January 22, 2016

Brunette Checking Teeth in ReflectionAt Smiles by Hanna, we offer patients in the Gilbert, AZ a number of treatment options that use WaterLase. This system is a combination of water and light waves. This tool can be used to remove infected or damaged tissue, prevent further infection, and decrease healing time for patients. If you’re in need of oral surgery, ask us if WaterLase can help.



Possible Treatment Options with WaterLase

At Smiles by Hanna, we offer many procedures using our WaterLase system including:

  • Frenectomy – The tissue between the tongue and mouth can develop in such a way that patients only have limited ability to move their tongue impeding ability to chew and speak. The traditional frenectomy procedure to correct this can lead to severe blood loss and take months to heal. This procedure is most often performed on children, and caring for a recovering child is difficult. Using WaterLase, our office performs the same procedure with minimal pain and bleeding, and significantly reduces healing time.
  • Tori removal – The torus is a bone growth in the roof of the mouth, inside of the jaw, or the cheek. While tori may not cause any issues, they may cause irritation, difficulty speaking or eating. Removal with WaterLase is fast and simple allowing patients to return to their optimal oral health immediately.
  • Tooth extraction – Traditionally, surgical tooth extractions are painful. While using WaterLase, we can remove tissue binding teeth without causing trauma to underlying, supportive bone and gum tissue.

Benefits of WaterLase Dental Lasers in Gilbert

Compared with traditional oral surgeries, WaterLase offers patients a number of benefits including:

  • Reduced pain during the procedure
  • Increased accuracy for the dentist
  • Reduced trauma & bleeding for the patience
  • Treats many different concerns

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If you’re in need of a virtually pain-free procedure and you’d like to find out whether or not WaterLase can offer you a solution, contact the Smiles by Hanna dental team in Gilbert.