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Missing teeth? Considering dentures or cheap dental implants? Replacing a full set of upper or lower teeth is a cost-effective alternative to getting a tooth implant for every single tooth. Smiles by Hanna keeps you smiling with All on 4 dental implants.

All On 4 Dental Implants

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Get Your All On 4 Dental Implants in Gilbert AZ

Dr. Mansoor understands the power of a dazzling smile. She uses All on 4 implants to replace rows of missing teeth at the same time. This procedure can be done for the upper arch, lower arch or both. You get a complete set of new teeth in less time without having to get (and pay for) an implant for every missing tooth.

What Are All On 4 Dental Implants?

These innovative dental implants can support an entire row of teeth with only the cost and effort of four individual implants. Artificial tooth roots are surgically inserted into the jaw. Two implants go in the front of the mouth. Two more implants are placed near the back.

These tilted implants can now support a complete row or arch, of artificial teeth. The result is a contoured All on 4 denture that looks and works far better than traditional dentures. So instead of having to get as many as eight implants to replace teeth, you only need four. That’s how the magic of All on 4 works.

Why Get All On 4 Dental Implants at Smiles by Hanna

Affordable dental implants require an investment of your time and money. We expect you to have a beautiful, fully functional smile as a final result. But, we also want you to have an incredible experience throughout your entire implant journey.

The minute you step into our state-of-the-art office, you’ll see how invested our team becomes in your overall dental health. Use your first consultation with Dr. Mansoor to get questions answered. Put any doubts to rest about dental implants in Gilbert AZ.

4 More Reasons to Trust Smiles by Hanna with Your Implants:

  • A lifetime warranty on all implants. We stand behind our work and products 100 percent of the time.
  • Digital high resolution scanning. Gone are the days of gagging on goopy impressions! We use CBCT digital scan technology.
  • FREE implants for veterans. We’re honored to give back to those who have served our country.
  • Laser-guided implant placement. Using this technology allows precise positioning of your new implants.

"One of the best places! Everyone here is so patient and friendly. I can tell they want what’s best for their patients. I used to have a lot of anxiety just the thought of having a dentist appointment but now I don’t regret choosing Smiles by Hannah! Would definitely recommend this place!"
Jose J

Why You Should Get Your Dental Implants in Gilbert AZ – A Final Note

When you’re looking for cheap dental implants as a superior alternative to dentures, the options may seem overwhelming. Making an appointment with Smiles by Hanna is the first step towards getting the teeth you want.

Dr. Mansoor can discuss types of affordable dental implants that could work for you. Whether you would benefit from All on 4 dental implants or need a single tooth implant, we’ll get you smiling again! Contact us to schedule your consultation today!


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What Are the Benefits of All on 4 Dental Implants?


Thinking about All on 4 with Smiles by Hanna? Get ready to be pleasantly surprised with all the perks! Psst… traditional dentures don’t offer the same benefits.


If you’re searching for cheap dental implants, get ready for sticker shock - the good kind. Technology has paved the way for a less expensive option. Instead of getting one tooth implant done and repeating the process several times for a row of teeth, you only pay for four. Talk about affordable dental implants!


All on 4 implants work, look and feel like real teeth. The All on 4 denture is stabilized by implants. There is no need for yucky denture adhesive ever again. Feel like your real self again with dental implants Gilbert AZ. Confidence. If you’ve had to live with missing teeth, you know the toll it takes. Going through this transformation can make you believe in yourself. Another bonus? Speech can improve when missing teeth are replaced this way. Looking and speaking better can change your whole outlook.


Everything from cleaning to everyday use is simplified with All on 4 implants. Regular visits to Smiles by Hanna plus a consistent oral hygiene routine can keep your new teeth in great shape. Efficiency. Hate to wait? All on 4 dental implants are for you! Once implants are done, a set of temporary teeth is fastened to your gums. You leave with teeth the same day. Upper and lower arches can be corrected during the same visit. There is also less healing time than with traditional implants.


Now you can enjoy that tender steak, saltwater taffy or peanut brittle. Eat whatever you want without worrying. Unlike traditional dentures, these new teeth are capable of chewing just about anything.


Missing teeth can cause bone resorption. This shrinking of jawbone tissue can lead to further dental problems. Regain jaw health and strengthen muscle ligaments with dental implants. Exceptional health can be yours with All on 4 implants. Preventing gum disease is easy with dental implants Gilbert AZ.


Getting the All on 4 procedure done means being able to smile again; you won’t even need a reason. Missing teeth cause cheeks to sink in over time, appearing to prematurely age your face. Look your age or even younger with a natural-looking smile.


All on 4 implants can last a lifetime. The snap-on denture may last as long as 20 years if cared for properly.


Affordable dental implants help safeguard your mouth and precious jawbone tissue. The jawbone can now be supported by implants that act as roots of your new teeth.

Dental Implants Gilbert AZ

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference of traditional implants vs. All on 4 dental implants?

If you’ve been considering cheap dental implants, you may want to compare traditional implants with All on 4 implants. While similar, these types of dental implants have notable distinctions.

  • Bone Grafting: Traditional implants require jawbone that is strong. Bone density must also be favorable. If your bone is not up to snuff, grafting must be done to repair jawbone before inserting traditional implants. All on 4 generally doesn’t require such tactics. Dr. Mansoor can strategically place implants in areas where the bone is solid.
  • Cost: All on 4 can solve the need for cheap dental implants. This process takes only four implants for an entire row, or arch of teeth. Using traditional implants to restore the same number of teeth could cost much more.
  • Number of Implants: You can get a complete All on 4 denture with only four implants. Or it may take up to eight traditional implants to achieve similar results.
  • Recovery Period: Fewer implants and no bone grafting mean less time spent in the dentist’s chair. Enjoy a faster recovery time with All on 4.

Are dentures or implants better?

While traditional dentures may sound less expensive, they don’t offer the benefits that All on 4 implants do. If you do the math, this choice could actually wind up costing you more over time. Pricey restorative dentistry is often needed to correct problems that come from traditional denture use.

Dr. Mansoor can give expert advice, but you must make the decision. Before making this important choice, consider:

Traditional Dentures

  • Are not permanent. This apparatus needs adhesive to stay put. Even the strongest paste may not prevent slipping and sliding.
  • Can be a one-size-fits-all. If your mouth is not large, traditional false teeth may look out of place and unnatural due to their size.
  • Don’t help preserve the jawbone. This part of the mouth can deteriorate further because nothing protects it.
  • Have restrictions. Forget enjoying that morning cup of coffee and yummy bag of trail mix. There’s a list of foods you’ll need to avoid… permanently.
  • Need replacing. Unlike implants that last a lifetime, expect to replace dentures every five to eight years.
  • Require significant healing time. All remaining teeth must be extracted. Expect to be on the mend for several months.
  • Take time. It generally requires multiple sittings to be outfitted for a complete denture set.

How much do All on 4 dental implants cost?

Restorative dentistry is constantly improving. Innovative techniques like All on 4 have decreased implant prices considerably making cheap dental implants an option.

Exactly how affordable are cheap dental implants? As each mouth is unique and has specific challenges, prices vary. Dr. Mansoor carefully studies your mouth, nerves, sinuses and bones. She also takes your medical history, dental health, age and lifestyle into account before making recommendations.

A single tooth implant cost runs roughly $4,500; it includes implant post, bone graft, membrane, abutment and crown. A custom denture that snaps on over implants starts at $15,000 per arch.

Smiles by Hanna accepts insurance and offers a payment plan through CareCredit. An in-office discount plan is also available. When considering the cost of dental implants, can you really afford not to take care of your dental health?

How is it possible to get new teeth in one day?

There is quite a bit of planning involved to make this feat possible. Dr. Mansoor begins by examining your teeth. Bone structure is reviewed. X-rays are taken. A couple of visits may be necessary to gather essential oral health information.

All on 4 day arrives! Dr. Mansoor surgically imbeds the implants. You will leave with a new set of teeth. These temporary teeth will function just like regular teeth until your implants have fused together with your jawbone. Then you’ll be ready for your permanent set.

What can cheap dental implants correct?

While not suitable for everyone, affordable dental implants may be able to help you if have:

  • Badly damaged teeth (typically from an accident or injury)
  • Many missing teeth
  • Rotting teeth that are ineligible for root canals
  • Several extracted teeth

What happens after the All on 4 procedure?

While implants for the All on 4 procedure can be done in a day, the recovery process takes longer. Each tooth implant needs time to fuse to your jawbone. This integration process can take several months.

The Smiles by Hanna team drafts your new permanent set of teeth using 3D scanning. The arch will be made just for you.

Once implants are established, your new customized denture can be installed in your mouth. When trying on your apparatus remember, comfort is key! Dr. Mansoor can make modifications based on your bite. You don’t leave until your denture fits perfectly.

What is a tooth implant made of?

Dr. Mansoor uses rods of titanium for each implant. This strong metal is safe and holds up well over time. Titanium implants help stimulate jawbone growth to preserve tissue. This material is used extensively in the dental field for its ability to integrate so well with the body.

What should I expect during the All on 4 dental implants procedure?

Before surgery you’ll receive detailed instructions on how to prepare for getting your implants. You may receive a prescription for pre-op antibiotics, which should be taken as directed. You can discuss anesthesia options with Dr. Mansoor. She can advise you what will work best so you won’t feel pain during surgery.

The day of surgery you’ve cleared your schedule. You’re ready to go! Someone may need to drive you and wait for you, depending on the type of anesthesia you’ll be having.

Right after surgery you should expect bleeding to continue right after surgery at tooth implant sites. Minimize blood loss by reclining back somewhat. Do not lie flat. Apply gentle pressure with ice packs to the outside of your mouth. Do not rinse or brush your teeth.

You’ll receive a list of aftercare instructions. Skipping steps or failing to follow directions can lead to problems. Remember to:

  • Apply ice to your face to reduce swelling.
  • Refrain from picking or scratching at surgical sites. Don’t even let your tongue bother these areas.
  • Take medication as recommended.

Avoid using tobacco, nicotine and alcohol products. Refrain from vaping. Forgo carbonated beverages. Do not engage in strenuous activity or suck through a straw for at least 48 hours.

  • Tip for ladies: If you take birth control pills, plan on using back-up contraception for the entire month you’ll be having surgery. Dr. Mansoor will likely prescribe antibiotics to fight off any potential infection. Birth control could lose effectiveness this way.
  • Two to three days after surgery: You can gently rinse your mouth out and brush your teeth. Use extra care around surgical sites. Do not brush the gums, surgical site or exposed membrane directly.
  • Ongoing: Foods for the first few weeks should be liquidized. Smoothies, broths, protein shakes and soups are recommended to avoid having to chew. Soft foods can later be reintroduced a little at a time. Soon enough, you’ll be able to chew normally.

What’s the best way to clean All on 4 dental implants?

Keep your new teeth sparkling. Maintain your dental health by sticking to an oral hygiene routine. Brush twice a day. Remember to floss at least once each day. Use a Waterpik once a day. Swish with an antimicrobial mouthwash regularly. Schedule cleanings with us twice a year.

Team members at Smiles by Hanna will carefully remove the All on 4 arch before properly cleaning it. Then the denture will be screwed back onto your implants. Now you’re good to go!

What’s the success rate of these affordable dental implants?

Very high! The All on 4 procedure has anywhere from a 97 to 99 percent success rate. Although rare, failure can be caused by a couple of factors:

  • Human Error: Not all dentists are as experienced and capable as Dr. Mansoor. She combines the latest technology and her knowledge to ensure things go smoothly from start to finish.
  • Implant Failure: All implants are not created equal. Dr. Mansoor is so confident in the titanium implants she uses, she offers a lifetime guarantee with them.
  • Peri-implantitis: This inflammatory condition impacts the gums and tissue that surround an implant. You can prevent this oral disease by brushing twice a day and properly flossing.

Who can benefit from these affordable dental implants?

This treatment involves precision and science. Success of the implant can depend on the viability of the bone. Implants must have enough bone to fuse onto so they can support the prosthetic teeth.

Favorable candidates for the All on 4 procedure have an ample and healthy front jawbone capable of anchoring in each tooth implant. When the bone above your molars is deemed unsuitable for vertical implants, you may also benefit from All on 4 dental implants.

Keep in Mind: While many patients can get their smile transformed with dental implants Gilbert AZ, it’s not for everyone. Consider that in some cases:

  • Bruxism can cause damage. Do you clench or grind your teeth naturally? If so, your denture implants will need to be professionally adjusted. Without this modification, you could strain your implants, hurt your jawbone and weaken your new teeth.
  • Speech may be affected. The added bulk of the arch can cause difficulty in making specific sounds. When your tongue is trying to sound out letters like d, n, s and t, it needs direct contact with another mouthpart. Speaking generally improves with practice and patience.
  • Your mouth may feel differently. Just like when you have any other major dental work, your tongue notices. Getting used to this new, improved mouth may take time.
  • You may need to retrain yourself how to bite. When you bite with natural teeth, they let you know the right amount of pressure to apply. Your natural teeth are connected by the root; implants are not. You may be biting too vigorously because you don’t have a way of knowing the right amount of pressure to use. Now you must learn to bite with just the right amount of force.

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