Tori Removal and You

Mandibular tori removal eliminates tori in the gums. Smiles by Hanna offers torus mandibularis removal via Waterlase technology. Our attentive team members answer questions like, “Is tori removal covered by insurance?” We also go over torus palatinus removal recovery.

Tori Removal

About Mandibular Tori Removal

When surplus bones cause discomfort and prevent you from drinking or eating normally, something must be done. Tori may also get in the way of helpful dental devices like braces, dentures and retainers.

Torus mandibularis removal can happen in one of two ways:

  • Traditional Surgery: You’re given general anesthesia. The oral surgeon then digs out bothersome tori in the gums with a sharp tool. This old school method still gets the job done. Your mouth is tori-free. However, there can be more recovery time than the Waterlase Procedure.
  • Waterlase Procedure: Advanced Technology lends a hand to Dr. Mansoor for this option. Using the Biolase Waterlase dental laser adds precision and a gentle touch to the procedure. General anesthesia is unnecessary. Risks are minimized. The outcome is as good – if not better – than traditional surgery.

Take a Look at a Tori Removal Procedure Done by Dr. Hanna Mansoor

What is Torus?

Excess mouth bones (otherwise known as tori) can be found in both the upper and lower parts of the jaw. Sometimes mistaken for cancer, these boney growths are harmless and often appear in pairs. Such bones are covered in gum tissue making them look like fleshy bumps. Many people don’t have tori-related problems, but for others tori can be a real pain.

One bone is referred to as a dental or oral torus. The same bones found in groups are called dental or oral tori.

There are three types of tori:

  • Buccal Exostoses: The rarest of tori, these occur atop molars on the upper jaw arch. These lumps may become a nuisance and practically beg for removal.
  • Mandibular Torus: Found in the lower jaw, this growth is seen under the tongue. Tori mandibularis removal handles these unsightly bumps.
  • Torus Palatinus: Also called maxillary torus, this mass grows in the center of the upper jaw or palate. The Waterlase tool makes torus palatinus removal recovery a breeze.

What is Tori Removal?

Want to take a hard pass on elective surgery? We don’t blame you! The Waterlase instrument allows Dr. Mansoor to accurately remove painful tori minus surgical risks. Don’t let tori have the last word! Now there’s no reason to suffer.

Why Have Your Tori Removed

Not every dentist in the greater Phoenix area fuses technology with exceptional care like Dr. Mansoor. This trailblazer strives to make your experience as painless as possible while providing five-star service.  You don’t have to live with painful tori. Scary surgery isn’t the only option anymore! Solve your tori issues with the Waterlase procedure. The entire team at Smiles by Hanna is proud of our mandibular tori removal process.

Schedule a tori removal consultation with our own Dr. Mansoor! Mandibular tori removal can be your mouth’s ticket to freedom. Let us help you get out of pain and start living today!

What’s Involved with Tori Removal?

Once Dr. Mansoor gives the green light, you can get scheduled for the Waterlase procedure. Your comfort both during and after the process is important to us! You may receive a local anesthetic that simply numbs the area before laser treatment begins.

Traditional surgery needs drills and scalpels. Waterlase treatment harnesses the power of water and light to gently separate gum tissue. Then tori can be removed and/or ground down. You won’t feel any heat or vibration from this tool. You remain alert throughout the process.

Expect immediate results after having tori removed. We send you on your way with a complete list of aftercare instructions to help you heal as expected.

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Experience the Advantages of Tori Removal


The benefits that come with your torus mandibularis removal just keep coming. Once you get those tori removed, you can:

Eat and Drink in Comfort

Some severe cases of tori in the gums are so bad they prevent eating and drinking normally. No more working around certain foods and beverages or getting food stuck under each torus. When aggravating tori don’t call the shots, you get to choose what to eat and drink.

Eliminate Pain

While not magical, our Waterlase mandibular tori removal is darn near close. There won’t be constant tongue and cheek injuries without bothersome tori. Your tongue will have to find a new space to explore because your aggravating torus is gone!

Practice Oral Hygiene

Brush your teeth and gums normally without having to worry about disturbing tori. Keep your mouth in great shape without bloodying up the sink.

Speak Easily

Have tori affected your speaking ability? Remove the growths, remove the problem. Expect speech to improve dramatically once tori is removed.

Use Dental Appliances

Need to clear the way for dental implants? Tori can impact the way everything from a retainer to how dentures fit in your mouth. Set the stage for the right fit by removing tori in the gums.

Dental Tori Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have tori?

If you’ve noticed a fleshy bump in your mouth, you could have a torus. These growths of excess bone are harmless unless they impact your quality of life. Letting an experienced dentist like Dr. Mansoor check your mouth out can give you peace of mind.

Do I need to have my tori removed?

The answer to this question depends on who you ask. If you ask an insurance company, the answer will usually be, “No.” But these folks don’t have to live with the everyday pain you may face.

Ask someone who has had torus mandibularis removal and get a totally different answer. Anyone who has suffered due to tori and come out on the other side knows this procedure can be life-changing.

Another person to ask is a trusted dentist or oral surgeon like Dr. Mansoor. She can go over potential risks versus rewards. Then you have all the information to make the most informed decision.

How long is torus palatinus removal recovery?

All type of torus removal takes time to heal. Recovery time depends on the type of tori you had removed and how many were removed.

Removal sites and immediate areas will be swollen the first few days after surgery. Swelling can be reduced by following aftercare instructions.

Generally, it can take anywhere from two to four weeks for a complete torus palatinus removal recovery.

How much does tori removal cost?

The answer to this question depends on how many tori you’ll be having removed and what type of tori you have. When you meet with Dr. Mansoor, she carefully examines your mouth and tori. She can advise a Waterlase removal plan.

If I leave my tori alone, will they just go away?

No. Unfortunately, tori does not just disappear on its own. Just the opposite is true. Tori continues growing. Most patients experience a very slow rate of tori growth. If you’re already dealing with tori-related issues, then any growth at all can become more problematic.

Is tori removal covered by insurance?

There is no standard answer to this question. Most insurers do not pay for tori you have removed. Some insurance companies may reimburse you for a portion of tori removals they deem necessary.

The best way to find out is to contact your dental insurance provider directly. If they don’t cover the cost of the procedure, we offer an in-office discount plan and payment plan through CareCredit.

Smiles by Hanna gladly accepts insurance.

What can cause tori?

You may find yourself wondering, “Why do I even have these tori?” There are various factors that make certain patients more prone to developing tori.

  • Bruxism: Grinding your teeth can activate bone growth. Some of these growing bones could show up in the form of tori.
  • Calcium: Eating a diet off the charts in calcium could contribute to tori development.
  • Ethnicity: Research suggests oral tori is more common in patients who have Asian or Inuit heritage.
  • Gender: Mandibular torus affects more males. Palatal tori are observed more in females.
  • Heredity: Did Mom and Dad have tori problems? If so, chances are you will too.
  • Severe Injury: If your mouth was injured in an accident, or you took any blunt trauma near your jaw, tori could emerge.

What are the benefits of torus mandibularis removal via Waterlase?

Amazing benefits occur both during and after your procedure:

  • Fewer risks. Choosing this minimally invasive procedure over traditional surgical route means putting yourself first. The Waterlase process means less bleeding, swelling and cross contamination. All of these perks help lower your risk of infection.
  • Get all tori done. Remove every single one of your tori in the same sitting. Why not get everything taken care of so you only have to heal once?
  • Have a pain-free experience. Haven’t you already been through enough pain? Remove the ouch by choosing this Biolase laser treatment.
  • Increased accuracy. Dr. Mansoor boosts precision with Waterlase technology. Blood loss can blur the surgeon’s view, allowing for mistakes in traditional surgery. But this tool keeps things on task.
  • No need for general anesthesia. Going under general anesthesia, you become completely unconscious. Avoid the need for this risk by opting for laser tori removal. This technology is not painful like the surgical alternative. You won’t feel completely numb for hours afterwards either.
  • Self-reliance. There’s no need to ask someone to drive you to and from your appointment. Biolase technology makes it possible for you to drive home right after getting your tori removed.

What should I expect for torus palatinus removal recovery?

You’re all done! Now it’s time for healing. A Smiles by Hanna team member will give you a detailed list of aftercare instructions. Follow every direction as written for best results. Some things to keep in mind during the recovery phase:

  • Avoid certain activities. Don’t drink through a straw or peek at incision sites by pulling the cheek open.
  • Prepare ahead of time. Plan on eating soft foods that require little to no chewing. Soups, smoothies, pudding, gelatin and yogurt are ideal. Stock your fridge and pantry full of these foods that won’t irritate your mouth.
  • Stick to recommended oral hygiene routine. A clean mouth is a healthy mouth. Follow specific directions to keep everything progressing as intended. Don’t rinse or brush too intensely.
  • Take prescriptions as directed. Take antibiotics at recommended times, even if inconvenient. If you feel sore, take dentist-approved medicine like an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pill.
  • Use an icepack. Icing the jaw can help reduce swelling and promote comfort. Apply in moderation.
  • Wait to indulge. Don’t eat or drink anything not on the approved foods list. Foods that are too spicy, hard, tough, chewy or salty could aggravate your wounds.

Will removed tori grow back?

While tori have the potential to grow back, the odds of it happening are slim.

Why do I need mandibular tori removal before getting dentures?

If tori obscures denture placement, the dentures will never fit correctly. Translation – years of discomfort await. Getting dentures takes time and money. Protect your investment by having tori removed first.

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