What Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Does Dr. Mansoor Specialize in?

Are you searching for a cosmetic dentist in Gilbert? Many Gilbert patients are unhappy with the aesthetic appearance of their mouths. Whether it’s yellowed and cracked teeth or wrinkles around the lips, Dr. Mansoor is an expert in fine-tuning the appearance of her patients with the tools of cosmetic dentistry in Gilbert. Under her care, patients can finally get the beautiful smiles they’ve dreamed of for years. Are you searching for cosmetic dentistry near you? Look no further than Smiles By Hanna.

There are several different procedures Dr. Mansoor can perform. She’ll work with each individual patient to determine whether one or more of the following treatments meet their needs.

Teeth Whitening

For patients suffering from yellowing or graying teeth, professional laser teeth whitening might be the solution. This form of cosmetic dentistry near you is performed right in Dr. Mansoor’s Gilbert, AZ 85296 office to make the experience as convenient as possible. In as little as one hour, patients can transform their lackluster smile into a brilliant sparkle.

The process works by using an in-office laser. During the procedure, many patients report no sensitivity. However, if a patient is feeling uncomfortable, our cosmetic dentist in Gilbert can cover the gums and take other precautions to eliminate unwanted sensations.

For patients that want to take their time whitening their smile, Dr. Mansoor also offers take-home kits. These whitening solutions are less potent, so patients with extreme sensitivity might want to take this approach.

Overall, teeth whitening treatments near you can help benefit patients suffering from discolored teeth for the following reasons:

  • Consumption of specific fruits, such as lemons, oranges, grapes, and berries.
  • Genetics, which may predispose certain people to yellow teeth.
  • Age, as teeth collect stains over time.
  • Coffee, soda, and wine, which are both dark in color and can stain teeth.
  • Medications, which cause the teeth to yellow.
  • Smoking.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Even Gilbert, AZ 85296 patients with the most stringent oral hygiene habits can develop cavities. Unfortunately, past dental technologies involved using metal fillings to correct these areas of decay. These fillings created a jarring appearance, contributed to a loss in tooth structure, and increased temperature sensitivity in patients.

These days, Dr. Mansoor uses only tooth-colored fillings when cleaning out and filling cavities. These tooth-colored fillings are made of high-quality, composite resin to provide a durable and seamless surface. Our cosmetic dentist in Gilbert matches the resin to the natural shade of the teeth so patients can’t even tell they have a filling.

Any Gilbert patients near you who still have old amalgam metal fillings in their mouths can come to Dr. Mansoor for a replacement with resin fillings that have a much better appearance.

Cosmetic Injectables/Juvéderm®

Sometimes, the problem with a patient’s smile isn’t teeth-related. Rather, the problem can stem from wrinkles around the lips, eyebrows, and cheeks. Dr. Mansoor understands just how disconcerting these lines can be for her patients, which is why she offers Cosmetic Injectables and Juvéderm services.

  • With cosmetic injectables, the muscles underneath the skin are paralyzed so that the patient’s face appears smooth and flawless.
  • With Juvéderm, patients can plump up sagging or hollow cheeks to give themselves a more youthful appearance.

Both of these injection services can be performed in Dr. Mansoor’s Gilbert office in just one session. Patients will see immediate results and can go right back to their daily routine after treatment is complete.

Zirconium Dental Restorations

For patients who’d like the best fillings cosmetic dentistry near you currently has to offer, zirconium dental restorations are the way to go. This top-of-the-line material offers an extremely lifelike appearance that is perfect for use on visible teeth.

Not only does zirconium look and feel great, but it can also withstand the wear and tear of chewing and biting. The non-abrasive surface won’t hurt surrounding tissues, while the biocompatible components ensure patients with metal allergies won’t have an allergic reaction.

Patients can choose zirconium dental restorations for the following cosmetic dentistry procedures:

  • Dental bridges, which can replace one or more missing teeth.
  • Dental crowns, which are good for covering up cracked or misshapen teeth.
  • Dental inlays or overlays, which help repair teeth that are too damaged for a normal filling.


For patients requiring a complete mouth transformation, veneers are the solution. Veneers are a thin layer of porcelain meticulously bonded onto teeth that are yellowed, crooked, chipped, or misshapen. With veneers in place, patients will have a naturally perfect looking smile. Best of all, veneers in Gilbert, AZ 85296 take just a couple of visits to complete and can be completed on one or all of a patient’s teeth.

After patients receive their veneers, they care for them just like their normal teeth. With proper oral hygiene, veneers can last for 10 or more years.

Choose Cosmetic Dentistry From Dr. Mansoor in Gilbert

Dr. Mansoor is proud to offer numerous cosmetic dentistry procedures for her Gilbert, AZ, patients. Our office offers cosmetic dentistry near you to help patients become more confident in their appearance.

Schedule your initial appointment for cosmetic dentistry services near you by calling Smiles by Hanna at (480) 279-3700 today. We are happy to provide cosmetic dentistry near you!