August 8, 2018

Dental veneers are cosmetic restorations that are bonded over the front of the teeth in your “smile zone”, changing their appearance. At Smiles by Hanna, we frequently recommend them for instances involving teeth that are:

  • Significantly misshaped or uneven
  • Naturally discolored or have irregular enamel
  • Crooked, misaligned, and gapped

Compared to other common types of aesthetic dentistry, veneers offer a number of advantages to consider.

Fast Results in Less Time

The start-to-finish results of getting dental veneers can be completed in as little as two or three appointments, depending on your situation. Some people even refer to them as “instant braces” because of how quickly veneers make your smile look straighter, whiter, and flawless.

So, what should you expect exactly? After your initial consultation and exam with Dr. Mansoor, we’ll book you for a “prep” visit where we adjust your teeth, take impressions, and send the models of your bite to our lab. There, each of the veneers is made to fit our specifications. We can request everything from the size and shape to the color and hue of your new smile. Depending on the amount of adjustment, Dr. Mansoor may also place a set of temporary veneers over your teeth to minimize discomfort.

About two weeks later, your custom porcelain restorations will be ready to bond in place. Each ceramic shell is carefully placed by Dr. Mansoor. As soon as you glance in the mirror, you’ll have an entirely new smile looking back at you.

In some cases, a separate appointment will be needed for a “try in” or “wax up” where we allow patients with complex cases to preview what their proposed veneers will look like before the permanent ones are made.

Be sure to ask to see our before and after photos to get ideas!

Boost in Self-Confidence

The way we feel about our teeth can drastically impact our private and professional lives. From social interactions at work to posing in portraits with our own family members, hiding your teeth behind a closed-mouth smile keeps our full personalities from shining through. In fact, it can make a bad impression at times. According to a poll done by USA today magazine, 47% of people notice a smile first when they meet someone.

Now, imagine what it would feel like to have teeth you’re proud of showing off. You can smile when you want, laugh in front of friends, and feel confident when it’s time to meet new people. Studies actually show that people who have beautiful teeth tend to smile more, seem happier, have more friends, and even a higher chance of getting job promotions. You can think of your new smile as the perfect accessory you’ll be wearing every day from here on out.

Watch Isabel’s Video Testimonial to learn more about her experience with dental veneers at Smiles By Hanna:

Easy to Finance

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t something that falls under your routine dental benefits, but that doesn’t mean it’s out of reach. We offer easy financing with low monthly payments, so that you can start on your smile makeover whenever you’re ready. It’s a smart investment that you’ll be glad you finally treated yourself to.

In most cases, you can enjoy 0% or low-interest payments when your treatment is paid off within the first 12-18 months!

Book a Consultation to Get Started

Think veneers might be right for you? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Hanna Mansoor to find out. We’ll discuss what aspects of your smile you would like to change, the ones you want to enhance, and what type of timeline or budget should be considered. From there, we’ll be able to provide you with all of the answers needed to make an informed decision about your future smile. Call Smiles by Hanna in Gilbert, AZ today to get started.