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Time can rob your teeth of their original hue over time. Don’t push the panic button! The friendly team at Smiles by Hanna in Gilbert, AZ, can help. Professional teeth whitening in Gilbert works! Discard dingy, dull coloring for that bright white you deserve!

Affordable Teeth Whitening in Gilbert, AZ

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Whiter Teeth – The Professional Way

Options abound for DIY treatments. So why bother going to a specially trained dentist? Results. Your teeth can get several shades lighter in a single session. This dazzling smile can last years, not months like store-bought kits. If you’re ready to see a real difference, you need a real smile expert.

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What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth that were once noticeably white can fade, yellow or turn brown. A professional treatment can eighty-six stains. What’s left in the wake is your glowing smile.

The terms “whitening” and “bleaching” are often used interchangeably. The latter can sound phony or invasive. As bleaching gets optimal results, most people want this service even when they specify getting their teeth whitened.

Here’s the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s take:

  • Anything done to restore a tooth’s natural color by removing particles can be considered whitening.

Translation: Toothbrushes, toothpaste and even floss can whiten teeth according to the FDA’s definition. While these aids help maintain oral health, they can’t remove years of staining. You wouldn’t bring a knife to a gunfight. Don’t expect a toothbrush to make teeth sparkle.

  • The process that can take teeth to unnatural levels of whiteness is labeled as bleaching.

Translation: Your teeth won’t be mistaken for fluorescent lights. The peroxide solution temporarily erases years of grime. Only expertly applied bleaching agents can reveal your brilliant smile.

Why Get Your Teeth Whitened at Smiles by Hanna

We believe you deserve the best and aim to give it to you. Here are some great reasons to pick us for your teeth whitening in Gilbert, AZ needs:

  • Cosmetic dentistry shouldn’t be reserved for influencers and celebrities. We help you make yourself a priority with our in-office discount plan.
  • Dr. Mansoor works with you, so the desired natural color is produced. She carefully studies your dental history. The entire process is geared for your needs.
  • Your well-being is our top concern! We use products that are completely safe when used as directed. Unlike store-bought kits, our solvents aren’t abrasive and don’t wear away enamel.
  • What may have taken years to dirty up can be polished to a shine in about an hour. You’ll be amazed at the immediate transformation!

Teeth Whitening - Before & After

How long does teeth whitening last?

Once your teeth are all nice and bright again, they can stay that way for anywhere from six months to three-plus years. There are several elements that factor into duration after you get teeth whitening in Gilbert.

  • Commitment to oral hygiene. How much time and effort will you devote to keeping your teeth in tip-top shape? Plan on brushing and flossing after any encounter with a drink or food known for staining.
  • Diet. Many foods and drinks are a white tooth’s nightmare. Drinking red wine, eating blueberries and enjoying that daily espresso is a recipe for a short-lived treatment.
  • Lifestyle. Are you a smoker? Do you use other tobacco products regularly? If so, your smile’s coloring could mimic that of tar and nicotine.
  • Process used to whiten teeth. Dental office treatments offer a noticeable difference that lasts. Superior products are applied with proficiency and care in a sterile setting.

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It’s time you stop putting off your next dental visit. Whether it’s a general check-up or a complex restorative or cosmetic procedure, the time to book your appointment is now!

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Benefits of Getting Those Whites Even Pearlier

The pros of getting teeth whitening in Gilbert may seem only cosmetic, but don’t be fooled! Make your mouth a priority to experience an overflow of goodness such as:

An Improved Smile

It doesn’t matter how straight teeth are; if they look dark and dingy, the overall effect could be a fail. Purging ugly stains can illuminate your entire face.

Better Dental Health

Maintaining a strict oral hygiene routine is easier when you have a visual reason. If you like what you see in the mirror, you’re more likely to keep up good habits.


Knowing how much lighter your teeth are can give you a virtual pat on the back. Taking this step is a simple way to feel better about being you.

Nonverbal Clapback

Respond to critics without saying a word. Throw any stink-eyes a curveball with your enhanced smile. Get nods of approval that may not even seem so important anymore.

Teeth Whitening in Gilbert, AZ Frequently Asked Questions

Does teeth whitening hurt?

Even though pain is rare, some patients may experience tooth sensitivity. If your teeth are already sensitive, it’s likely that you may have related issues during the procedure.

We prefer to keep pain out of the picture. One of the huge plusses of getting teeth whitening in Gilbert from Smiles by Hanna is that your formula is personalized. Are you concerned about sensitivity? Dr. Mansoor can scale down the gel’s strength. Now desired results can be achieved with minimal to no discomfort.

How long are teeth sensitive after whitening?

Expect sensitivity to end soon, usually around 24 hours afterwards. Some patients may experience tooth sensitivity for a few days, then it disappears. Remember to follow aftercare instructions to keep pain at bay after getting teeth whitening in Gilbert, AZ.

How long does it take to whiten teeth?

The average time for a single treatment is about an hour. Sessions may be as short as 30 minutes or take up to 90 minutes.

How much does professional teeth whitening cost?

The method of teeth whitening in Gilbert you choose impacts affordability. Each option comes in at a different price point. Higher-end treatments may run anywhere from $600 to $1,000. Effective take-home kits are an alternative. The average cost for this budget-friendly solution is $500.

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Ready To Get Started On Your New Smile?

It's time you stop putting off your next dental visit. Whether it's a general check-up or a complex restorative or cosmetic procedure, the time to book your appointment is now!

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