February 19, 2016

Smiling Blond with Bright Pink LipsDuring routine dental exams, it’s not uncommon for your dentist to find a torus growing in your mouth. A torus, or tori when there are more than one, is an unpreventable bone growth within the mouth that may require removal. Removal of the bone growths can be uncomfortable and painful, often requiring surgery. However, Dr. Hanna at Smiles by Hanna provides tori removal in Gilbert using the virtually pain-free WaterLase procedure.

What are Tori?

Tori are bone growths that are typically slow to progress and harmless on their own. Most often, these growths are found on the roof of the mouth, inside the lower jaw, and near the upper molars on the cheek. While they are harmless and usually don’t interfere with eating and speech, overtime, they can begin to cause irritation.

Depending on the location and size of the tori, certain foods, such as hard and hot foods, can cause the area to become irritated. For patients with multiple or large tori, speech and difficulty eating can also develop. For those who wear dentures, the growths increase denture discomfort, leading to further irritation of the growth.

In most cases, tori go unnoticed until discovered by a dentist or after irritation develops. Should irritation occur, the growths may need to be removed.

Tori Removal in Gilbert

When the growths reach the point of interfering with daily life, it’s often best to have the growths removed. Most often, the removal of tori requires an oral surgeon using invasive, painful procedures. The fear of the procedure, pain, and recovery process makes many hesitant to have the growths removed. But, now, you don’t have to be afraid. You have an alternative option for tori removal.

Tori Removal with WaterLase

WaterLase is a non-invasive and virtually pain-free procedure used to remove tori. This form of pain-free dentistry involving a water-energized laser that combines air and water to perform certain procedures, like tori removal.

WaterLase is very effective for treating the skin, gums, and bone with little pain and discomfort. The simplicity of the procedure often means no anesthesia will be needed and there’s little risk for bleeding. In addition, the laser prevents cross contamination, reducing the risk for infections.

As a cosmetic dentist in Gilbert, Dr. Hanna offers state-of-the-art technology and procedures to treat her patients. Should Dr. Hanna determine that removal of tori would be beneficial for your quality of life, she can remove them with no heat, no vibration, and virtually no need for anesthesia with WaterLase. By offering pain free dentistry in Gilbert, she’ll cater to those who need tori removal while making the experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

As a member of numerous dental associations and a graduate of the University of Detroit Mercy School of Density, Dr. Hanna has the credentials in oral surgery and esthetic dentistry for safe and effective tori removal in Gilbert. Dedicated to quality dental care and patient comfort, Dr. Hanna will handle your tori removal with care and compassion. Call today for a consultation.