Answers to Your Frenulectomy and Frenectomy Questions

Last updated Thursday, December 1st, 2022

These procedures may sound intimidating. Once you find out all the details, you can rest easier. Learn the differences between frenectomies and frenulectomies. Discover which may suit your needs best.

Smiles by Hanna has a reputation for being the oral frenulum experts in Gilbert, Arizona. Dr. Mansoor has the training to examine you and provide needed expertise. One consultation with us can free up those frena in no time.

What is a Frenulectomy Surgery?

This helpful surgery can go by several names: frenuloplasty, frenectomy and frenotomy. Both lip-ties and tongue-ties can be taken care of with one of these options. A frenulectomy is yet another procedure. While a frenectomy can involve total frenulum removal, a standard frenulectomy is typically just an incision.

Outdated methods are left in the dust at Smiles by Hanna. We take great pride in our progressive approach to wellness. Modern healing techniques are embraced in our office. The Waterlase tool is used so you have a pain-free experience.

How Painful is a Frenectomy?

Everyone has different pain limitations. Newborns are least likely to suffer. That’s another reason why experts highly recommended frenectomies for this age group.

Older children, teens and adults may want anesthesia. Traditional surgery can hurt. Luckily, the laser is available at Smiles by Hanna. This Biolase instrument can do the job quickly without causing pain.

How do You Perform a Frenulectomy?

Not just anyone can carry out this work. There’s a high level of skill needed. Dr. Mansoor has the experience and knowledge to perform frenulectomies flawlessly.

Anesthesia, if needed, will be given ahead of time. Frenum clipping is commonly done with surgical scissors. The incision may require stiches. All said and done, everything can be done in a typical lunchbreak.

Using a laser makes things go even smoother. There is rarely a need for anesthesia at all. The process is efficient and quick. We’re pleased to be able to offer this technology at an affordable price.

Tongue Tie and Lip Tie Diagnostic Scale

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Can a Frenulum Grow Back?

If the frenum is completely removed, then you’ve probably seen the last of it. When a frenulum is cut there’s always a slim possibility of reattachment. The best way to keep those pesky frena in their place is by following post-op directions.

What is the Cost of a Frenectomy?

The costs vary based on several factors: lip-tie vs. tongue-tie, complications, age and if there are additional issues that need correcting. We can give you a price breakdown after you receive an exam.

Smiles by Hanna accepts insurance. We also offer an in-house discount plan and payment plan through CareCredit.

How Long is Recovery from a Frenectomy?

While a complete comeback can take weeks, healing begins soon after you’re out of the chair. Downtime is a few hours if any. The use of the laser aids surrounding tissues that are on the mend.

Is a Frenectomy Safe?

Certainly, if performed by a qualified professional. Complications are seldom seen. There are many more pros than potential cons with this common procedure.

Do You Get Stitches After a Frenectomy?

Yes, if you’re taking the traditional route with surgical scissors. No, if you’ll be opting for the laser instead. The Waterlase tool typically gets the job done without a single suture.

Is a Frenectomy Considered a Dental or Medical Procedure?

Frenectomies fall under the dental category. Insurance is typically billed under dental too. A frenotomy can be considered medically necessary.

Can You Brush Your Teeth After a Frenectomy?

Yes, but there are a few rules.

  • Rule Number One: Brush very gently. Don’t use everyday force.
  • Rule Number Two: Steer clear of the incision site. Guide the toothbrush so no contact is made with this tender area.
  • Rule Number Three: Don’t rinse afterwards for 24 hours following your procedure.

How Long After a Frenectomy Can You Eat?

If an anesthetic wasn’t used, you can eat and drink right after you leave the dental office. Please note for best results, follow post-op diet recommendations. Soft foods like applesauce, smoothies and oatmeal work well.

What Does it Feel Like After a Frenectomy?

Pain impacts infants the least during this procedure. Other patients may feel a mild discomfort for a day or so afterwards. Laser usage keeps bleeding and pain to a minimum.

As the incision begins to heal, a scar will likely cover the area. Before you know it, you’ll be able to move your lip(s) and/or tongue around freely.

Will a Frenectomy Change Your Smile?

Frenectomies aren’t cosmetic surgery; they don’t change the blueprint of your mouth. Although a frenotomy won’t negatively alter your smile, it could actually help.

Removing or clipping the frenulum can free up the top lip making your smile more noticeable. The absence of frena can allow better access, thus improving oral health. When those pearly whites are brighter and shinier, that’s a change for the better.

Does a Frenectomy Change Your Speech?

Having a tongue-tie can make it more difficult to pronounce certain sounds. Once that frenulum is adjusted, speaking can become less of a chore. Frenectomies can give tongues the needed range of motion. Now that can be music to everyone’s ears.

Will a Frenectomy Close a Tooth Gap?

Possibly. What helps determine the odds of a frenectomy closing a gap between teeth is why the gap first developed. This procedure can certainly help but for the most comprehensive solution, a consultation is advised.

Dr. Mansoor can exam your mouth and study your medical history. Presto! A customized solution can be yours!

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