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Frenulum surgery, while not a big operation, can make a huge difference. Thinking about a frenectomy tongue tie procedure or labial frenectomy? Want to know the cost of tongue tie surgery? Just ask us! We do more than dentistry at Smiles by Hanna in Gilbert. Much more. Our modern office can even accommodate your lingual frenectomy.


Frenectomy Tongue Tie

Oral surgery can seem like a huge deal, especially when it’s for your little one. We’ll ease your concerns about the procedure, recovery time or cost of tongue tie surgery.

Dr. Mansoor has a deep understanding of the mouth. She uses the Waterlase tool to make each frenotomy go smoothly. Every precaution is taken. Positive outcomes benefit patients throughout their lives.

What is a Frenum?

“Dune” fans, take note; we’re talking about a frenum here, not Fremen. An oral frenum, or frenulum, can be found in a couple of places. When too restrictive, this connective tissue can be referred to as:

  • Cheek Tie: The buccal type of frenum is located in the cheek area.
  • Lip Tie: A labial frenum is between each lip and the nearby row of teeth.
  • Tongue Tie: A lingual frenum connects the tongue to the lower part of the mouth.

You may find yourself wondering why frena (plural form of frenum) even matters. While many frena are fine, there are cases where this tissue starts trouble. Frena that are too tight can cause issues with swallowing, speaking and eating. Laser technology gives frenum an attitude adjustment.

Take a Look at a Frenectomy Procedure Done by Dr. Hanna Mansoor

What is a Frenectomy?

Official terms for frenulum surgery may include frenulectomy, frenuloplasty, frenotomy and frenectomy. These terms are similar and are often used interchangeably.

This alteration may begin with an incision. Frena can be removed to allow maximum movement. Old-school surgical methods involve a scalpel. Such surgeries require longer healing time. Not at Smiles by Hanna! Your health and comfort are of utmost concern here! Pain-free results are possible with our laser technology.

What is a Labial Frenectomy?

A small connective tissue limits mobility between lips and gums if not long enough. This lip tie may not allow lips a full range of motion. While both lips can be affected, problems are most often felt in the upper lip. Speech can be harder. Eating is no fun. Gums may even recede.

The labial frenum may be numbed. Dr. Mansoor targets the offending tissue with a laser. An adjustment takes mere minutes.

What is a Lingual Frenectomy?

laser frenectomy for infantFrena that are too short can cause restricted movements. Babies are especially prone to effects of ankyloglossia, more commonly known as tongue tie.

This the most common problem behind a breast feeding issues like trouble latching on and swallowing, which makes nursing difficult and even impossible.

Infants that have this issue may not be able to gain adequate weight so it’s a procedure that quickly becomes necessary. We specialize in infant Frenectomy so be sure to read out detailed article on Laser Frenectomy for Infants.

Lingual frenectomies remove the restriction in mobility and quickly turn your child into a healthy little eating machine.

Why Get Frenulum Surgery at Smiles by Hanna

People travel across the country so that Dr. Hanna Mansoor can do their Frenectomy. We’re a destination for this procedure because of Dr. Mansoor’s extensive training, amazing track record with past patients and the top notch Advanced Technology that allows us to do the procedure without pain.

When frenectomies are needed, we offer a quick and painless solution with the Waterlase tool. This laser is precise as it is fast. Stitches are extremely rare with this method, which makes healing time faster and easier.

We understand you may have reservations. Our helpful team members are highly trained and is happy to answer all of the questions you have. Setting up a free consult with us is the first step towards tackling frenectomy tongue issues.

Frenectomy – Nipping Frena in the Bud

Adults and infants alike can see massive mouth improvements after frenulum surgery. A lingual frenectomy takes care of tongue tie. We can also end lip tie strain with a labial frenectomy. Our frenectomy before and after pictures show the transformation.

Physical benefits are just the beginning! Frenectomy tongue tie correction can allow you to pull out all the stops. Ready to get this help for you or your baby? Contact Smiles by Hanna today to schedule a consultation! We can go over the cost of tongue tie surgery and discuss how we can enhance your life.

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Frenectomy Benefits

Allow those mouths the freedom they want! Just look at what can come from this minor procedure.

Bite is Better

A labial frenectomy can give jaws more functionality. Alignment happens more naturally. Chewing and biting are achieved without as much strain.

Body Pain Decreases

Strangely enough, tongue tie may also strain the upper body. Adults experiencing muscle tension from this condition may notice a major difference after frenectomies.

Confidence is Boosted

It feels much better knowing your tongue can form sounds properly. Having the ability to speak with clarity can have a major impact on your self-esteem.

Eating is Easier

Babies suffering from tongue tie may not get nutrition required to thrive. A lingual frenectomy makes nursing much easier. Infants can easily latch on to get nourishment they need.

Mouth Comfort Increases

Teeth are no longer bothered by the constant yanking of labial frena. Pain felt when trying to chew or swallow is gone. Frena no longer snag. The mouth feels better as a whole.

Nasal Breathing Resumes

UShort frena may cause you to breath more through your mouth, even while sleeping. Snoring and sleep apnea can develop. Frenum surgery can help you adapt the beneficial habit of breathing through your nose.

Overall Oral Health Improves

Think of the tongue as the mouth’s maid. When the tongue can’t swish around and wipe things down, this area is not so clean. A frenectomy tongue tie fix can help control cavities and tooth decay.

Posture is Straightened

One of the symptoms of tongue tie can be seen in the neck and back. Frenectomies make it easier to keep your head from slumping downwards.

Smile is Corrected

Sometimes frena can be so out of control they can cause a gap. If a labial frenulum constantly pulls two front teeth apart, a gap could develop. A labial frenectomy improves smiles by eliminating the troublesome frenulum.

Speech Improves

There’s a reason the lingual frenum is called a tongue tie. The tongue is tied down by the frenum. This procedure allows the tongue to sound out words correctly.

Swallowing Improves

Improper swallowing may lead to digestive troubles and acid reflux. Having a tongue that can aid swallowing means getting your health on track.

Frenectomy Tongue Tie

Frequently Asked Questions

Are frenectomies really necessary?

Dr. Mansoor can examine your mouth and give her professional opinion. She can advise you what your best options are. You can do extensive research to see how much your quality of life can improve. But only you can decide if a frenotomy must be done.

Can teens and adults benefit from frenectomies?

Absolutely! Technological advancements in the dental field have made frenum surgery an everyday procedure. Years ago, frenum removal was not so simple or commonly done.

Even if you didn’t get tongue tie surgery as a child, you may still benefit from this elective procedure. Dr. Mansoor can determine the extent of your restrictive frenum. A lingual frenectomy may be recommended if it could make a big enough difference.

How do I know if my child needs a frenectomy?

If your baby is having noticeable difficulty latching on or forming a seal while trying to nurse, there could be a problem. Infant development is very important to Dr. Mansoor. During your consultation, she can give your child’s mouth a complete exam.

A diagnosis can explain if frena are to blame for this feeding trouble. A laser can easily handle either a labial or lingual frenectomy. Get ready for a jump in your baby’s percentiles and growth charting!

What are the risks of frenulum surgery?

Potential risks are minimal with this procedure. Using a laser reduces these risks even further. While rare, there is a slim chance of the following happening:

  • Bleeding
  • Frena reattachment
  • Infection
  • Nerve damage
  • Soreness or tenderness at incision site
  • Swelling

How long does recovery take?

One of the advantages that comes with a laser is a speedy recovery. While complete recovery of the site may take a week or two, healing begins almost immediately. Nursing afterwards can prove soothing. Breastmilk contains colostrum. This nutritious substance is full of restorative antibodies.

Adults may experience a longer recovery time than infants. Following aftercare instructions is advisable to reduce infection risks and promote healing.

Is a laser that different from traditional frenum surgery?

YES! Instead of using a sharp scalpel or medical scissors, the Biolase Waterlase laser uses light, water and air. A few more things this tool offers:

  • Less bleeding and risk of infection. The laser’s accuracy stops trouble before it can start.
  • Needs no anesthesia. This quick procedure doesn’t hurt, so anesthesia is unnecessary. The area can be numbed ahead of time if desired.
  • Painless. It’s nice knowing the laser won’t give your baby any discomfort.
  • Results. Get results as good as what surgery can produce, if not better.
  • Speed. Laser technology is as rapid as it sounds. Recovery time is also fast.

Is frenulum surgery painful?

No! The Waterlase tool allows Dr. Mansoor to expertly perform pain-free frenectomies. There may be a mild discomfort. The area can be numbed ahead of time upon request.

Is the cost of tongue tie surgery covered by insurance?

This answer varies based on the insurance policy you have, but in many cases frenectomies are covered. Contact your insurance company to ask about specific coverage related to frenum surgery. Smiles by Hanna accepts various types of insurance plans.

What are stretching exercises and are they necessary?

There are some minor exercises that can help your child’s mouth heal after frenum surgery. Consistent stretching can prevent reattachment. Would you like for your baby to undergo the entire process again? If not, it’s best to get stretching.

Post-frenectomy infant stretches speed up recovery by doing specific exercises six times a day for 21 days afterwards. Reduce stretching to four or five times a day during week four. Be sure to wash hands thoroughly beforehand.

  • Diamond massage. The incision may resemble a diamond. Stick a finger into the middle of this diamond-shaped area. Lightly knead. Begin with a clockwise motion. Switch to counterclockwise movements.
  • Frenum massage. Using a bit of pressure, rub each side of the frenum without touching the diamond area.
  • Lip stretch. Gently pull the top lip up or lower lip down until it can go no further. Do not touch the incision site. Move a finger side to side across this area.
  • Tongue stretch. Place an index finger on each side of the tongue. Lift tongue as high as it will go. Hold in place for a couple of seconds. Then release.

What is the cost of tongue tie surgery?

There is no standard answer to this question. The cost of tongue tie surgery depends on how many frena will be removed and condition of frena in question. A frenotomy price breakdown can be provided.

We offer an in-office discount plan and payment plan through CareCredit.

When is the best time to get a frenectomy?

Once Dr. Mansoor gives the go-ahead, make frenum surgery a priority. Opting for sooner, rather than later is often in the mouth’s best interest. Putting this procedure off can intensify problems.

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