Dental Implant Videos

Missing teeth affect your overall self-esteem and confidence. But did you know missing teeth could also impact your underlying bone health and structure? The year after losing a tooth, you can lose up to a quarter-inch of jaw bone resulting in changes to your face’s very structure. Learn more by watching the videos below.

All on 4 Implants upper with a fixed bridge and lower Implants to restore missing teeth.

The patient had chemo treatment and lost most of her teeth. We were able to help restore her mouth with implants upper and lower over the bridge and clear aligners. Patient very happy with her new smile!

Dental Implant Testimonial - Smiles By Hanna

Brad came to Dr. Hanna Mansoor with trouble eating food and lacking confidence in his smile. Dr. Hanna and the Smiles By Hanna team were able to help Brad with Dental Implants, which have completely transformed his life!

Implant and Crown Patient Testimonial - Smiles By Hanna - Gilbert, AZ

This Smiles By Hanna patient had partial extraction therapy #7 and immediate implant placement. Patient very happy with the results. Watch this video to learn more about their experience at Smiles By Hanna with Dr. Hanna Mansoor in Gilbert, Arizona.

Stem cells in teeth

Grinding dentin with Smart Dentin Grinder by KometaBio. Dental stem cells are easy to access and replicate much faster than any other type of stem cells. Dentin grafting is used in the regeneration of bone.

Happy Implant Experience

Chuck talks all about his implant treatment and his experience with Smiles by Hanna!

Complete upper reconstruction using implants

Patients are almost in tears of joy after having a perm. Implant-supported denture.

Partial extraction therapy with immediate implant placement

Partial extraction therapy (PET) with immediate natural implant placement using bone graft and platelet rich fibrin (PRF).

Veneers Videos

Veneers are a quick and painless option for transforming your smile. Porcelain veneers are like a do-over for your teeth. Whether your teeth are stained from coffee or chipped from a childhood fall, Dr. Hanna can help you create the smile you’ve always wanted. Learn more by watching the videos below.

Isabel Gonzales Testimonial

Isabel shares her experience of getting dental veneers with Dr. Hanna Mansoor in Gilbert, AZ. Visit Smiles By Hanna to learn more!

Veneers fixed my smile after physical trauma to the front tooth!

Happy patient explains his experience at Smiles by Hanna after having veneer done on his front tooth. Looks like my tooth never broke in the first place!

Patient happy with her teeth veneers smile makeover

Patient happy with the smile makeover done at Smiles by Hanna, Dr. Hanna Mansoor Gilbert dentist in Gilbert, Arizona.

Veneer smile makeover

The patient had a smile makeover with veneers and crowns. The patient had yellow teeth, cracks, decay, misaligned teeth and a gummy smile. With a new pretty smile, patient feels confident, and will now smile more than ever.

Happy patient with her crowns, Veneers, fillings and our hygienist

The patient explains why she chooses Smiles by Hanna. Patient very happy with the hygienist and other services performed by Dr. Hanna Mansoor.

Frenectomy Videos

Laser frenectomy is a simple procedure that helps correct tongue ties. At Smiles by Hanna, we can remove a tight frenum with laser frenectomy, a fast, virtually painless, and anesthesia-free procedure. Learn more by watching the videos below.

No numbing, Waterlase Laser fillings patient testimonial.

Patient testimonial after getting laser fillings done, No numbing! No pain, No drill

Tongue tied frenectomy

Seven year old boy with tongue tie getting tongue release (Frenectomy) using a cold Biolase Waterlaser, no bleeding and no pain.

Tori Removal Videos

Dental tori are small bony growths in your mouth that can cause pain or make it impossible to get dentures fitted. Smiles By Hanna provides an alternative to traditional tori removal. Learn more by watching the videos below.

Tori removal with waterlaser

Happy patient testimonial about her great experience at Smiles by Hanna, before and after photos and video of laser tori removal.

No Pain? No Shots? This is fantastic!!

"I would never say going to the dentist is enjoyable, but this is amazing and not getting any shots is fantastic". Jon tells us about how hard it normally is to get him numb... He usually has to wait for the anesthetic to kick in and then it is hours before it finally wears off. He was thrilled with the quick and painlessness of our Biolase Waterlase Laser. No More Drills!!! No More Shots!!! Let Jon tell you how it is!

Tori Removal Patient Carolyn Shares Her Experience

Smiles By Hanna patient Carolyn was initially nervous about getting tori removal, but after learning that Dr. Hanna Mansoor offers virtually painless tori removal with water laser, she was excited to learn more! In this video, Carolyn shares her experience at Smiles By Hanna in Gilbert, Arizona.

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