Sleep Apnea Mouth Guard Options

May 29, 2017
For people with obstructive sleep apnea, sleeping with a CPAP machine can sometimes be just as frustrating as not getting any sleep at all. The bulky machinery and loud noises might even cause your sleep partner to pick another bedroom. If you’re CPAP intolerant or unable to go another day like this, you might want to talk to our Gilbert dentist about an oral appliance for sleeping disorders....
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Types of Sleep Apnea Devices

May 15, 2017
There are many types of sleep apnea devices on the market today. If you suffer from daytime drowsiness, you actually may be experiencing sleep apnea at night. Two major types of sleep apnea devices are available to help you get a better night's sleep: traditional CPAP machines and custom-fitted dental sleep devices....
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The Advantages of Using an Oral Sleep Appliance

February 1, 2017
Did you know that chronic snoring or sleep apnea can do more than make you feel tired or interrupt your rest? It may also be destroying your smile! Aside from your sleep partner pointing out that there’s a problem, your dentist might be one of the first people to notice....
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