July 26, 2017
laser frenectomy for infant

A frenectomy removes tight tissues in the mouth that can cause problems with feeding and speech later on. If your baby is having trouble breastfeeding, they might have a tongue tie.  At Smiles by Hanna, we use a virtually pain-free laser frenectomy process called WaterLase.

What is a frenectomy?

Frenum is a piece of tissue that connects to mobile organs in your body. For example, tissue connects your tongue to the floor of your mouth. If that tissue is too tight and impedes tongue function, this procedure removes it.

Traditionally, a surgeon performs a frenectomy by numbing with anesthesia and cutting. But, at Smiles by Hanna, we perform laser frenectomy, which is easier on the patient.

When does an infant need a frenectomy?

An infant may need a frenectomy if the tissue restricts tongue function. In a condition commonly called “tongue-tie,” tissue on the bottom of the tongue extends too far along the tongue.

A tongue-tied infant may have discomfort or problems with breastfeeding and this can lead to trouble talking as well.

Before and After of Infant Frenectomy

Can a frenectomy improve breastfeeding?

Research shows that this procedure can improve breastfeeding. In a study of 50 babies this procedure showed improvement in breastfeeding. This review of frenectomy studies found that a frenectomy offered the best chance of improved breastfeeding and did not lead to complications.


Benefits of laser frenectomy

Laser dentistry options are quicker and easier than traditional surgery, and this is especially important for infants.

In a study of patients randomly assigned to a traditional or laser technique, and the laser frenectomy patients had less pain and fewer complications with speaking and chewing.

Frenectomy with WaterLase

At Smiles by Hanna, we use WasterLase for this procedure. WaterLase combines water, air, and laser energy to remove the tissue without heat or vibration.

Because of this WaterLase:

  • Is virtually pain-free
  • Requires no anesthesia
  • Takes less time
  • Has a lower risk of infection
  • Produces very little bleeding
  • Requires no sutures
  • Heals faster

Laser frenectomy in Gilbert, AZ

If you’re looking for laser frenectomy in Gilbert, Arizona, contact our office today because it can be scary to seek treatment for your infant, but Dr. Hanna Mansoor provides quality and compassionate care.