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Are you missing a tooth? A fixed dental bridge can be the answer! Interested in finding out more? If you’re in need of a tooth bridge in Gilbert, this helpful treatment is available at Smiles by Hanna. Our responsive team can address your concerns before repairing your smile.

A Dental Bridge Client With Dr. Mansoor

Chew on This

If you’ve dealt with a gap between your teeth, it could be time for an overhaul. Today’s dental devices present many opportunities. Stop salivating over that juicy steak every. single. time. Proper bridge dental work can reawaken your taste buds.

What is a Dental Bridge?

Also called a pontic, a dental bridge is a fabricated tooth. Designed to literally bridge a gap within a row of teeth, this device compensates for a lost tooth. This concept may sound relatively simple, but complex theories are in play.

Dr. Mansoor puts her experience to work. Before she can begin preparations and fitting, she meets with you one-on-one. She evaluates your dental history to determine which bridge can give you the best results.

Main Types:

  • Cantilever. Otherwise, known as a one tooth bridge. A crown is placed on an abutment, or existing tooth. A Model of a Tooth BridgeTogether, this duo holds the dental bridge in position. Unlike the traditional setup, you only need one healthy tooth right next to the gap.
  • Implant-supported. Implants are posts that are surgically guided and inserted into the jawbone. Once inserted, your mouth can now be stable and secure. Although pricier and more time-consuming than other bridges, this option also lasts much longer. Your jawbone is well protected afterwards. If you’re not getting an entire arch, nearby teeth are kept in-tact.
  • Bonded Bridge. A primary false tooth is flanked by extensions. The pontic fills the void. These small pieces are then bonded onto backs of surrounding teeth. Front teeth bridge commonly benefit from this reasonably-priced method.
  • Traditional. This popular option features a prosthetic tooth sandwiched between crowns. As abutments, existing teeth must be healthy enough to stabilize the framework.

A Bridge Can Improve Your:

  • Bite
  • Smile
  • Speech

Why Get a Dental Bridge at Smiles by Hanna

Think love can build a bridge? Let us show you what we can do! Our modern facility sets the stage. Dental marvels happen on a daily basis here.

The minute your consultation begins, a plan starts to take shape. Your mouth says plenty before you even speak. Our on-site dental detective, Dr. Mansoor, seeks to fulfill your smile potential. She determines what can be done to give you a complete set of functional teeth.

We know the dentist’s chair may not be your place of choice, especially when help is truly needed. Our office is a place of healing, not judgement. While your teeth are important, they are just one part of you. We aim to make you whole.

What’s the Typical Dental Bridge Procedure Like?

Prepare to keep two dental appointments.

  • Visit one. Abutment teeth are reshaped so they can accommodate crowns. A digital scan is taken of your mouth to provide a guide to the lab. A temporary is adhered until your permanent bridge arrives.
  • Visit two. The temporary is removed. Your permanent dental bridge is cemented. Your bite is checked, rechecked and checked again. Adjustments are made.

If you’re getting the implant-supported variety, you’ll need to wait several months after surgery. This time allows for complete healing before installation.

Replace, Rebuild and Revitalize

Missing a tooth? Or two? Or more? A fixed dental bridge can make your mouth whole again. Smiles by Hanna offers this type of restorative treatment and more. Our individualized approach allows us to provide the standard of care you deserve.

We believe every mouth is worthy of a set of fully functional teeth. Let us show you why we love what we do! Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation! You can learn more about our innovative techniques and how transformative they can be. Get your dental bridge in Gilbert. What are you waiting for? Your improved smile awaits!

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The Benefits of a Dental Bridge

Dental Bridge - BeforeDental Bridge - After

This technique fills a void in more ways than one.

Bite is Corrected

Eliminating gaps allows both rows of teeth to come together as intended. Everything can remain in place.

Chewing is Better

Pack up the blender. Pull out the knives! A missing tooth prohibits you from enjoying certain foods ranking low on the chewability scale. A dental bridge allows these delights to be savored again from time to time.

Facial Structure is Maintained

Teeth, existing or artificial, act as a frame to keep things where they should be. Without this frame, cheeks and jaws can appear to sink in or droop.


Bridgework is no Band-aid. When taken care of, this technique can provide years of comfort.


Need dental bridge work? Using a crown in this situation is both restorative and cosmetic. The end result enhances functionality and complements your smile.

Keeps Existing Teeth in Place

A gap can cause nearby teeth to shift. The more time that goes by, the more damage can occur. Stop this process. Conserve alignment.

Looks and Feels Natural

Thanks to superior craftmanship, this prosthetic is a welcome addition to your mouth. Become an upgraded version of your old self. Chewing and talking can now be done with a lightness and ease.

Smile is Restored

Get that grin up to snuff. Missing teeth can be just a distant memory.

Speaking is Easier

Let your voice be heard! The tongue and teeth work together to create sounds. When something’s amiss, pronunciation can be off. Immediately notice the ease of forming sounds after this procedure. People will understand you clearly from the get-go. Repeating yourself is now unnecessary.

Stays Put

Once the dental bridgework is cemented, it’s not going anywhere. The relief knowing you can stop worrying about your teeth feels oh so good.

Fixed Bridges Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a suitable candidate for this type of dental restoration?

Dental bridgework may be your mouth’s light at the end of a toothless tunnel. You could be a prime candidate if you:

  • Are experiencing good dental health. Abutment teeth should be able to support the dental bridge. Gums should be free of periodontal issues.
  • Are missing a tooth (or teeth). Implant-supported bridgework can handle an entire arch. Other bridges are made to replace one to four teeth that are next to one another.
  • Are in good health overall. Remember, we treat the whole patient here, not just the mouth. Be sure to bring up any chronic health issues you have during your consult. Workarounds may be possible, but our top priority is your health and safety.

Dental Bridge Example

Dental bridge vs. implant. What are my alternatives?

Yes! This dental procedure works well for many patients, but not all. Here at Smiles by Hanna, we find the best solution for your mouth. Dental restoration is also available through:

  • All on 4. This implant-supported denture is usually secured to four implanted posts. More implants can be used, depending on dental needs. The all on 4 functions like natural teeth. This procedure is done so quickly that it is referred to as, “teeth in a day.”
  • Dentures. Traditional dentures are removable and must be secured with adhesive. Sets are typically bulky. While this option has come a long way, it still has a short lifespan. Don’t get too excited over a lower purchase price. Remember to factor in replacement costs.
  • Flippers. If permanence and function don’t matter, this acrylic partial denture could do the job. A fake tooth is secured to a retainer. Just don’t expect too much. A flipper can work well as a primitive placeholder.
  • Implants. Durability reigns with this type of tooth replacement. Crowns go atop implants. The finished look is nothing short of impressive. As in many other cases, the priciest choice is often the best.
  • Partials. A few missing teeth can be replaced in this affordable way. Cast metal partial dentures offer a lasting solution. Flexible partials are more of a quick fix.
  • Snap-on veneers. Using this removable piece can conceal the void left from missing teeth. Underlying dental problems aren’t solved. These veneers may not be a permanent solution, but are easy on the wallet.

How long does a bridge last?

Answers vary based on type. Achieve figures below by sticking to a thorough oral hygiene routine.

  • Cantilever. Getting five to seven years of use from this apparatus is the norm.
  • Implant-supported. Implants can last a lifetime. The bridge itself may last anywhere from five to 15-plus years.
  • Maryland Bonded. You can expect a resin bonded bridge to last five to 10-plus years.
  • Traditional. Five to 10-plus years is the average lifespan for this tried-and-true variety.

How much does a dental bridge cost?

This is a tricky question to answer. Dr. Mansoor personalizes her approach to fit your specific needs. She is a creative cosmetic dentist who solves problems without necessarily going the most direct route. Try not to panic when you see estimates because they aren’t for your mouth.

The average cost of a bridge varies widely with materials and type of technique used. A rough guideline for bridgework costs may be anywhere from $1,500 to $20,000-plus. Smiles by Hanna offers an in-office discount plan and a payment plan through CareCredit.

What’s the best solution for missing teeth?

We have the resources and experience to provide sound advice. A fixed bridge may be just right for you- or it may not be. Luckily, you don’t have to figure it out!

One of the wonderful things about working with Dr. Mansoor is benefitting from her expertise. She determines the best options for restoring your missing tooth (or teeth). You can then select what makes the most sense for you.

Dental Bridge Before & After

What are potential risks?

Working with a knowledgeable cosmetic dentist like Dr. Mansoor reduces risks, but there is still a slight chance.

  • Damage to porcelain. Although porcelain is a durable material, it can still crack or chip. A complete exam is needed to determine the right fix.
  • Detachment. Crowns and dental bridges may loosen or fall completely off abutment teeth. Contact as soon as possible so the situation can be assessed.
  • Gingivitis. If regular brushing and flossing is not addressed, gum disease can sneak up on you. Routine professional cleanings are a must too.
  • Pain. Discomfort after the procedure should go away soon. If pain continues or begins again, contact us.

What can a bridge be made of?

Materials that work well in this type of dental restoration include:

  • Acrylic resin
  • Composite resin
  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Metal alloy
  • Porcelain or ceramic
  • Zirconia

Will insurance cover a dental bridge?

Every insurance is different, so check with your carrier for specifics. Most dental plans cover dental bridgework, but not the total amount. A good rule of thumb- prepare to pay for anywhere from 50 to 60 percent of the costs. Smiles by Hanna accepts various types of insurance.

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It's time you stop putting off your next dental visit. Whether it's a general check-up or a complex restorative or cosmetic procedure, the time to book your appointment is now!

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