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Are you dozing off during daytime duties? Has snoring driven your partner down the hall? Do you wake up with a mouth drier than the Sonoran Desert? You might have sleep apnea.

A sound slumber can be yours with Smiles by Hanna in Gilbert. We offer CPAP alternatives that are proven sleep apnea treatments. We are committed to making your life better forty winks at a time.

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Get Sleep and Get Your Life Back

Without proper rest, your body runs out of steam and you suffer from exhaustion and mood swings. Simple tasks like driving become challenging. Having a serious sleep affliction can turn you into a zombie and can even risk your long term health, relationships and life. Falling and staying asleep regularly can bring you back to the land of the living.

What is Sleep Apnea?

This dangerous disorder robs you of sleep by interrupting your breathing. One minute you’re breathing. The next minute you’re not. Scary, right?

Three types of this condition can deprive you of your much needed sleep:

  1. Central. Airway blockage is not to blame for this disorder. Signals between respiratory muscles and the brain get crossed. Breathing is disrupted.
  2. Complex. Scientists continue to study this mysterious variant. Also called mixed sleep apnea, this condition combines elements of both obstructive and central types. Diagnosis can be tricky. You may start out with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Breathing issues may remain even after CPAP treatment.
  3. Obstructive. Breathing problems are a direct result of a blocked airway. When throat muscles fall down on the job, they block your windpipe.

With any of these conditions breathing is much more difficult and snoring is very likely. Your breathing is disrupted and your brain sounds off a wake-up call, which wakes you up in time to catch your breath. Then there is commonly snorts and gasps as your body fights to get enough oxygen to try to fall asleep again. This scenario can happen hundreds of times a night. Sleep deprivation from this condition is a certainty.

5 Sleep Apnea Treatment Options

When’s the last time you woke up feeling like you could accomplish just about anything? Getting enough sleep is key to leading a productive life. If this type of disorder is hijacking the quality of your sleep, there are options.

1. Adaptive Servo-ventilation (ASV). This machine monitors nocturnal breathing. Unlike the steady pressure produced by the CPAP, the ASV offers adjustable pressure. If breathing is disturbed, this machine’s pressure prompts you to breathe normally. Central and complex sleep apnea sufferers are best aided with this method.

2. Airway Pressure Machines. There are a few types of these breathing instruments.

  • Automatic Positive Airway Pressure (APAP). Regardless of your breathing pattern changes through the night, this machine is programmed to deliver consistent airflow.
  • Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure (BiPAP). The BiPAP transmits two types of air pressure: exhale and inhale. This assistance helps maintain clear airways. This treatment is like the CPAP but offers two types of pressure instead of just one.
  • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP). The idea is that this machine can keep airways open. Execution-wise, the CPAP can fall flat. Some patients experience relief. Others find the mask uncomfortable and noise unbearable.

3. Oral Appliance Therapy. Wearing this removable device prevents airway obstructions. Proper breathing can resume. Immediate results come from this easy-to-use mouth guard. A ticket to the land of nod awaits.

4. Oxygen Therapy. Hypoxemia occurs when OSA depletes oxygen levels during the night. Supplemental oxygen may be used to fight such effects. While beneficial, oxygen does not combat other apnea symptoms. If there’s a throat blockade, none of this helpful gas will ever make it to your lungs.

5. Treat an Underlying Condition. Breathing difficulties may end when heart complications, brain problems or neuromuscular disorders are remedied.

How Can Smiles by Hanna Help?

There is a vast amount of information on this topic and it’s normal to feel paralyzed by all of your questions and the information you’re finding.

What treatment can yield the best results? Where should you go for more information? Who can be trusted? We understand that sleep disorders can be soul crushing. Options can seem endless when all you want is relief. The good news is that scheduling a no-obligation consultation can be the first step to your recovery.

Dr. Mansoor has a thorough grasp of the entire facial region and is a highly trained expert when it comes to understand, diagnosing and resolving oral sleep apnea issues. You don’t even need to have had a sleep study done. The doctor will perform an oral sleep apnea examination and look for any and all clues that your teeth, mouth and neck provide. Then she’ll explain her findings in an easy to understand way and you can discuss your options.

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If You Don’t Snooze, You Will Lose

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Hang that ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door. Get ready for a snoozefest – the good kind! When you control your sleep apnea, you can get:

A Closer Relationship

A sleep disorder is about as sexy as it sounds. This issue can kill romance, dividing even the happiest of couples. OSA has been linked to erectile dysfunction and low testosterone levels in men and fatigue and disinterest in women.

Reignite that flame you thought was out for good. Enjoy a healthy physical relationship with your intimate partner once the Sandman returns.

An Improved Mental Outlook

Clarity increases. You can focus easier. Anxiety goes away. Your mood is elevated. Everything looks a bit brighter. If you’ve struggled with depression, solving sleep troubles can really make a difference.

Souped-up Health

Your blood can now get the oxygen it needs. Carbon dioxide levels decrease. Your heart is no longer as stressed.

Nighttime and morning headaches become few and far between. Your immune system gets a boost. Getting enough rest gives your body a renewed sense of vitality.

Enhanced Quality of Sleep

Even though you’re tired, getting more z’s isn’t always the answer. Opening up a blocked airway can make less time under the covers feel like more. Deep slumber is now achievable. Wake up feeling truly refreshed.

Diabetes Under Control

Controlling sleep apnea can prevent blood sugar spikes, insulin resistance and glucose-related problems. If you are prediabetic, you may be spared altogether. If you live with Type 2 diabetes, you can manage it better. You may even be able to reverse Type 2 diabetes.

Extra Energy

Quit pleading with the snooze button for five more minutes. Forget the fog that’s clouded your life. Drop daytime drowsiness. Get more work done. Spend quality time with loved ones. Stop napping and start living!

Less Risk of Serious Health Problems

When sleep is repeatedly disrupted, you run a greater risk of compromising your health. Untreated sleep apnea makes you an easy target for a stroke, heart problems, Type 2 diabetes and even certain forms of cancer.

Longer Life Expectancy

Dodge the grim reaper by getting enough shuteye. Besides being healthier, better sleep can give you an edge at the wheel. Some 100,000 vehicle accidents are caused each year by drowsy drivers.

Better Looking

Dark circles under your eyes fade away. Facial puffiness is reduced. Your metabolism is promoted. Weight loss is easier. Hormones level out.

More Sleep

OSA can cause dozens of disturbances each hour. These episodes can happen every single night. When treatment begins, you can hit the sack knowing you will fall asleep.

Sleep Apnea Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any home remedies that can help?

Absolutely! However, using one or more of these methods requires dedication and consistency. Keep in mind: these approaches are geared for mild cases. DIY methods can work much better when used alongside a professional treatment.

  • Aromatherapy. Soothing scents like lavender, jasmine, eucalyptus, peppermint and bergamot can help you relax. Prepare for slumber with essential oils. Use a diffuser, spray on your pillow or add to a bath before bed.
  • Avoid tobacco products. Smoking is a lung’s sworn enemy, but this habit can also impact airflow blockage. Vaping and other tobacco products are best left behind as well. Secondhand smoke is another problem. Don’t linger in places where thick smoke fills the air.
  • Get to and maintain a healthy weight. If you’re overweight, losing even 10 percent of your body weight could make a positive impact. Maintain weight loss for lasting results.
  • Practice yoga. Any type of regular exercise can help, but yoga provides an added bonus. This balance-inducing workout can improve your breathing.
  • Sleep on your side. Sleeping on your back may seem like the obvious choice, but symptoms can be triggered. Adults sleeping on their sides may not struggle to breathe as much.
  • Quit drinking heavily. A drink here and there should be fine; drinking your dinner… is not. Alcohol is a depressant that relaxes muscles. Keep nighttime breathing in check by skipping that triple nightcap.
  • Use a humidifier in the bedroom. Lubricating the airways can promote healthier breathing. Adding moisture to nighttime air is especially helpful in the dry Arizona climate.

Can sleep apnea kill me?

YES! Although confirmed cases of this exact cause of death are slim, they indeed happen. What’s more common is the thousands of deaths caused from sleep apnea-related conditions. Seeking treatment could actually save your life.

Can’t I just order a snoring device?

Many commercials, late night infomercials and online ads will try to sell you the dream. And for the fortunate few- these items may bring temporary relief. But these gizmos are a waste of time and money for most hopeful shoppers. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid! Get a scientifically backed solution that works!

Do I have sleep apnea?

If you think you may have any type of disorder preventing you from sleeping soundly, get a professional opinion. There could be other factors in play. Prescriptions, altitude sickness and medical conditions could be causing breathing difficulty.

Dr. Mansoor will evaluate your medical history and perform a physical exam. She may discuss having a sleep study done or move forward with a diagnosis.

You don’t have to worry anymore. Once this condition is on your radar, you can plan for treatment.

If I ignore my condition, will it go away?

No! Without doing anything towards bettering your health, OSA won’t just disappear. If you’re serious about wanting to doze off, seek professional treatment.

Is there a cure for sleep apnea?

There is no known cure. However, maintaining a healthy weight can be the best way to achieve long-term sleep apnea relief.

How can I get a dental sleep apnea device?

Once you’re cleared as a candidate for getting this type of treatment, digital impressions are made of your mouth. A model is built based on these impressions.

The model is then used to create your appliance off-site. You’ll come back for a final fitting. Dr. Mansoor will make adjustments to ensure your comfort.

You’ll be shown how to use your device. Care and cleaning tips will be given too. Feel free to ask questions if you have concerns.

How much does a dental sleep apnea cost?

These devices are customized just for you, so prices typically vary. The average cost of a custom-fitted mandibular advancement device is roughly anywhere from $1,500 to $2,300-plus.

We do offer an in-office discount plan and a payment plan through CareCredit.

What are common symptoms?

There are many red flags that can warn of this type of disorder.

  • A never-ending need to get up to urinate
  • Absentmindedness
  • Anxiety
  • Daytime drowsiness
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Headaches
  • Lackluster sex life
  • Memory loss
  • Noticeably sore throat or dry mouth
  • Snoring
  • Sweating the bed
  • Waking up throughout the night gasping for air

What kinds of dental sleep apnea devices treat sleep apnea?

These helpful devices are innovations of modern dentistry and sleep science.

  • Mandibular advancement device. The most common type of sleep apnea appliance makes a few tweaks inside the mouth. The tongue steers clear of the airway. The lower jaw is gently pushed away from the throat. Breathing is easier with this customized mouthguard.
  • Mandibular advancement splint. Snoring and OSA are controlled by this device that nudges the lower jaw forward.
  • Tongue retaining device. This plastic appliance fits around the lips. The tongue is inserted into an opening. Your airway stays open as the tongue stays in a forward position.

Who is at most risk?

Virtually anyone could develop this disorder, but certain factors put some people at greater risk. Take note if you:

  • Are a moderate to heavy drinker
  • Are obese or overweight
  • Are 55 or better
  • Had parents diagnosed with sleep apnea
  • Have a less than favorable airway that limits flow
  • Have an extra-large neck
  • Live with asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), heart-related problems, high blood pressure, Parkinson’s disease or Type 2 diabetes
  • Smoke
  • Suffer from allergies or are frequently congested
  • Take certain medications to treat anxiety, depression and insomnia
  • Were assigned male at birth

Will my insurance cover a dental sleep apnea device?

Most insurance plans will cover oral appliances when needed to treat sleep apnea. But all carriers are different and update policies regularly. You may want to check with your provider about the type of coverage offered.

Smiles by Hanna happily accepts insurance.

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