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Dr. Mansoor confidently provides exceptional care to all patients in the Gilbert, AZ area no matter the circumstance. She ensures all patients alike receive the services they need to improve their oral health. Any information provided by new patients will be used to create an individualized care plan while also staying completely confidential to avoid compromising patient privacy. We are open to all new patients and offer some of the most competitive discount dental plans in Arizona.

Dental Plans

Looking for the best dentist in Gilbert, Arizona? Welcome to Smiles by Hanna

When you begin your search, you may first reach out to your friends, family, and perhaps even colleagues for recommendations. This is a great start, because if several trusted parties have recommended the same dentist, it is likely that you will have an excellent experience with them as well. Alternatively, you can review our 250+ 5 star reviews and experience why Smiles by Hanna is one of the best dentists in Arizona.

doctor-patient-02Do you have a fear of going to the dentist?

If you have a fear related to dental work or suffer from anxiety, you’re not alone! At Smiles by Hanna we recognize that people experience discomfort when visiting the dentist. Our top priority is to provide treatment that is as comfortable as possible. Dr. Mansoor has created a warm and friendly environment for our patients; however, we recognize that sometimes it’s not always enough. Sedation dentistry services can be used in order to take the edge off of those emotions and allows you to feel safe and relaxed during your procedure.

No dental insurance? We’ve got you covered.

In addition to our exceptional dental care, our office ensures that all our patients receive the best customer care. We accept a variety of payment options including many dental insurance plans. However, if you don’t have have dental insurance, we offer some of the best discount dental plans available. We offer visits as low as $49.

Here’s what you should expect with your first dental cleaning at Smiles by Hanna.

Going in for a regular dental cleaning is essential to your oral health and overall well-being. It is recommended to go for an evaluation and hygiene appointment twice a year in order to maintain a great smile. During your dental cleaning and checkup, your hygienist will take a digital X-ray of your mouth to ensure your teeth, their roots and gums are healthy and don’t show any signs of concern.

We also recommended undergoing an oral cancer screening during the check up. A trusted member of our team will start the cleaning process, using tools to remove plaque, tartar and any kind of build up. This process is brief and painless and will prevent your teeth from cavities and give your teeth overall strength.

Doctor and PatientMaking you as comfortable as possible is our greatest strength.

Until you experience our services for yourself, you won’t know what you’re missing. Here’s what one of our patients recently said about Smiles by Hanna.

“You are making a mistake if you go anywhere else for your dental visits.”

"The level of service we received today was so good that if I tried to describe it in detail you probably wouldn’t believe me. You need to experience it yourself to get a true understanding of the high quality service and professionalism they provide at Smiles by Hanna. It all starts with Amber and Katie when you walk in the door or talk to them on the phone. They set the bar when it comes to how you should be treated by all of your Healthcare professionals."
David Small


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It’s time you stop putting off your next dental visit. Whether it’s a general check-up or a complex restorative or cosmetic procedure, the time to book your appointment is now!

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Dr. Mansoor is a member of the:

ADA Arizona Dental Association Pierre Fauchard Academy Academy of General Denstistry

Dr. Mansoor has masters in Implantology from:

ICOI GIDE educationy Dental XP

Ready To Get Started On Your New Smile?

It's time you stop putting off your next dental visit. Whether it's a general check-up or a complex restorative or cosmetic procedure, the time to book your appointment is now!

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