October 25, 2017

smiling patient with teeth veneers

Everything You Need To Know About Teeth Veneers – Gilbert AZ

Unhappy with your smile? Hate looking at your slightly crooked, cracked or chipped teeth? Looking for ways to instantly boost your self-confidence? You should definitely consider getting teeth veneers.

Teeth veneers (often called porcelain veneers) are very thin, custom-made shells of a material that is designed specifically to cover the front of your teeth. These shells are bonded to the front of the teeth to help change their original size, shape or color and improve their overall appearance.

What are tooth veneers made from?

Dental veneers are made from either porcelain or resin composite material. While it is advised that you discuss the best option with your doctor, porcelain veneers usually work better when it comes to resisting stains and maintaining the appearance of natural-looking teeth.

What are the different types of veneers?

There are several types of veneers that offer different levels of coverage.

  • Porcelain veneers: The most expensive and the best looking.
  • Composite veneers: These work best when catering to minor chips or gaps between the teeth.
  • Instant veneers: The quickest option. However, these are pre-made and don’t offer a natural fit.
  • Removable veneers: Latest introduction to the veneer family. These are the least expensive option and are custom made. However, these are not a long lasting solution for broken or missing teeth.

If you wish to opt for dental veneers, it is advised that you speak with your dentist to see which type best fits your requirements.

Why should you get dental veneers?

  • Treat discoloration of teeth

Discoloration of teeth is very normal. This can result from excessive smoking, drugs, root canal performed in the past or due to the presence of excessive fluoride and other teeth staining substances present in your diet. Stains often pass through the enamel on our teeth and reach our dentine to discolor the teeth. This causes your bright white teeth to turn into a dull yellow color.

Teeth whitening solutions such as bleaching are often not a viable solution for all and don’t always deliver the desired results. Teeth veneers, on the other hand, deliver excellent results and allow you to sport a bright white smile.

  • Cover any cracks or chips in your teeth

Having to deal with cracked, chipped or broken teeth can be a nightmare. While there are a few options to fix your teeth, veneers are the best solution to treat this common dental problem. Veneers not only help conceal any cracks or chips in your teeth, but they also protect them from further damage.

  • Fill in the blanks (literally)

Do you have small or big gaps in your teeth? Veneers specifically designed to fit the size of any gap leave you with a perfect smile.

  • Treat misaligned teeth

Choose teeth veneers over braces to treat misaligned teeth. This is because braces often take years to perfect the alignment of your teeth. However, when placed on crooked or misaligned teeth, veneers help reduce the size of any visible gap almost instantly.

  • Aesthetics

Veneers offer the same aesthetic transformation as crowns. Veneers adjust very well to the front of your teeth and are a cheap and less time-consuming solution to traditional crowns.

  • Simple procedure

Getting veneers involves a rather simple procedure with neither any anesthetics nor serious pain or discomfort involved. Teeth veneers require as little as only three visits to your dentist and help you regain your confidence instantly.

Wondering if you are a good candidate for teeth veneers?

Here is what you should do or have in order to be considered a good candidate for dental veneers:

  • Committed to maintaining good dental hygiene.
  • Healthy tooth enamel.
  • You should be ready to discuss things with your dentist before opting for veneers.

What is the procedure for getting veneers?

Getting dental veneers requires very few trips to the dentist. The first trip usually involves consultation, with the next two visits revolving around the design and application of the teeth veneers.

  • Consultation

Speak with your dentist about the results that you are trying to achieve. Allow your dentist to examine your teeth thoroughly and ensure that dental veneers are the correct choice for you.

  • The process

Once you are ready to begin your journey to a better and brighter smile, your dentist will remove the enamel, grind and reshape the surface of your teeth.

Next, your dentist will create a model or an impression of your teeth which may take up to two-four weeks to be constructed. Moreover, if your dentist feels the need, he may place temporary dental veneers for a temporary fix.
Once the veneers are ready to be installed, your dentist performs an initial fit to ensure that they are the right shape, size and color.

Your teeth are then thoroughly cleaned, with the front surface being ‘roughed up’ before the veneers are placed and cemented using dental cement.

The final step usually involves cleaning off any excess cement, testing your bite and ensuring that the veneers are well adjusted.

So, how long will your dental veneers last?

Veneers offer you a stress-free solution to a beautiful smile for anywhere between ten to fifteen years. It is usually after a span of fifteen years that your teeth veneers may be in need of a replacement.

Is there any special care involved after getting dental veneers?

Absolutely not. However, follow up visits with your dentist are recommended to ensure that your veneers last. We also suggest that you follow good oral hygiene practices such as brushing properly and flossing just like you normally would. Overall, veneers don’t require any special care.

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