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Who Is Dr. Mansoor

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Are you looking for a new dentist in Gilbert? Do you know who Dr. Hanna Mansoor is? If you don’t know who she is, then your teeth and oral hygiene are not where they need to be! Dr. Hanna is a dentist in the beautiful state of Arizona. She owns and practices several types of dentistry out of her Smiles By Hanna office in Gilbert.  She specializes in cosmetic dentistry and is certified and highly experienced with dental implants, laser dentistry, Invisalign technology and so much more!


Dr. Hanna Mansoor has always loved helping people and making people smile. So it is no surprise to learn that from the age of 14, Dr. Hanna Mansoor knew she wanted to be a dentist. She started her career in dentistry as a dental hygienist, learning the ins and outs of dentistry. Her experience as a dental hygienist taught her the importance of connecting with her patients. From there, she worked hard and graduated from Wayne State University and the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry.


Dr. Hanna is a member of several dental associations:

•    American Dental Association

•    Arizona Dental Association

•    Fellow of Academy of General Dentistry

•    Fellow of International Congress of Implantology

•    Pierre Fauchard Academy


Curious to learn more about her certifications and what they are?


Since Dr. Hanna is always looking for ways to make her patients feel comfortable, she invested time and money into learning about Waterlase technology. Waterlase is state of the art laser that relies on water and light to thoroughly eradicate areas with infection, that is minimally invasive and virtually painless. With Waterlase, Dr. Hanna is given the ability of versatility in cavity preparation, root canal therapy, and even cosmetic concerns. She is also able to perform Hemangioma and tori removal, as well as treat frenum abnormalities without the need of anesthesia.


Most people when they think of orthodontic care, they think metal brackets and a mouth full of metal. Thankfully Dr. Hanna Mansoor and her team understand how important your smile is and how having braces isn’t always the best option, that’s why her office offers Invisalign. Invisalign is a clear alternative to traditional braces. Dr. Hanna Mansoor uses specialized software to create a detailed impression of your teeth and create an ideal plan for correcting their alignment. Another reason Dr. Hanna Mansoor loves to use Invisalign is that they are removable and you won’t have to make any changes to your diet! Best of all, you can still smile, and most treatments are completed in 8-18 months.


Dr. Hanna Mansoor knows not all smiles can be fixed with laser or Invisalign, and she understands that dental implants might be a better option for some patients. Dental implants lead to truly transformative effects for her patients that are missing one or more teeth. They look and act just like regular teeth, meaning you can eat and drink normally, all without worry of break down. Even better, is that if you are a candidate for dental implants, you can be giving your oral health an extra boost of support. Dental implants are designed to fit perfectly in your mouth, under your gum line and will stimulate the jawbone. That stimulation is what keeps your jaw and gums healthy over time.  Dr. Hanna and her team more than anything want you to leave their office feeling confident and happy with your smile. Interested in learning more about dental implants? Visit our dental implants page on our Smiles By Hanna page.


Many of Dr. Hanna Mansoor’s patients tell her they’ve always had a fear of going to the dentist, but thanks to her and the Smiles By Hanna team, many patients have been cured of their fear. Several of her patients say they come back for the friendly atmosphere and because they feel like they are a part of the family.  Patients of Smiles By Hanna say they recommend Dr. Hanna Mansoor because of her friendly staff who work tirelessly to make them feel comfortable. Other patients come to Smiles by Hanna because Dr. Hanna is an expert in rare treatments and is able to meet their dentistry needs. This top Gilbert dentist ensures that she and her team stay up to date with the latest dental technology and trends so that her patients know that they are receiving the top of the line care.


At Smiles By Hanna, Dr. Hanna Mansoor understands how seeing a dentist can be nerve-racking, so she encourages all of her patients to ask questions and to tell her their concerns.  She enjoys educating people on dentistry and assuring her patients get answers that are honest and compassionate. Dr. Hanna Mansoor often has new patients come in who don’t want to smile out of embarrassment of their teeth, and that makes her sad. Thankfully with her expertise in cosmetic dentistry and implant dentistry, she can give her patients a smile they have always dreamed about. Nothing feels better to Dr. Hanna and her team than to see a patient beaming when leaving the office. So, if you’re ready to have a dentist and staff that will work with you and will do whatever it takes to have you smiling, then look no further than Smiles By Hanna and Dr. Hanna Mansoor. Schedule an appointment today and learn more about how Smile By Hanna will make you smile.


Does Dr. Hanna do anything else but make patients smile? Yes, granted her favorite thing is to make patients smile with her expertise in dentistry. When Dr. Hanna Mansoor is not working on patients smiles, you can find her practicing her painting and photography skills, as well as spending quality time with her loving family. But her passion lies in dentistry, and goals are to see everyone smile, especially her patients.

Patient Highlights: Kelsey’s Dental Implants

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Did you know that losing one or more teeth can happen at any age? You can lose teeth for multiple reasons. Reasons for tooth loss might include poor oral health, severe decay, periodontal disease, or even an impact accident. And, unless you’re five years old, missing teeth can affect your overall self-esteem and confidence. Thankfully there are multiple solutions, depending on the condition of your gums and jawbone that can solve your missing teeth issue, and improve the appearance of your smile. The one that Dr. Hanna Mansoor finds to be the best solution, and most hassle-free for patients is dental implants placement. And as Dr. Hanna Mansoor will tell you, when it comes to dental implants, there are very few restrictions. She also understands the importance of one’s smile and sees patients of all ages coming into her Gilbert office wanting to know what they can do to fix their smile.


First and foremost, Dr. Hanna Mansoor is an expert when it comes to dental implants, and during a consultation, she will be able to assess if you are a candidate for dental implants. She will evaluate your gums and see if you have adequate bone to support an implant. Also depending on whether or not you are missing a single tooth or multiple teeth will depend on what type of candidate you are. There are multiple options when it comes to dental implants, ranging from a single implant treatment to all on four implants. All on four dental implants are also known as a bridge. The one thing you should not be worried about is how and what goes into a dental implant procedure. Dr. Hanna Mansoor and her team will clearly explain the whole procedure from start to finish. They are happy to answer any and all questions you may have about the procedure. The goal at Smiles By Hanna is to leave you feeling comfortable and thrilled with your results.

If you’re not familiar with dental implants, you might be wondering exactly what they are and they might even seem a little bit intimidating to you. Don’t worry! The thought of dental implants can often be scarier than the process itself. Dental implants are artificial roots that are surgically positioned into your jawbone beneath the gum line, from there depending on the dental implant you can have a crown or a bridge anchored into that area. If you have a single tooth replacement, the crown can be custom-made zirconium crown to match the rest of your teeth.  Every dental implant is designed with the support of a state-of-the-art CT Scanner, so that the implant will fit perfectly in your mouth. Another significant benefit of dental implants is that they do not come loose like regular dentures, and they feel and act just like regular teeth, which means you can go back to eating the foods you enjoy without any worry. Dental implants are also beneficial to oral health since they do not get anchored to teeth or your gum, like dentures. Since they are placed below the gum line, a dental implant can stimulate the jawbone which is what keeps the jaw and the gums healthy over time. Dental implants are also designed from a medical grade titanium that fuses together with the living cells in your jaw bone and will not come loose.


Now we know the idea of something being screwed into your jaw sounds painful, but it isn’t. Before the procedure even begins, our team at Smiles By Hanna ensures you have the proper amount of anesthesia which makes the whole process pain free. Even better news is that the whole procedure can be done in just one day at our Gilbert, Arizona location. Since the procedure is done onsite, you’ll be leaving our office with a new set of teeth in just a day. They also last a lifetime and have a 98 percent success rate, so you won’t have to worry about them breaking down or needing to be replaced.


Once Dr. Hanna Mansoor has evaluated and cleared you for implants, we recommend watching some of our patient video testimonials. For example, Kelsey is a patient that came into our office needing to have a third single tooth implant placed. Kelsey had had two prior implants placed at a different dental office, so she wasn’t new to the dental implant procedure. After her initial consultation with Dr. Hanna, Kelsey scheduled her appointment to have her single dental implant placed. Kelsey having already gone through a dental implant procedure before, she was able to compare her experience with that of Dr. Hanna Mansoor. Kelsey explains that her experience from having the impressions taken to having the crown placed with Dr. Hanna “was by far the easiest and best experience she’s ever had.” The entire team at Smiles by Hanna was communicative and immediately put her mind at ease. Kelsey goes on to say that she was comfortable the whole time and that the procedure itself was painless and quicker than she expected it to be. In the end, Kelsey was grateful to the entire Smiles By Hanna team and was happy that she decided to come to Smiles by Hanna for her dental implant. If you are interested in learning more about Kelsey’s experience at Smiles By Hanna, watch her video testimonial here: https://youtu.be/6Koq4WVawgU


To learn more about dental implants, and to find out if you’re a candidate, we recommend setting up a consultation with Dr. Hanna Mansoor at Smiles by Hanna in Gilbert, Arizona to discuss what type of implant would work best for you.  Our Smiles By Hanna staff is happy to answer any questions you might have and goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable. We are grateful to patients like Kelsey, who are willing to share their experiences and their testimonials with our Smiles By Hanna team. Thank you!


Patient Highlight: Stephanie’s Veneers

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How often do you think about a beautiful smile? At Smiles by Hanna, we often hear from our Gilbert patients that they are unhappy with the appearance of their smile and want to know what their options are for improvement. Depending on the patient’s needs, dental veneers can be an excellent option to help with your smile. 

You may be wondering what exactly are dental veneers?  Veneers are layers of porcelain or composite resin that are bonded over your actual teeth.  They are regularly used to cover severely discolored, chipped, or misshaped teeth. This treatment is a permanent solution because a portion of your tooth is shaved down to make space for the new veneer. We know that anything being permanently attached to your teeth may be frightening, but the actual process of having them put on is virtually painless and the entire process can be done in just two office visits. Our expert Gilbert dentist, Dr. Hanna Mansoor, has performed countless numbers of dental veneer procedures that have resulted in plenty of beautiful smiles and happy patients.

We recently had a patient, Stephanie, visit our Gilbert office wanting to learn more about veneers. She had been looking for a dentist online after having just moved to Gilbert and had seen Dr. Hanna Mansoor’s before and after photos of other dental patients on Instagram.  Stephanie works professionally as an author and is very active on social media, and she wanted to find a dentist that fit her needs and wants and could also help to improve her appearance.  Since Stephanie’s job consists of being in the spotlight and continuously having photos taken of her face, she wanted to have a dentist that would give her that classic, beautiful smile. After initially speaking with Dr. Hanna Mansoor and learning more about her experience, Stephanie felt confident that she was what she wanted in a dentist. Before visiting Dr. Hanna Mansoor, Stephanie never felt like she had the prettiest smile, but now she absolutely loves her smile. The veneers Stephanie received from Smiles by Hanna has given her a new and gorgeous smile.

Stephanie was not alone in her quest for a perfect smile. It is reported that nearly 80% of people are unsatisfied with their smiles. Patients who have veneers placed at Smiles By Hanna in Gilbert, have a selection of different veneer styles to choose from. Hollywood style veneers are very popular, as are the mature style, focused style, and enhanced style. Dr. Hanna Mansoor will work with you, analyze your face shape and your current smile to help you select the perfect veneer shape.

In addition to the enhanced appearance of your smile, there are many other benefits to dental veneers. Dental veneers are stain resistant because they are made from materials that will resist future staining from the most popular sources of teeth discoloration like coffee, tea, or tobacco. With the proper care, your veneers can also last up to ten years – or more! Many of our patients find dental veneers to be a wonderful, long-term solution.

The Smiles by Hanna team knows that visiting a dentist can be scary and intimidating. That’s why we dedicate time to explaining what you as the patient will experience during any procedure. Stephanie scheduled her consultation with Dr. Hanna Mansoor and was happy to hear she was a perfect candidate for veneers. In the next appointment, Stephanie and our team created Stephanie’s perfect smile and put on her temporary veneers. By her next appointment, Stephanie had the permanent and dazzling smile that she had always wanted.

Just like with Stephanie’s experience, at your first visit Dr. Hanna Mansoor will talk with you about your goals for treatment, and she will help you select the right dental veneer shape if you are a good candidate for dental veneers. If you are ready to move forward with the process, it is also at this first visit where Dr. Hanna Mansoor will create a mold of your teeth. This mold will help our team create a veneer that will be the same thickness as your current teeth, allowing for a natural look and a comfortable fit. We will then remove a small piece of enamel from your tooth (and we really do mean small, it is usually less than half of a millimeter!) which will make a space for the veneer to bond to. The Smiles By Hanna team will then place a temporary veneer for you to wear until the permanent porcelain veneer is created and ready to be placed at your second appointment.

The permanent veneers can sometimes take up to two weeks to create, but the wait is worth it! Once they are created, you will visit our office again for a quick and painless visit where our expert dentist will place your porcelain veneers by bonding them to your teeth. We work with our patients to make sure that they are really happy with their new smile before they leave our office. After you get dental veneers, you are able to care for them just like normal teeth with regular dental cleanings, brushing, and flossing. If you Clinch or grind your teeth normally, we do recommend wearing a mouth guard at night to preserve your veneers.

If you are interested in learning more about Stephanie’s veneer experience at Smiles By Hanna, please watch her video testimonial here: https://youtu.be/QilPtYmHttY. If you’re not sure about dental veneers, or if you are curious to learn more about Dr. Hanna Mansoor’s other services, please visit our website here. You can also watch other patient testimonials for all of the Smiles By Hanna services on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC76Foazopyx6xuweV2Bor-w

Are you ready to transform your smile? Dr. Hanna Mansoor is an expert in smile design and cosmetic dentistry. She uses cutting edge technology to create the smile you deserve. To learn more about dental veneer procedures and if you are a candidate, schedule a consultation today. We can’t wait to meet you at our Gilbert dental office!

What Are Dental Veneers?

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We often have patients come into our Gilbert, Arizona office who are unhappy with the appearance of their smile and are looking for options. For patients like this, dental veneers are a great option!


What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are thin layers of porcelain that are bonded over teeth. We know that this might sound a bit scary at first, but veneers are done in a short office visit, and our patients generally experience no pain with the application. Dr. Hanna Mansoor is an experienced and highly qualified dentist and has performed a countless number of dental veneer procedures.


Am I good candidate for dental veneers?

If you are looking for a quick and painless way to transform your smile, then yes, you are probably a great candidate for dental veneers! You may also be a great candidate for dental veneers if any of the following applies to you:

– You have tried professional teeth whitening, but still are unable to have the whiteness or brightness on your teeth that you are looking for.

– You have small chips, gaps, or twists in your teeth.

– You have some teeth that are shorter than others.

– You have a gummy smile.

– You have decay/cavities on your teeth.

– You have decalcifications (brown/yellow) spots on your teeth from braces.

– You hate your smile.

– You want to avoid getting braces.

– You want to close spaces between your teeth.

– You want to reshape/resize your teeth.


What are some benefits of dental veneers?

There are many benefits of dental veneers! Many of our patients talk about the biggest benefits of dental veneers being that:

– Dental veneers are one of the quickest forms of cosmetic dentistry that can transform your smile.

– Veneers are also long-lasting (up to ten years… or more!) and are stain-resistant, so they will continue to look great for years to come!

– They are pain free! Dr. Hanna Mansoor provides a pain-free experience for her patients.

Are you ready to learn more about dental veneers? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Hanna Mansoor to learn more about dental veneers at Smiles By Hanna!

Patient Highlight: All on 4 Dental Implants

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Have you thought about dental implants, but aren’t sure if they are right for you? Many of our patients experience the same hesitation before their dental implant consultation. If you currently have missing or broken teeth, don’t smile and can’t chew and enjoy your food, dental implants could be a great option for you to improve the look of your appearance. Especially if you currently have dentures, it is worth scheduling a consultation with Dr. Hanna Mansoor in Gilbert to discuss dental implants. The all-on-four dental implant can be an excellent option over dentures.

We recently had a patient, Kevin, visit our office for dental implants. After his initial consultation, Kevin scheduled an appointment for his all-on-four implants. Like many people who wear dentures, Kevin was frustrated with how poorly his dentures fit his teeth, and he was not satisfied with the way they moved around in his mouth and would loose suction.

For Kevin, Dr. Hanna recommended all-on-four implants, which are an innovative alternative to traditional dentures. All-on-four dental implants can replace a full upper and/or lower set of teeth. Patients can enjoy the feeling of “fixed dentures,” or teeth replacements that don’t shift or slip like traditional dentures.

The team at Smiles By Hanna knows that dental procedures can be intimidating, which is why the entire team dedicates time before your procedure explaining what you should expect. During the procedure itself, Dr. Hanna and her team will start with the appropriate level of anesthesia for you to reduce your pain and discomfort. Kevin was comforted knowing this about the dental implant process and scheduled his procedure with Dr. Hanna.

During Kevin’s in office procedure, Dr. Hanna surgically placed four implants at strategically-placed locations in his mouth. A custom-made bridge was made of his exact mouth based on 3D-images that were taken during the appointment. Once the procedure was done, Kevin left our office with a temporary bridge or dentures that is held securely in place by his dental implants.

If you’ve lost one or more teeth, it’s crucial to have them replaced as soon as possible. Not only can noticeable gaps affect your self-esteem and confidence, but they can also have adverse effects on your oral health. At Smiles by Hanna, Dr. Hanna Mansoor offers multiple reconstructive options to benefit qualified patients, but we recommend dental implants above all else for their truly revitalizing effects. We can perform the entire procedure from start to finish at our Gilbert, AZ location.

Following his procedure, Kevin was extremely satisfied with his results. Kevin’s dental implant procedure at Smiles By Hanna was virtually pain free. He was comfortable with the entire staff at Smiles By Hanna and was grateful for all of their help through out the dental implant process.

With the all-on-four dental implants option, patients are able to eat and talk as they normally would, and their implants stay secure! This is a benefit of the dental implants that traditional dentures can not provide to patients. Following his experience at Smiles By Hanna, Kevin said that his dental implants felt like his real teeth, and he can’t wait to recommend Dr. Hanna Mansoor to his friends and family.

If you are interested in learning more about Kevin’s dental implant experience at Smiles By Hanna, please watch his video testimonial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUZhQ9nZP9g

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Hanna Mansoor, or to learn more about dental implants in Gilbert, Arizona, please contact our office here: http://www.smilesbyhanna.com/contact-us/

We are grateful for our wonderful patients, like Kevin, who are willing to share their experiences and testimonials with our team. Thank you!

5 Ways To Help Sensitive Teeth

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Are you suffering from sensitive teeth? You’re not alone! It’s recently been reported that as many as one out of every eight people in the United States suffer from sensitive teeth. Our experienced Gilbert dentist, Dr. Hanna Mansoor, shares some tips for helping those sensitive teeth.

  1. Visit a dentist. If you haven’t done so already, it might be a good time to schedule an appointment with your dentist. Dr. Hanna has many patients who schedule appointments at her Gilbert office to discuss their sensitive teeth. At times, sensitive teeth can be caused by cavities, worn enamel, or gum issues. An experienced, and qualified, dentist will be able to assist you best in determining the cause of your sensitive teeth. If it’s been a while, schedule an appoint with Dr. Hanna today!
  2. Try using a fluoride tooth paste There has been research that indicates that fluoride will help bond to your tooth enamel and it will close the pours of your teeth. This will strengthen your tooth enamel. Weak tooth enamel is one of the common causes of tooth sensitivity, and this will help against enamel break down and developing cavities. Ask your hygienist as well to apply fluoride varnish on your teeth following every cleaning. The varnish will stick on your teeth and slowly release fluoride for up to 3 months.
  3. Skip the whitening treatment. An unfortunate side effect of teeth whitening treatments is that they can commonly cause patients to have sensitive teeth. If your sensitive teeth are really bothering you, it’s probably best to skip the treatments or to use the whitening gel less often. Your dentist can help you develop a plan for what’s best for your teeth. If whitening treatments really bother your teeth, it might be time to consider dental veneers.
  4. Try a different toothpaste. It could be that your toothpaste is bothering your teeth (especially if it has some whitening chemicals too). There are many toothpastes that are created specifically for people with sensitive teeth.
  5. Avoid foods or drinks that irritate your teeth. Hot or cold are common triggers for sensitive teeth. Now, we aren’t suggesting that you totally give up ice cream! But maybe next time you have a treat, you can opt for something with a spoon instead of biting into that popsicle.

The team at Smiles By Hanna is always here to support our patients! If you have any questions about your sensitive teeth or anything else, please give us a call. Smiles By Hanna is located in Gilbert, AZ, just off of the Loop 202 San Tan Freeway and Higley Road.

Treatment of Gummy Smiles

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Do your gums show too much when you smile? Then you may have what’s called “excessive gingival display.” It’s where too much of your gum shows above the line of your teeth, making your teeth appear short. If you feel like your smile shows more than four millimeters of gum tissue, then it may be time to seek treatment of your gummy smile from Dr. Hanna Mansoor in Gilbert, Arizona.

There are plenty of reasons you may be experiencing a gummy smile, one of which is genetics. Over 14% of women and 7% of men suffer from a gummy smile. If you are one of them, it can mean the difference between being confident in your smile or self-conscious. Some of the causes of a gummy smile are as follows: excessive gum tissue, a short upper lip or hyperactive muscles in the lip that raise higher than normal, an excessive bulging protrusion of the upper jaw, or other abnormal structural conditions in the lips, facial muscles, teeth, jaw, or gum tissue. Thankfully, at Smiles By Hanna, we can perform a short cosmetic dental procedure that will fix your gummy smile in just minutes.

At Smiles By Hanna, depending on the cause and severity of your gummy smile we can fix it with Botox, dental laser treatments, or surgery.  If it’s a mild case and the reason is due to muscle hyperactivity in the lips, Dr. Hanna will use a Botox treatment to paralyze the hyperactive muscles and inhibit the contraction of the upper lip. In extreme and rare cases where the gummy smile is due to structural abnormalities in the jaw or face, surgery may be needed.

If you suffer from excessive gum tissue and surgery is not needed, Dr. Hanna recommends using Waterlase therapy.  We understand that having surgery can be intimidating and invasive, that’s why we invest in the latest dental technology. Waterlase is virtually painless and cuts the procedure time in half. With the Waterlase tool, Dr. Hanna can gently remove and reshape your gummy smile. It works by cauterizing and removing the tissue gently, preventing any bleeding. The secret to the technology is that it uses light and water to expose your tooth enamel. Since it’s a laser, the technology is precise and can prevent infection during and after your procedure.

Whatever ever the cause is of your gummy smile, Smiles By Hanna will find the treatment that works best for you. We are passionate making people smile, and we know that having a healthy smile can change your outlook and your confidence. So, are you ready to start your journey to confident smile? Give us a call and schedule your appointment today with Smiles By Hanna. In just one appointment, we can give you a smile you deserve.

Why It’s Important to See a Dentist Twice a Year

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At Smiles by Hanna, your smile is not only important to you, but it’s important to us. If you do not feel good about your teeth because they are unhealthy or look bad, then you are most likely not going to show that beautiful smile of yours. Dr. Hanna Mansoor wants her Arizona patients to feel confident about their smile and have a healthy mouth. She explains why it’s important to visit your dentist twice a year.

Unless you have very poor oral health, Dr. Hanna will recommend that her patients see her twice a year. During the semi-annual appointment, Dr. Hanna inspects your teeth for any sign of decay. The reason for this amount of time is that it usually can take cavities this amount of time to develop.  If she catches them before they get too severe, she can fill them, that way you will not have to worry about crowns, root canals, or worse. Taking preventive actions like brushing, flossing, and seeing Dr. Hanna will help you in the long run from experiencing any pain or discomfort.

While at our Gilbert office for your checkup, you will receive a dental cleaning for your teeth. This cleaning is much more thorough than what you would be able to do at home on your own. Our hygienists can remove heavy stains and any hardened plaque that may have built up on your teeth and gum between visits.

It’s also important to have your gums regularly examined for any sign of gum disease, which is more common than you think. If plaque and tartar are left on your teeth, it can begin to cause a gum infection and destroy the tissue and bone surrounding your teeth.  If this is left untreated, it can cause the tooth to pull away from the gum line and lead to a breakdown of your gums and the bone that holds your teeth in place. This will lead to bone loss which will be followed by tooth loss. It can be a very painful process, but thankfully Dr. Hanna is trained to help repair the gums with her painless Waterlase treatment.

Dr. Hanna recommends that all of her adult patients undergo a thorough screening for any indications of oral cancer during their appointment. Dr. Hanna uses a state of the art device known as the Velscope. A handheld device that uses the natural tissues fluorescence to enhance the way she can see any oral mucosal abnormalities that would not be apparent or even visible to the naked eye. Catching and treating oral cancer early, can save your mouth and your life.

This is why Dr. Hanna emphases the importance of seeing her twice a year for a checkup, it allows her to see how your oral health is doing and keep your mouth healthy. Seeing Dr. Hanna and our dedicated team will allow us to understand your smile and provide you with essential guidance, advice, and treatment if necessary.  If you have any questions about how to better understand your oral hygiene, give us a call at Smiles by Hanna. We cannot wait to see your smile and welcome you to our Gilbert office.

5 Easy Ways to Prevent Cavities

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There are ways to prevent, avoid tooth decay and heal your teeth. Our Gilbert dental expert knows that hearing that you have a cavity not only hurts physically but it can hurt to hear as well. But don’t panic! At Smiles By Hanna, we are here to help, Here is a list of five ways you can prevent cavities:

1. Oral hygiene, It may seem obvious but brushing your teeth, flossing, and rinsing your mouth should be done on a daily basis, and multiple times a day at that. We recommend using a toothbrush that uses high-speed vibrations such as an Oral B or Sonicare, and these types help fluids get into areas that the brush can’t reach.  If you’re not a fan of these types of toothbrushes, then there are also soft-bristled brushes with a smaller head that will get into those hard to reach areas.  Also, trying to brush your teeth 30 minutes after every meal can help as well. Remember to change your toothbrush or the head of your toothbrush every three to four months. Just like anything else that is used in your home often, toothbrushes get worn out. You can typically tell when it’s time to change a toothbrush, for example, if the bristles are frayed, or you’ve been sick, it’s time to replace it.

Flossing can be annoying, we know, but it’s crucial to not only your oral health but your body’s health in general.  Flossing prevents tooth decay and gum disease because the floss helps keep plaque from building up on your teeth and gum that’s caused by food and certain liquids.  Flossing can also help with bad breath!

After brushing and flossing, use a mouthwash to give your mouth that extra bit of protection. Now don’t just use any mouthwash, use one that contains fluoride, it’s impressive stuff, but we will cover that more later in our list.  Another thing to look out for in mouthwash is alcohol, try to find one that does not contain alcohol and is approved by the American Dental Association. Mouthwashes that contain alcohol tend to dry out your mouth, which leads to no saliva production, which can then lead to cavities.

Doing these three things (brushing, flossing, and using an alcohol-free mouthwash) on a daily basis will help keep cavities at bay.


2. Watch what you eat and stay hydrated

Raw and unprocessed foods can help your body become healthy, but they can also help clean your teeth. Especially crunchy and fiber filled veggies act as a mild abrasive to help remove plaque and tartar from teeth. Also, eating fruits such as apples can help your mouth produce saliva, which in turn restores the pH balance that prevents plaque.  Drinking and rinsing your mouth with water after eating helps prevent cavities. Also drinking water at least 16 ounces of water is good for you, but in some case, the water your drinking can be fortified with fluoride which will cover in our next point.  Having a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water can help keep your teeth healthy and cavity free.


3. Fluoride

Let’s first note that Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally in many foods and water.  Fluoride is a mineral that strengthens your enamel and boosts your teeth’s resistance to attacks from plaque bacteria and sugars found in the mouth.  If used correctly, fluoride can also reverse early tooth decay. As we mentioned earlier, Fluoride could be found in water and foods, but a direct way to get fluoride to your teeth is by using toothpaste or mouthwash that contains it. Rinsing your mouth with a mouthwash that contains fluoride and Chlorhexidine (0.02%), and swishing it around for about 10-15 seconds. You can also visit our dentist office and receive a fluoride treatment that is higher in strength and can help protect your teeth.


4. Chew Gum

Even though brushing your teeth after eating is excellent for your teeth, it can be hard to make the time to brush, or maybe you just find awkward to brush your teeth in the public restroom. Whatever the reason there are alternative solutions to after meal teeth care. Chewing sugarless gum is a quick and easy after meal freshness solution. Plus, it can help get leftover food particles that are stuck in your teeth and can stimulate saliva production that will help you clean your teeth. Also chewing gum that contains Xylitol can help you fight against plaque buildup. So next time you’re in teeth cleaning bind, try chewing a stick of sugar-free Xylitol Gum.


5. Visit your friendly dentist – Dr. Hanna Mansoor

See your dentist! Do not, I repeat, do not miss your bi-annual teeth cleanings and checkups. In fact, regular cleanings should be a part of your annual dental routine. During that time our dentists will be able to take Digital X-rays and physically look at your teeth to be able to see if you do have any cavities or other oral health issues. Visits to our dentist allow our team to get to know your smile and administer helpful oral healthcare.  If Dr. Hanna does discover some cavities, she will be able to determine the type of tooth decay you have and decide on the best treatment for you.


While going by the list above is a great start, more than anything we highly recommend number 5 on this list.  Scheduling an annual check-up with a dentist you trust is truly the most important. That’s why here at Smiles by Hanna we strive to earn your trust and to ensure that you are going to do everything we can to get you the smile that you’ll be happy to share with the rest of the world. Schedule appointment today with Smiles by Hanna to get started on a cavity free mouth.


Local Dentist Fights Fear of Dental Work with Lasers

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Gilbert, Arizona – It’s a truth as old as the human race: we fear the unknown. It’s also one of the main reasons many people are still afraid of going to the dentist. They simply don’t know how comfortable an experience having their teeth fixed can be. Yes, we said comfortable! With Waterlase Dentistry Smiles by Hanna in Gilbert, Arizona can treat patients in greater comfort than ever. “Most people don’t even know that Waterlase Dentistry exists,” explains Dr. Hanna Mansoor, “but at Smiles by Hanna we are always looking for ways to improve the comfort and clinical care of our patients, so we invested in this advanced technology.”


The Waterlase® laser system, from Biolase Technology of Irvine California, is a revolutionary dental tool that uses a patented combination of laser energy and water to perform a variety of dental procedures, in most cases with no shot, no drill and no pain. Cleared by the U.S. FDA for use in many kinds of dental work – from fixing cavities to preparing teeth for crowns, performing root canals, and even putting in implants – the Waterlase® laser is being used by thousands of dentists worldwide.


Studies have shown that Waterlase Dentistry™ can be less traumatic than the drill. The combination of laser and a fine spray of water is precise and gentle, so it preserves healthy tooth or gums around a cavity or diseased gums. “It’s an approach called minimally invasive dentistry.” says Dr. Mansoor, “The idea is to fix the diseased part of your tooth, gums or bone without damaging adjacent healthy tissue. Waterlase Dentistry gives us a big advantage in providing excellent clinical care with maximum patient comfort.”


For anyone who needs dental work, but may be putting it off because they’re afraid of the discomfort, visiting Dr. Mansoor’s office at 1355 S Higley Rd Ste 119, Gilbert, AZ 85296 or making an appointment by calling (480) 279-3700 could mean an end to their fear of dentists. “Like they say, ‘Knowledge is power’, Dr. Mansoor explains, “and the more people know about Waterlase Dentistry, the easier it is for them to conquer their fears and let us take care of the dental work they need.”

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