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Tori Removal

Tori removal is an option if you have dental tori. Dental tori are small bony growths in your mouth that can cause pain or make it impossible to get dentures fitted. At Smiles by Hanna, we provide our patients with an alternative to traditional tori removal surgery. Instead of chisels and drills, we use cutting-edge WaterLase technology for faster, more precise, and pain-free dental tori removal in Gilbert, AZ.


What is a dental torus?

A dental torus is a growth of excess bone in the mouth. Irritation, genetic factors, teeth grinding, or an uneven bite can result in a torus. If you have multiple growths, these are collectively referred to as dental tori.

Dental tori are almost always harmless. They most often grow on the roof of your mouth (called torus palatinus) or along the lower jaw line (called torus mandibularis).


In the majority of cases, dental tori are left in the mouth as-is. However, there are cases when our dentists recommend a dental tori removal. This occurs when the tori:

  • Are painful
  • Cause irritation when eating
  • Make speaking difficult
  • Interfere with dentures or implant placement

You can learn more facts about dental torus in a recent post. (For example, did you know that tori usually occur in pairs?)

Most of our patients require mandibular tori removal before a denture or implant placement. At the Smiles by Hanna dental office in Gilbert, AZ, we ensure that our patients receive the quickest, most painless treatment possible for their dental tori removal thanks to the use of cutting-edge laser technology.

Before Tori Removal

After Tori Removal

What occurs during mandibular tori removal?

If you’re suffering from dental tori that’s impacting your quality of life or causing you pain, our highly-trained dentists at Smiles by Hanna will work closely with you during the removal process.

Once it’s been determined that mandibular tori removal is clinically necessary, Dr. Hanna will discuss your options. Traditionally, dental tori have been removed with dental drills or chisels. Obviously, this can be an intimidating and worrying experience, which causes many patients to put off their tori removal.

At Smiles by Hanna, however, we always use the latest dental technologies to provide outstanding care for our patients. If you undergo a dental tori removal in our office, your procedure will be faster, safer, and virtually pain-free. If you’re ready to learn more about getting a dental torus removed, contact Dr. Hanna’s office today!

Virtually pain-free WaterLase procedure

Most of the pain from dental procedures is from the heat and pressure of the tools used. Our cutting-edge WaterLase is a water-energized laser that relies on light and water to perform these delicate procedures on the soft tissues of your mouth. That means no heat and no vibration.

Dental tori removal by laser technology is gentler for our patients. It also:

  • Requires less anesthesia, because patients typically only feel a cooling sensation
  • Has a lower risk for bleeding and swelling
  • Prevents cross-contamination, thus reducing your risk for infections
  • Provides increased precision to conserve more of your natural tissues
  • Allows us to remove multiple dental tori in one sessions, since it’s so quick and painless

We talked to one of our patients right after a dental procedure done with WaterLase technology. He talks about what you can expect, and how this tool provided a superior experience for him during his procedure.


What’s the tori removal recovery time?

Your tori removal recovery time takes an average of three to four weeks. However, any related side effects, such as slight pain, swelling, or bleeding, usually resolve in the first few days after the procedure.

Dr. Hanna walks all of her patients through the recovery process both before and after their procedure. She may instruct you to avoid certain foods for a period of time or ice the area if any swelling does occur.

At Smiles by Hanna, our goal is to make sure that patients understand every aspect of their dental care. We know this provides the peace of mind that makes dental work less intimidating. She our patient video below, where Carolyn shares information about her tori removal experience, including her recovery time.


Are there any tori removal complications?

After a dental tori removal, you may experience some slight swelling or bleeding in your mouth. Recurrence of a dental torus is incredibly rare.

Since it is a dental procedure, there is a very small risk of infection. Talk to your dentist and follow all aftercare directions closely to help prevent this.

Using laser technology instead of traditional drills and chisels does significantly reduce your chances for tori removal complications. If you want to learn more about how we perform dental tori removals in Gilbert, AZ, give our office a call today!

Do I need a dental tori removal?

Most patients will not need tori bone removal. Dental tori are typically harmless and don’t cause pain. We do recommend dental tori removal if you’re suffering from pain or are getting dentures that would be impacted by the tori.

In these cases, we use our state-of-the-art WaterLase tool to provide effortless, gentle care for our patients. If you’re ready to learn more about tori removal in Gilbert, AZ, give our office a call today! Dr. Hanna works with patients from Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek, and Mesa, AZ.

Tori Removal Success Stories

Patient 1:

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tori-removal-1 tori-removal-gilbert

Patient 2:

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Patient 3:

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Patient 4:


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