August 7, 2017
woman smiling widely and looking away from camera

Are you embarrassed when you smile because you feel like too much of your gum is showing? If so, you might be wondering, “Do I have a gummy smile?” A gummy smile is a smile that shows an excessive amount of gum under the upper lip. It can often lead to poor self-esteem. But the good news is that Dr. Hanna Mansoor’s gummy smile correction in Gilbert, AZ can transform your smile safely and with virtually no pain.

Do I have a gummy smile?

You may be diagnosed with a gummy smile if you have more than a couple of millimeters of exposed gingiva—the gum tissue between your teeth and upper lip. This condition is also called “gingival excess” or “exacerbated gingival display.”

The effects of a gummy smile

A smile is much more than just a facial movement. Having an imbalanced smile can reduce your confidence and self-esteem. Research has shown that people recognize and prefer specific shapes and ratios when they look at faces.

For example, in one study, researchers found that people thought a smile was unattractive if it showed three millimeters or more of space between the gum and upper lip. Other researchers have found that for women, a normal amount of visible gingiva may be only one or two millimeters maximum.

Why do some people have gummy smiles?

Gummy smiles are tied to your genetics, and they are more common in women than men.

A gummy smile may be caused by:

  • Excessive gum tissue
  • A short upper lip or hyperactive muscles in the lip that raise higher than normal
  • Excessive bulging of the upper jaw
  • Other abnormal structural conditions

How to fix gummy smiles

A gummy smile may be treated by:

  • Surgery to sever muscles in the upper lip
  • Surgery to reduce the amount of gum (also called crown lengthening)
  • Cosmetic injectables to reduce movement in the upper lip

At Smiles by Hanna, Dr. Hanna Mansoor uses WaterLase laser technology to perform gummy smile correction without surgery. The procedure is quick and virtually pain-free.

Gummy smile correction in Gilbert, AZ

Have you been wondering, “Do I have a gummy smile?” Call our dentist office today to talk about gummy smile correction in Gilbert, AZ. Dr. Hanna Mansoor is committed to helping you transform your smile so you can feel better about your appearance.