Digital Dental X-Rays in Gilbert

Just like many other things, X-rays have gone digital. What does that mean for you? Plenty! You can sit back and take advantage of this amazing digital X-ray technology. Our helpful staff does all the work!

Digital X-Rays

How Digital X-rays go the ‘Xtra’ Mile

What’s all the fuss about? Isn’t every X-ray pretty much the same? And if not, does it really matter?

Yes! X-rays are a big deal! Digital images throw your mouth a lifeline. This innovative science can protect your teeth and gums. Related issues such as TMJ can be easily diagnosed too. Getting a clear picture of areas in question is key to your well-being.

The dental field continues to improve. Dr. Mansoor and her team strive to provide you with superior service. Integrating digital radiography is one way they accomplish this goal.

Accessing these images help uncover what a physical exam can’t. Your dental health depends on accuracy. A 3D CBCT Scan shows precisely what’s going on in and around your mouth. Digital X-rays provide a clear record without exposing you to unnecessary risks.

What Are Digital Dental Radiographs?

Introduced back in the late 1980s, digital imaging is now considered the benchmark.

While the traditional method uses film or plates collect digital images. Pinpointing issues is simplified. The screen pulls up shots. Any areas that need to be checked out can be quickly identified. The entire process is quicker, more precise and safer.

Some Benefits of Going Digital

  • Accurate
  • Eco-friendly
  • Improved Health
  • Limited Radiation

If Digital X-rays Are All the Rage, Why Doesn’t Everyone Use Them?

This technology isn’t cheap. Not every dentist in Gilbert wants to go the extra mile for you like Dr. Mansoor does. Another issue is training. Technicians must be specially trained how to properly operate such cutting-edge equipment. We believe you’re worth the investment! 

If you don’t know what the problem is, you can’t get it fixed. Taking care of your dental health begins with the most complete care. We don’t believe in simply treating the symptom. Our caring team is dedicated to maintaining the overall well-being of your mouth. Once a potential issue is found, the cause can be addressed. Crisis averted!

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‘Xperience’ the Benefits…

Conventional X-rays versus digital isn’t exactly comparing apples to apples. There’s a huge difference! Both patients and top-rated dentists alike prefer the digital format for reasons that may include:


Keeping track of images is a breeze. Sharing electronic files is easy too. Want something you can hold onto? No problem! A paper copy can even be printed out if you’d like.

Better Use of Your Time

Why spend more time in dental office than you need to? Digital images are created at lightning speed. Now your schedule can be cleared for other activities.


It’s hard to believe that this state-of-the-art technology is actually cost-effective. Expensive treatments can be avoided when your oral health is maintained.


The waiting game is over. These images can be seen instantly. Speeding up insurance claims also becomes easier with electronic files.

Enhancement Options

When the conventional method doesn’t show trouble spots, more X-rays are needed. But adjustments can be made in a digital format. If the original shot lacks detail, zooming in on a certain area provides a closer look.


Reduce your carbon footprint. No toxic chemicals or hazardous materials are left behind from digital imaging. The same can’t be said for the old-school method.


Your whole well-being gets a boost when choosing this approach. Radiation is limited. Digital X-rays use up to 90 percent less radiation than traditional machines. Diagnosing potential issues before problems can develop is an added perk.


High resolution digital X-rays are much improved from traditional variety. Every nook and cranny can be seen with this precise system. Nothing quite compares to what the 3D CBCT Scan can produce.

Digital X-ray Frequently Asked Questions

Are phosphor plates digital?

Yes! These kinds of plates are used in indirect digital radiography. While not instant like sensor technology, these come pretty close. A quick scan is all it takes to digitize these X-rays. Each imaging plate can last through thousands of uses.

The plates come in a range in sizes. Many mouth images can be captured this way, even panoramic views. Such X-rays promote early detection and keep oral health in check.

Do I need a CBCT scan?

A Smiles by Hanna team member will let you know if you’re a candidate for this dental innovation. One of the great things about this machine is it can take wonderfully accurate images from every angle. The best part is you can experience this whole process in complete comfort!

Some reasons you might get a CBCT X-ray include:

  • Discomfort from TMJ/TMD
  • Gum damage
  • Implant preparations
  • Issues with sleep apnea
  • Prep work for cosmetic dentistry procedures
  • Tooth infections deep below the surface
  • Upcoming bone graft
  • Wisdom teeth

How is digital radiography used in dentistry?

A healthy smile doesn’t happen by accident. Staying on top of potential issues and keeping the mouth free of infections takes dedication. An exam with a naked eye, even one that is highly trained, can only reveal so much. Our team uses this technology to ensure your dental care is first-rate.

Digital images can show Dr. Mansoor the root of your dental problems. She can then diagnose trouble to get you on the mend. Even better, these X-rays reveal areas to watch. Preventative steps can be taken. Digital radiography means less time in the dental chair and better oral health.

How much do digital dental X-rays cost?

The answer to this question is very dependent on the type of X-rays you’re getting. Whether or not you’ll be using insurance also factors into price.

  • Extraoral – These images are taken outside of your mouth. Many times, this method is used to learn more about the jaw, gums or nearby tissue. As special equipment is needed, this type is usually on the pricier side.
  • Intraoral – Commonly taken to get a good look at what’s going on with your teeth, these are taken inside your mouth. Examples include bitewings and occlusals. Costs are generally less.
  • With insurance – Depending on your particular plan, you may not have any out-of-pocket expenses. Some policies require a co-pay even for routine X-rays. Check with your insurance group for specifics.
  • Without insurance – Getting an entire set of digital mouth X-rays can add up quickly. But amazing dental care is not off the table! We offer a New Patient Special for $49 that includes a full set of digital X-rays.

What are phosphor plates dental X-rays?

These X-rays can capture shots that need better examining. A cover keeps everything sterile before a phosphorus-coated plate goes in your mouth. Then the plate can be scanned. The result is a digital image.

What are the three types of digital imaging?

There are a few ways to capture digital images. Which one will be used for your mouth? Well, that’s up to Dr. Mansoor and her team.

  • Direct – Poof! Turnaround time disappears when no additional steps like scanning are required. Speed happens through sensor technology. These sensors are wired to connect right into computers.
  • Indirect – Imaging plates are the leading ladies in this process. These plates may look like conventional X-ray cards. However, once these babies come out of the sterile wrappings, they can be scanned. The result? A digital version of the X-ray.
  • Semi-direct – While not always the most popular item on the menu, this method can be just as effective. Aspects from both the direct and indirect approach come together here.

What is dental film?

This material is used in the standard X-ray. Just like pre-digital camera film, development is unavoidable. It can take 10 minutes to wait for results from this method. There are different speeds of this film that have varying levels of radiation.

Don’t feel like waiting? Want to skip unnecessary radiation? Going digital is a healthy way to get the images you need quickly. We’re all about efficiency at Smiles by Hanna!

What is a CBCT scan?

3D X-rays are now possible with Dental Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT). This technology allows you to receive the best possible dental care. When the regular way won’t be enough to diagnose a condition, the CBCT steps in. An X-ray device rotates. A computer is connected. Crisp, clear pictures are the outcome. Tissue, gums, muscle, teeth and bone now steal the spotlight.

While superior in quality, such advanced equipment isn’t found everywhere. Dr. Mansoor continues to blaze dental trails. She believes in going further for you than settling for industry standards. Not all dentists in Gilbert offer CBCT imaging; Smiles by Hanna does!

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