were restricted to oral hygiene and care. Patients would receive treatments aimed at better oral hygiene and health. However, enhancements in modern technology have changed dental practices to offer patients an expansive range of services. Digital Smile Designs is a wide-ranging practice that offers a convenient solution for patients who need more than just dental care.

This article will explain the various practices and stages involved in digital smile designs.

Digital smile designs are entirely different from other practices. Modern dentistry focuses on personalization to offer the patients the best results. Patients who are looking forward to perfecting their smiles do not only need to rely on perfecting their teeth. Conventionally, ‘the perfect smile’ phrase referred to sparkling and perfectly aligned teeth, but digital smile designs tend to set new standards in the market by offering patients real solutions for a perfect smile. In digital smile design, there are various stages involved, which is quite similar to engineering. The stages involve planning, blueprints, design, visualizations, and construction. Each stage requires a unique set of skills to achieve the desired results and involves people with various capabilities.

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Dentistry involved a dental surgeon and dental assistants. However, digital smile design requires skilled professionals in addition to a dental surgeon. This modern practice requires designers and cosmetic surgeons who contribute alongside a dentist for a perfect smile.

Digital smile design does not concentrate on just brightening and aligning the teeth. In fact, a perfect smile requires improving various aspects of the face such as the cheeks, lips, chin, and eyes. According to modern research, each of these features affects the smile of a person, which is why digital smile design involves all the facial features to give the patient a perfect smile. The revolutionary breakthrough works on oral as well as structural aesthetics of the patient to improve their smile.

The practice involves assessing all the features of the patient using digital technology to derive optimal results. Thanks to digital technology, digital smile design patients can see the result before actually undergoing surgery. This offers them a chance to adjust the result according to their preferences. Here are some of the steps involved in digital smile design:

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First Step – Evaluation

The first step in digital smile design is evaluating the oral aesthetics and structural design of the patient. This involves assessing the entire face to determine the areas of improvement. Our dental team will analyze the external and internal facial structure of a patient to identify what features need to be enhanced.

Second Step – Digital Design

The second stage involves digital design using technology. Graphic designers create a smile based on the recommendations from cosmetic and dental surgeons. The digital design phase is important because it shows the outlook of the patient after the surgery. The design phase can be extensive.

Third Step – Visualization

The next stage is showing the digital smile to the patient. During this stage, the patient is able to see the result and learn about the extent of the surgery.  The patient reviews the results and will either approve the smile design or ask for changes. The patient can recommend changes based on personal preference during this stage.

Fourth Step – Planning and Costs

Once the patient approves the visualization, a proposal will be presented stating the exact cost of the procedure as well as the time required. In digital smile designs, the patient will get an accurate price estimate as every aspect of the surgery is accounted for. There are no cost spikes or hidden costs involved in digital smile design, compared to traditional dental procedures, where the patient is often unaware of the exact price.

Fifth Step – Surgery

The final stage is following the procedure itself; the surgery takes place after all the previous steps are clear. The extensive process involved in digital smile design ensures that the patient gets the perfect desired smile as per the visualizations, without any deviations. Patients do need to understand the extent of the surgery and that certain procedures would be irreversible, which is why they need to approve the plans before the procedure begins.

In conclusion, digital smile design is a comprehensive procedure that undertakes various factors into account before the surgery starts. Surgeons inspect facial features of the patient, which include the eyes, cheeks, lips and chin and oral aesthetics to determine the combination for a perfect smile. The procedure can be lengthy and time-consuming but delivers optimal results for the patient.

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