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Three Reasons to Consider Getting Dental Veneers

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Dental veneers are cosmetic restorations that are bonded over the front of the teeth in your “smile zone”, changing their appearance. At Smiles by Hanna, we frequently recommend them for instances involving teeth that are:

  • Significantly misshaped or uneven
  • Naturally discolored or have irregular enamel
  • Crooked, misaligned, and gapped

Compared to other common types of aesthetic dentistry, veneers offer a number of advantages to consider.

Fast Results in Less Time

The start-to-finish results of getting dental veneers can be completed in as little as two or three appointments, depending on your situation. Some people even refer to them as “instant braces” because of how quickly veneers make your smile look straighter, whiter, and flawless.

So, what should you expect exactly? After your initial consultation and exam with Dr. Mansoor, we’ll book you for a “prep” visit where we adjust your teeth, take impressions, and send the models of your bite to our lab. There, each of the veneers is made to fit our specifications. We can request everything from the size and shape to the color and hue of your new smile. Depending on the amount of adjustment, Dr. Mansoor may also place a set of temporary veneers over your teeth to minimize discomfort.

About two weeks later, your custom porcelain restorations will be ready to bond in place. Each ceramic shell is carefully placed by Dr. Mansoor. As soon as you glance in the mirror, you’ll have an entirely new smile looking back at you.

In some cases, a separate appointment will be needed for a “try in” or “wax up” where we allow patients with complex cases to preview what their proposed veneers will look like before the permanent ones are made.

Be sure to ask to see our before and after photos to get ideas!

Boost in Self-Confidence

The way we feel about our teeth can drastically impact our private and professional lives. From social interactions at work to posing in portraits with our own family members, hiding your teeth behind a closed-mouth smile keeps our full personalities from shining through. In fact, it can make a bad impression at times. According to a poll done by USA today magazine, 47% of people notice a smile first when they meet someone.

Now, imagine what it would feel like to have teeth you’re proud of showing off. You can smile when you want, laugh in front of friends, and feel confident when it’s time to meet new people. Studies actually show that people who have beautiful teeth tend to smile more, seem happier, have more friends, and even a higher chance of getting job promotions. You can think of your new smile as the perfect accessory you’ll be wearing every day from here on out.

Watch Isabel’s Video Testimonial to learn more about her experience with dental veneers at Smiles By Hanna:


Easy to Finance

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t something that falls under your routine dental benefits, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of reach. We offer easy financing with low monthly payments, so that you can start on your smile makeover whenever you’re ready. It’s a smart investment that you’ll be glad you finally treated yourself to.

In most cases, you can enjoy 0% or low-interest payments when your treatment is paid off within the first 12-18 months!

Book a Consultation to Get Started

Think veneers might be right for you? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Hanna Mansoor to find out. We’ll discuss what aspects of your smile you would like to change, the ones you want to enhance, and what type of timeline or budget should be considered. From there, we’ll be able to provide you with all of the answers needed to make an informed decision about your future smile. Call Smiles by Hanna in Gilbert, AZ today to get started!



FAQ’S On Porcelain Veneers

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Are you curious about porcelain veneers, but not sure where to start? Dr. Hanna Mansoor in Gilbert is a dental veneer expert, and she’s here to answer your questions! Your smile should always be something that you are proud to show the world on a regular basis. Depending on the severity of your teeth’s issues, Dr. Hanna Mansoor may recommend porcelain veneers.

What are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain Veneers are a quick and painless option for those looking to transform their smiles. Think of porcelain veneers as an upgrade or a make-over for your teeth. We are able to make your smile look red carpet ready in as little as two visits to our Gilbert office. Porcelain veneers are an easy way to address a variety of physical and aesthetic problems.

Veneers are made up wafer-thin layers of medical-grade porcelain that are fitted then cemented to the front surface of a tooth. They look and act like regular teeth, except they are made from our cutting-edge materials. Porcelain Veneers can hide any and all stains on your teeth, even those that cannot be removed with professional grade whitening. They can also help correct small chips, gaps, or twists in your smile. They can also lengthen the look of short teeth.

Are there benefits to porcelain veneers?

The short answer is yes, and veneers are an excellent option for people who have cosmetic issues with their teeth.  Other people will not be able to tell the difference between your original teeth, except that you will have a radiant smile.  The procedure for placing veneers is quick at Smiles By Hanna, and smiles are transformed in as little as just two visits to our Gilbert office. Veneers are also very versatile and come in a range of designs to be able to fit your teeth style. Veneers can hide issues ranging from chipped to stained teeth and can cover one tooth or your whole smile.

Since Dr. Hanna Mansoor focuses on pain-free care for all of her patients. The entire veneer procedure is painless and all the while improving your smile.  Did we mention that veneers are also stain-resistant? Because veneers are made cutting-edge materials, veneers combat future staining against coffee, tea, and other staining products. Porcelain Veneers, with proper care, can last over ten to twenty years.

What should I expect during the process?

Our team at Smiles By Hanna wants to ensure you know what to expect during the procedure. Dr. Hanna Mansoor takes the time to explain to patients each step in the procedure process so that they know what to expect during their two visits.  During the patient’s first, visit with Dr. Hanna, she will ask them how they would like to change their smile and what their goal is for treatment. She also explains that she needs to ensure that the patient is an appropriate candidate for veneers by taking a closer look at their tooth or teeth.

After clearing a patient, Dr. Hanna Mansoor will take the next steps in the procedure at her Gilbert Office by creating a model of their teeth.  With her cutting-edge machine, she will be able to create a veneer that’s the same thickness and color as the patient’s other teeth. Next, Dr. Hanna removes small pieces of enamel from each tooth to make room for the porcelain and to create a solid surface to bond the veneers.

Dr. Hanna Mansoor will explain to the patients that the permanent veneers can sometimes take up to two weeks to develop, but the wait is worth it! Once our team has created the porcelain veneers, the patient will visit our Gilbert office again to have the veneers placed. This second visit is quick and painless, but it’s exciting since Dr. Hanna Mansoor will be putting your permanent porcelain veneers by bonding them to your natural teeth.

The Smiles By Hanna team works with each of our patients to ensure satisfaction before they leave our office. Care for dental veneers is just like caring for regular teeth, and flossing and brushing is a must. If you know you have a habit of grinding your teeth regularly, then we would recommend that you wear a mouth guard at night to help preserve your veneers. Once the veneer is secure, our patients can eat regularly, and smile confidentially with their brand new veneers!

Will the veneer procedure hurt?

At Smiles by Hanna, our number one priority is to ensure that all dental work done at our office is done with as little discomfort as possible. We want our patients to feel happy about visiting Dr. Hanna, which is why we take extra care to reduce pain wherever we can.

To ensure you have absolutely no pain during the procedure, Dr. Hanna will ask if you would like any local anesthesia before your enamel is removed.

Dr. Hanna explains to all of her patients that they may experience some sensitivity to hot and cold foods. Patients gums may also be a bit swollen as well.

Am I a candidate for porcelain veneers?

If you are not happy with your teeth because of staining or small cosmetic issues, you may be a perfect candidate for dental veneers.  You must have healthy teeth and gums before any cosmetic procedure is performed.  If you are a patient that suffers from tooth decay, gum disease, or an infection, Dr. Hanna would have to treat these underlying conditions before considering porcelain veneers.

If you tend to chew or grind your teeth, you may risk chipping or damaging your veneers. Dr. Hanna may suggest you wear a mouth guard at night to help preserve your teeth and veneers. Porcelain Veneers are a permanent solution since a portion of enamel is shaved down to make room for your new veneer.

To be considered a candidate for porcelain veneers, we would recommend scheduling an appointment with Dr. Hanna Mansoor at her Gilbert office so that she can take a closer look at your teeth and their overall health.

Where can I get affordable dental veneers in Gilbert, AZ?

If you’re ready to take the next step in transforming your smile, then it’s time to call Dr. Hanna at Smiles By Hanna and schedule a consultation at her Gilbert office. Dr. Hanna is an expert when it comes to smile design and cosmetic dentistry. She and her Smiles By Hanna team use cutting technology and work with patients from all over the valley. You’ll be happy you made the call to transform your smile!

Stephanie Wanted The Best Veneer Dentist in Gilbert

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The Search For The Best Veneer Dentist

We recently had a patient, Stephanie, visit our Gilbert office wanting to learn more about veneers. She had been looking for the best veneer dentist online after having just moved to Gilbert and had seen Dr. Hanna Mansoor’s before and after photos of other dental patients on Instagram.  Stephanie works professionally as an author and is very active on social media, and she wanted to find a dentist that fit her needs and wants and could also help to improve her appearance.

How often do you think about a beautiful smile? At Smiles by Hanna, we often hear from our Gilbert patients that they are unhappy with the appearance of their smile and want to know what their options are for improvement. Depending on the patient’s needs, dental veneers can be an excellent option to help with your smile. We know that patients can trust only the best veneer dentist.

What Are Dental Veneers?

You may be wondering what exactly are dental veneers?  Veneers are layers of porcelain or composite resin that are bonded over your actual teeth.  They are regularly used to cover severely discolored, chipped, or misshaped teeth. This treatment is a permanent solution because a portion of your tooth is shaved down to make space for the new veneer. Our expert Gilbert dentist, Dr. Hanna Mansoor, has performed countless numbers of dental veneer procedures that have resulted in plenty of beautiful smiles and happy patients.

Stephanie’s Personal Experience

 Since Stephanie’s job consists of being in the spotlight and continuously having photos taken of her face, she wanted to have a dentist that would give her that classic, beautiful smile. After initially speaking with Dr. Hanna Mansoor and learning more about her experience, Stephanie felt confident that she was what she wanted in a dentist. Before visiting Dr. Hanna Mansoor, Stephanie never felt like she had the prettiest smile, but now she absolutely loves her smile. The veneers Stephanie received from Smiles by Hanna has given her a new and gorgeous smile.

Stephanie was not alone in her quest for a perfect smile. Patients who have veneers placed at Smiles By Hanna in Gilbert have a selection of different veneer styles to choose from. Hollywood style veneers are very popular, as are the mature style, focused style, and enhanced style. Dr. Hanna Mansoor will work with you, analyze your face shape and your current smile to help you select the perfect veneer shape.

Dental Veneer Benefits

In addition to the enhanced appearance of your smile, there are many other benefits to dental veneers. Dental veneers are stain resistant because they are made from materials that will resist future staining from the most popular sources of teeth discoloration like coffee, tea, or tobacco. With the proper care, your veneers can also last up to ten years – or more! Many of our patients find dental veneers to be a wonderful, long-term solution.

The Smiles by Hanna team knows that visiting a dentist can be scary and intimidating. That’s why we dedicate time to explaining what you as the patient will experience during any procedure. Stephanie scheduled her consultation with Dr. Hanna Mansoor and was happy to hear she was a perfect candidate for veneers. Stephanie wanted to work with the best veneer dentist. In the next appointment, Stephanie and our team created Stephanie’s perfect smile and put on her temporary veneers. By her next appointment, Stephanie had the permanent and dazzling smile that she had always wanted.

The Smiles By Hanna Experience

Just like with Stephanie’s experience, at your first visit Dr. Hanna Mansoor will talk with you about your goals for treatment. She will help you select the right dental veneer shape if you are a good candidate for dental veneers. If you are ready to move forward with the process, it is also at this first visit where Dr. Hanna Mansoor will create a mold of your teeth. This mold will help our team create a veneer that will be the same thickness as your current teeth, allowing for a natural look and a comfortable fit. We will then remove a small piece of enamel from your tooth (and we really do mean small, it is usually less than half of a millimeter!) which will make a space for the veneer to bond to. 

The permanent veneers can sometimes take up to two weeks to create. Once they are created, you will visit our office again for a quick and painless visit where our expert dentist will place your porcelain veneers by bonding them to your teeth. We work with our patients to make sure that they are happy with their new smile. After you get dental veneers, you are able to care for them just like normal teeth with regular dental cleanings, brushing, and flossing. If you Clinch or grind your teeth normally, we do recommend wearing a mouth guard at night to preserve your veneers.

Get Started Today

If you are interested in learning more about Stephanie’s veneer experience at Smiles By Hanna and her search for the best veneer dentist, please watch her video testimonial here: https://youtu.be/QilPtYmHttY. If you’re not sure about dental veneers, or if you are curious to learn more about Dr. Hanna Mansoor’s other services, please visit our website here. You can also watch other patient testimonials for all of the Smiles By Hanna services on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC76Foazopyx6xuweV2Bor-w

Are you ready to transform your smile? Dr. Hanna Mansoor has reviews for being the best veneer dentist. She uses cutting-edge technology to create the smile you deserve. To learn more about dental veneer procedures and if you are a candidate, schedule a consultation today. We can’t wait to meet you at our Gilbert dental office!

What Are Teeth Veneers?

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We often have patients come into our Gilbert, Arizona office who are unhappy with the appearance of their smile and are looking for options. For patients like this, dental veneers are a great option!

What are teeth veneers?

Dental veneers are thin layers of porcelain that are bonded over teeth. We know that this might sound a bit scary at first, but veneers are done in a short office visit, and our patients generally experience no pain with the application. Dr. Hanna Mansoor is an experienced and highly qualified dentist and has performed a countless number of dental veneer procedures.

Am I a good candidate for dental veneers?

If you are looking for a quick and painless way to transform your smile, then yes, you are probably a great candidate for dental veneers! You may also be a great candidate for dental veneers if any of the following applies to you:

– You have tried professional teeth whitening, but still are unable to have the whiteness or brightness on your teeth that you are looking for.

– Small chips, gaps, or twists in your teeth.

– Some teeth that are shorter than others.

– A gummy smile.

– Decay/cavities on your teeth.

– You have decalcifications (brown/yellow) spots on your teeth from braces.

– You hate your smile.

– A desire to avoid getting braces.

– You want to close spaces between your teeth.

– Interested in reshaping or resizing your teeth.


What are some benefits of teeth veneers?

There are many benefits of dental veneers! Many of our patients talk about the biggest benefits of dental veneers being that:

– Dental veneers are one of the quickest forms of cosmetic dentistry that can transform your smile.

– Veneers are also long-lasting (up to ten years… or more!) and are stain-resistant, so they will continue to look great for years to come!

– They are pain-free! Dr. Hanna Mansoor provides a pain-free experience for her patients.

Are you ready to learn more about dental veneers? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Hanna Mansoor to learn more about dental veneers at Smiles By Hanna!

Restore Your Smile With Natural Veneers

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Veneers revitalize your smile

It is not uncommon to see some folks with stains, tooth gaps, or chips on their dentition. But what can you do about it if you have such a case? Veneers provide a good solution to such issues.
Veneers are made of ceramic materials. They are bonded to your teeth leaving you with a good and captivating smile. Your confidence is also renewed with its use. Veneers are created to look like your natural teeth. The translucent nature of the enamel is mimicked when producing the veneer. It also fits comfortably with your dentition.

Veneers are very effective when it comes to changing the appearance of your smile. A lot of people may think of veneers as a single treatment but the truth is that they are of many kinds. The next section will examine the common kinds of veneers together with its merits and demerits.

Types of dental veneers

Composite veneers

Composite veneers are one of the most common options when talking of veneers. They are not used in major dental procedures. They are used for just simple procedures such as fixing of a cracked tooth, or filling of small tooth gaps. Composite veneers are very cheap, much cheaper than its counterpart – the porcelain veneer. Treatment time is usually very short with the composite veneer.

Veneers Before and Afters

On the other hand, composite veneers do have some demerits. You may not be pleased with the finishing. And also, they have very little resistance to stains and discoloration when compared to the porcelain veneer. To keep them looking great, you may have to do constant polishing of the teeth. However, following good dental hygiene will aid in making this type of veneer last longer.

Porcelain veneers

They are more expensive than other kinds of veneers out there. On the other hand, they have that effect on your smile that make the investment worth it. Porcelain veneer treatment requires you to visit the dentist multiple times to get it completed. The first phase of the treatment takes place at the dentist office while the completion is done at the dental laboratory. Porcelain veneers are customized to suit your tooth color and shape. Unlike composite veneers, they offer greater resistance to stains and discoloration, cracks and chips. Also, they are more long lasting than other kinds of veneers.

Natural Veneers

The one demerit of porcelain veneers is the cost. However, the returns are worth the investment so it shouldn’t be much of a problem if you are looking for the best. Another demerit of porcelain veneers is that they take time to treat. Much preparatory work is required. Your main teeth must be drilled and reshaped. Also, if damaged, repair may cost you lot of money and time.

Instant veneers

Instant veneers lie midway between composite and porcelain veneers. The instant veneers are not customized like the porcelain. Instead, you are given a premade one. They are of multiple shapes, sizes and styles, and your dentist will pick the one that fits best with your teeth. Unlike the porcelain veneer that requires multiple visits to the dentist, the instant veneer can be completed in a single visit. They are also less expensive than the porcelain as no lab fees are charged.

Gilbert Teeth Veneers

The demerit of instant veneers is that they are not custom made. So you’ll have to choose among the pre-made ones which suits you best. However, you’ll have similar aesthetic results to the porcelain veneer. Conversely, it has lesser resistance to stain and discoloration when compared to the porcelain veneer.

Removable veneers

Removable veneers are the last option. They are also known as snap on veneers. Removable veneers are the latest when it comes to veneers. They are made from dental resin, very hard, but forms a thin, strong cover over your teeth, giving your smile a perfect appearance. You can eat with them on, then you remove and clean them after eating.
Before wearing a removable veneer, your dentist will have to examine the imprint of your existing teeth. You can then select the shade you’d like on your veneer. Removable veneers are a great alternative to those who cannot afford standard cosmetic treatment. People who cannot wear implants for whatever reason can also make do with removable veneers.

Removal Gilbert Veneers

Removable veneers may be inexpensive and good looking, but they are certainly not a long-term solution for existing dental defects. If your tooth cracks or gets chipped, it is best you go for proper dental care treatment. The same is applicable to discolored teeth.

Why go for veneers? Can’t I just whiten my teeth?

Yes you can! Some cases may not require using a dental veneer. A professional can brighten your teeth and you get your smile improved and your appearance revived. However, for more serious cases teeth bleaching will not do. In such cases, you can opt for a porcelain veneer and you’re good to go.

Beautiful Veneers in Gilbert AZ

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Dental Veneers can enhance your beauty instantly!

Beautiful Veneers

Dental veneers are becoming very popular in the dental industry. One cannot talk of dental cosmetics without including veneers. There are four kinds of veneers namely:

  • Porcelain veneers
  • Removable veneers
  • Composite veneers
  • Instant veneers

Of all these, the one that is best classified as beautiful veneers is the porcelain veneer. When considering size, the porcelain veneer is as thin as a contact lens. Not much drilling is required to bond the porcelain veneer to the tooth. One important thing about veneers is that they can change the look of your dentition and strengthen your teeth.
Porcelain veneers are of good quality with a natural look that blends beautifully with your original teeth. It offers a high resistance to staining and discoloration. It hides the imperfections in your teeth and gives it a dazzling white appearance.

With advancement in science and technology, veneers now have a more life-like appearance as compared to what they were like 30 years ago. Modern porcelain veneers reflect light and have a sturdy structure. With the progression of digital imaging technology, dentists can now create dental restorations almost immediately. What’s more, these restorations are structurally similar to the client’s natural teeth. And to add to the beauty, dental treatments such as dental crowns and teeth whitening can enhance the results created by the porcelain veneers leaving the patient extremely satisfied.

What qualifies me for a dental veneer?

To be considered for porcelain dental veneers, you may have experienced issues with your teeth such as:

  • Cracks
  • Tooth gaps
  • Misalignment of the teeth
  • Chips
  • Tooth discoloration

To have a porcelain veneer, you must have good oral health. Also, you must be willing to maintain your oral hygiene.

How do I know that veneers are not right for me?

To qualify for dental veneers, your oral health status must be okay! If you have tooth conditions such as gum disease, tooth decay, or infection at your root canal, then dental veneers are not the best option. On the other hand, if you still insist, then you will have to undergo treatment for the underlying dental issues. After successfully completing the treatment, you can then proceed to receive your veneers. If you’ve opted for porcelain veneers, then understand that the procedure is usually permanent. Before attaching the porcelain veneer, your dentist will first of all take off a layer of your enamel. So subsequently, you may need to replace the veneer or seek for an alternative restoration. You must be sure of your decision before opting for a veneer. Those who have a habit of grinding their teeth and or clinching their jaws are not qualified for a veneer.
Porcelain veneers are typically very strong and durable. However, its lifespan can be shortened by the forces of bruxism. The strain mounted on these veneers can cause it to break off. Good dentists can usually treat the underlying causes of the bruxism, allowing patients to have a veneer.

Do beautiful veneers hurt?

No they do not! That’s the simple answer. Your dentist will do all they can to make you feel at ease while during the procedure. It doesn’t hurt at all.


Does it take long to make a veneer?

You’ll need two appointments to get a beautiful custom made veneer with the accompanying beautiful smile. At your first visit, your teeth will be prepared for the veneer followed by the installation of temporary dental veneers. At your second visit, the temporary veneers will be taken off and the permanent ones bonded to your teeth using some strong cement. There’s no need to worry about whether or not the veneer will fall off.

Are dental veneers costly?

In most places, dental veneers share similar prices with dental crowns. The budget will depend on the number of veneers you need to achieve the desired smile. However, the average price of a dental veneer ranges from $800 to $1300.
Other factors that can determine the price of your veneer include your geographical location and how experienced your dentist is. Usually, professional cosmetic dentists charge more than those that are less qualified.

Beautiful veneers as a dental investment

It is agreed that veneers can be costly. However, the returns are worth the cost. Most patients usually feel satisfied, at ease and exude more confidence after getting a porcelain (beautiful) veneer. The reason for this is that the porcelain veneers have a wide application – from having whiter teeth, to dental crowns, to orthodontic treatment all simultaneously. Also, the results are natural. One would hardly notice that you’ve got veneers on.

Choosing a dentist

Patients are advised to be very selective when picking their dentists. If you want to have that stunningly beautiful appearance after getting the veneers, then go for a qualified dentist. You get the best result when you choose someone who is experienced in cosmetic dentistry.

What are the types of beautiful veneers?

  • IPS e. max®
  • IPS Empress®
  • Lithium disillicate
  • Stacked ceramic
  • Pressed ceramic
  • daVinciTM


A mock up is an electronic display of what your smile will look like following the placement of the porcelain veneer. Your dentist will create this for you prior to giving you the veneer treatment. A mock-up will give you the opportunity to decide whether or not to still go ahead with the procedure. These models can be created in different ways. Nowadays, dentists use the most recent technology to create three dimensional models of the mock up.


What about the recovery time?

The attachment of a porcelain veneer does not require any recovery time. You can drive yourself home immediately after the procedure.
Since the attachment of a porcelain veneer requires removal of a layer of enamel, you may experience some mild discomfort. You may want to stay away from extremely hot or cold foods and drinks for a week. Foods that are hard and crunchy may not be ideal for the same period. However, it doesn’t take long for this sensitivity to wear off, and then you can return to your normal routine.

Teeth Veneers – From Dull To A Bright White Smile

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Everything You Need To Know About Teeth Veneers – Gilbert AZ

Unhappy with your smile? Hate looking at your slightly crooked, cracked or chipped teeth? Looking for ways to instantly boost your self-confidence? You should definitely consider getting teeth veneers.

Teeth veneers (often called porcelain veneers) are very thin, custom made shells of a material that is designed specifically to cover the front of your teeth. These shells are bonded to the front of the teeth to help change their original size, shape or color and improve their overall appearance.

What are tooth veneers made from?

Dental veneers are made from either porcelain or resin composite material. While it is advised that you discuss the best option with your doctor, porcelain veneers usually work better when it comes to resisting stains and maintaining the appearance of natural looking teeth.

What are the different types of veneers?

There are several types of veneers that offer different levels of coverage.

  • Porcelain veneers: The most expensive and the best looking.
  • Composite veneers: These work best when catering to minor chips or gaps between the teeth.
  • Instant veneers: The quickest option. However, these are pre-made and don’t offer a natural fit.
  • Removable veneers: Latest introduction to the veneer family. These are the least expensive option and are custom made. However, these are not a long lasting solution for broken or missing teeth.

If you wish to opt for dental veneers, it is advised that you speak with your dentist to see which type best fits your requirements.

Why should you get dental veneers?

  • Treat discoloration of teeth

Discoloration of teeth is very normal. This can result from excessive smoking, drugs, root canal performed in the past or due to the presence of excessive fluoride and other teeth staining substances present in your diet. Stains often pass through the enamel on our teeth and reach our dentine to discolor the teeth. This causes your bright white teeth to turn into a dull yellow color.

Teeth whitening solutions such as bleaching are often not a viable solution for all and don’t always deliver the desired results. Teeth veneers, on the other hand, deliver excellent results and allow you to sport a bright white smile.

  • Cover any cracks or chips in your teeth

Having to deal with cracked, chipped or broken teeth can be a nightmare. While there are a few options to fix your teeth, veneers are the best solution to treat this common dental problem. Veneers not only help conceal any cracks or chips in your teeth, but they also protect them from further damage.

  • Fill in the blanks (literally)

Do you have small or big gaps in your teeth? Veneers specifically designed to fit the size of any gap leave you with a perfect smile.

  • Treat misaligned teeth

Choose teeth veneers over braces to treat misaligned teeth. This is because braces often take years to perfect the alignment of your teeth. However, when placed on crooked or misaligned teeth, veneers help reduce the size of any visible gap almost instantly.

  • Aesthetics

Veneers offer the same aesthetic transformation as crowns. Veneers adjust very well to the front of your teeth and are a cheap and less time-consuming solution to traditional crowns.

  • Simple procedure

Getting veneers involves a rather simple procedure with neither any anesthetics nor serious pain or discomfort involved. Teeth veneers require as little as only three visits to your dentist and help you regain your confidence instantly.

Wondering if you are a good candidate for teeth veneers?

Here is what you should do or have in order to be considered a good candidate for dental veneers:

  • Committed to maintaining good dental hygiene.
  • Healthy tooth enamel.
  • You should be ready to discuss things with your dentist before opting for veneers.

What is the procedure for getting veneers?
Getting dental veneers requires very few trips to the dentist. The first trip usually involves consultation, with the next two visits revolving around the design and application of the teeth veneers.

  • Consultation

Speak with your dentist about the results that you are trying to achieve. Allow your dentist to examine your teeth thoroughly and ensure that dental veneers are the correct choice for you.

  • The process

Once you are ready to begin your journey to a better and brighter smile, your dentist will remove the enamel, grind and reshape the surface of your teeth.

Next, your dentist will create a model or an impression of your teeth which may take up to two-four weeks to be constructed. Moreover, if your dentist feels the need, he may place temporary dental veneers for a temporary fix.
Once the veneers are ready to be installed, your dentist performs an initial fit to ensure that they are the right shape, size and color.

Your teeth are then thoroughly cleaned, with the front surface being ‘roughed up’ before the veneers are placed and cemented using dental cement.

The final step usually involves cleaning off any excess cement, testing your bite and ensuring that the veneers are well adjusted.

So, how long will your dental veneers last?

Veneers offer you a stress-free solution to a beautiful smile for anywhere between ten to fifteen years. It is usually after a span of fifteen years that your teeth veneers may be in need of a replacement.

Is there any special care involved after getting dental veneers?

Absolutely not. However, follow up visits with your dentist are recommended to ensure that your veneers last. We also suggest that you follow good oral hygiene practices such as brushing properly and flossing just like you normally would. Overall, veneers don’t require any special care.

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Need Veneers?

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Need Veneers? Veneers are an important part to a healthy smile.

Dreaming of a dazzling smile makeover, but don’t have a lot of time to spare? Dental veneers at Smiles by Hanna could be the perfect choice when it comes to having the smile of your dreams. But before you consider veneers, it’s important to know exactly what they are and how they work.

Need Veneers – An Aesthetic Treatment for Healthy Teeth

So you think you need veneers? Dental veneers are for aesthetic purposes only — not to repair damaged teeth, the way a crown would work — as such, your teeth need to be relatively healthy before we can start the treatment.

The fingernail-thin porcelain shells are bonded directly to the front of your prepared tooth. Each veneer creates the illusion that your enamel has completely been transformed in its size, shape, and color. You can specify everything from the shade to the exact contour of each “tooth.”

Placing several veneers side-by-side across the front of your smile can quickly transform your appearance in a dramatic way. Some people even refer to them as “instant braces.”

Need Veneers – Common Cosmetic Dental Concerns Addressed

Still think you need veneers? We think so too. Keep in mind, veneers are ideal for masking aesthetic imperfections, such as teeth that look:

  • Crooked, crowded, or gapped
  • Uneven, worn, or chipped
  • Misshaped
  • Stained or discolored

What to Expect During Your Treatment

Getting veneers involves an initial consultation with Dr. Hanna to discuss what aspects of your smile you would like to change. Then, you’ll return to our office to have your teeth gently reshaped and an impression made. From there, Dr. Hanna will create a mock-up of your ideal smile. About two weeks later, your permanent veneers are ready for us to bond onto your teeth.

Smiles by Hanna is currently accepting new patients! Book a visit with our cosmetic dentist in Gilbert, AZ to find out if custom porcelain veneers are right for you. Be sure to ask about our convenient financing option.

Are You a Candidate for Porcelain Veneers in Gilbert?

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 porcelain veneers correct significant smile issuesIf you are unhappy with the appearance of your front teeth, you’ve likely considered porcelain veneers as a way to dramatically enhance your smile. But are they the best option for your teeth? Most adult patients who are dealing with cosmetically flawed front teeth are indeed good candidates for the treatment — but there are some instances in which porcelain veneers in Gilbert may not be the best solution for your smile. Learn more about popular cosmetic solution today.

Some of the most common applications of porcelain veneers include covering up…

  • Chipped teeth
  • Misshapen teeth (pointy, short, or stubby teeth)
  • Slightly gapped or misaligned teeth
  • Severely stained teeth that have not improved with professional teeth whitening
  • And other cosmetic issues

Instant Orthodontics, Permanent Whitening

Two of the primary “fixes” possible with porcelain veneers are for dental misalignments and teeth whitening. Adults who are reluctant to wear braces to correct minor orthodontic issues — like slight gaps or front teeth that don’t line up the way they should — can benefit from the instant orthodontic effect of porcelain veneers. 

Porcelain veneers are also a wonderful option for patients dealing with significant tooth staining. Some extrinsic stains — or those that live beneath the surface of the tooth — are impossible to remove. Certain medications are especially known for causing these deep, stubborn stains. If you have tried teeth whitening but to no success, porcelain veneers are like little white jackets for your smile. And because dental porcelain is highly resistant to stains, veneers stay the same shade for years and years to come.

Procedure for Porcelain Veneers

  • Consultation
  • Treatment planning
  • Impressions & photographs
  • Placement

If you are interested in how porcelain veneers can remake the appearance of your smile, we would love to discuss what’s possible with the popular cosmetic treatment. Schedule an appointment at Smiles by Hanna today!