November 20, 2019
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WaterLase is a cutting edge laser gum treatment solution used by Dr. Mansoor of Gilbert’s Smiles by Hanna to treat patients who have advanced stages of periodontal disease. The solution is used during a scaling and root planing, a dental procedure that aims to clean the gums and the roots of teeth underneath the gums of harmful bacteria buildup that contributes to the deterioration of gum tissue.

While a traditional scaling and root planing procedure involves using sharp instruments to remove harmful bacteria, WaterLase combines the power of light and water to target problem areas and clean gums and tooth roots with little to no disruption to adjacent tissue. The result is that Gilbert dental patients experience a pain-free scaling and root planing (they don’t even need a local anesthetic for the procedure) that can be done in one sitting, all while minimizing any potential disturbance to the adjacent gum tissue.

Benefits of Laser Gum Treatment with WaterLase

Using WaterLase for a scaling and root planing offer Gilbert dental patients several benefits, including:

Your Experience with WaterLase

If you’ve had a traditional scaling and root planing performed before, you may be wondering how the process is different from WaterLase. The answer – it’s completely different!

When you come to Smiles by Hanna, Dr. Mansoor will begin the procedure by using the laser portion of the dental device to remove any inflamed gums where they meet the teeth. Don’t let this description scare you. The laser is painless.

In addition to removing inflamed gums, the laser also works to kill the bacteria in your mouth that is causing the gum inflammation to begin with, so that with good oral hygiene from this point forward, you can hopefully eliminate the need for a future scaling and root planing.

After all inflamed gum tissue is removed, Dr. Mansoor exposes the roots of your affected teeth so she can clean the plaque from them.

Once your tooth roots are cleaned, Dr. Mansoor will smooth out your remaining roots and gums to eliminate pockets of gum where bacteria may be able to grow in the future. To finish the process off, she’ll stimulate the stem cells inside these pockets and so they’ll heal quickly, and reseal your gum tissue to the roots of your teeth.

Am I a Good Candidate for WaterLase?

Virtually any Gilbert dental patient with advanced stages of periodontal disease is a good candidate for a scaling and root planing with WaterLase. But certain patients with specific medical conditions or habits may benefit more from this technology than others. These include patients who:

  • Are genetically predisposed to periodontal disease
  • Are taking certain medications that interfere with the body’s ability to fight infections, or are immune-compromised
  • Have certain medical conditions that complicate the body’s natural healing process, including diabetes
  • Use nicotine products, as they are known to negatively impact the gums, including smoking cigarettes or cigars, vaping, or using chewing tobacco

Learning More About Laser Gum Treatment with WaterLase

If you know you need a scaling and root treatment and are intrigued by the ease and simplicity of the procedure when using WaterLase, Dr. Mansoor is happy to treat you. Simply call her Gilbert dental practice today at (480) 279-3700.