Searching For The Best Implant Dentist: Kevin’s Story

Last updated Wednesday, October 5th, 2022

Searching For The Best Implant Dentist: Kevin’s Story

We recently had a patient, Kevin, visit our office for dental implants in Gilbert, AZ. He was searching for the best implant dentist. After his initial consultation, Kevin scheduled an appointment for his all-on-four implants. Like many people who wear dentures, Kevin was frustrated with how poorly his dentures fit his teeth, and he was not satisfied with the way they moved around in his mouth and would lose suction.

Curious about dental implants?

Have you thought about dental implants, but aren’t sure if they are right for you? Many of our patients experience the same hesitation before their dental implant consultation. If you currently have missing or broken teeth, don’t smile and can’t chew and enjoy your food, dental implants could be a great option for you to improve the look of your appearance. Especially if you currently have dentures, it is worth scheduling a consultation with Dr. Hanna Mansoor in Gilbert to discuss dental implants. The all-on-four dental implant can be an excellent option overdentures. 

For Kevin, Dr. Hanna recommended all-on-four implants, which are an innovative alternative to traditional dentures. All-on-four dental implants can replace a full upper and/or lower set of teeth. Patients can enjoy the feeling of “fixed dentures,” or teeth replacements that don’t shift or slip like traditional dentures.

The team at Smiles By Hanna knows that dental procedures can be intimidating, which is why the entire team dedicates time before your procedure explaining what you should expect. During the procedure itself, Dr. Hanna and her team will start with the appropriate level of anesthesia for you to reduce your pain and discomfort. 

Kevin’s Experience at Smiles By Hanna

During Kevin’s in office procedure, Dr. Hanna surgically placed four implants at strategically-placed locations in his mouth. A custom-made bridge was made of his exact mouth based on 3D-images that were taken during the appointment. Once the procedure was done, Kevin left our office with a temporary bridge or dentures that is held securely in place by his dental implants.

If you’ve lost one or more teeth, it’s crucial to have them replaced as soon as possible. Not only can noticeable gaps affect your self-esteem and confidence, but they can also have adverse effects on your oral health. At Smiles by Hanna, Dr. Hanna Mansoor offers multiple reconstructive options to benefit qualified patients, but we recommend dental implants above all else for their truly revitalizing effects. We can perform the entire procedure from start to finish at our Gilbert, AZ location.

Results You Will Love

Kevin’s dental implant procedure at Smiles By Hanna was virtually pain-free. He was comfortable with the entire staff at Smiles By Hanna and was grateful for all of their help throughout the dental implant process. 

With the all-on-four dental implants option, patients are able to eat and talk as they normally would, and their implants stay secure! This is a benefit of the dental implants that traditional dentures cannot provide to patients. Following his experience at Smiles By Hanna, Kevin said that his dental implants felt like his real teeth, and he can’t wait to recommend Dr. Hanna Mansoor to his friends and family.

Smiles By Hanna

If you are interested in learning more about Kevin’s dental implant experience at Smiles By Hanna, please watch his video testimonial here: 

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Hanna Mansoor, or to learn more about dental implants in Gilbert, Arizona, please contact our office in Gilbert.

We are grateful for our wonderful patients who share their experiences and testimonials with our team. Thank you!

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