July 31, 2019

Closeup portrait of beautiful happy coupleThe field of cosmetic dentistry isn’t only about having procedures performed to provide you with your desired smile aesthetics. Cosmetic dentists like Gilbert’s Dr. Mansoor of Smiles by Hanna provide patients with oral healthcare tips to help local patients preserve their smiles too. Here are 3 of the top oral healthcare tips Dr. Mansoor shares with her local patients.

1. Remember to Brush Your Teeth Twice Daily, Floss Once a Day, and Use Antibacterial Mouthwash Once a Day

The best thing you can do to preserve your beautiful smile is to take care of your teeth and gums every single day. Not only does this help prevent cavities, but it also protects against the telltale bleeding, swollen, and inflamed gums that a Gilbert dental patient with periodontal disease experiences. To keep your smile looking gorgeous, you should always brush every morning and every night, floss at least once a day, and be sure to use an antibacterial mouthwash at least once a day. But that’s not all. Make sure you visit your Gilbert general dentist at least once every 6 months for an oral healthcare check and professional teeth cleaning too.

2. Brush Your Teeth After Eating or Drinking Any Food or Beverage That Can Be Potentially Staining

Many Gilbert cosmetic dentistry patients are concerned about the color of their smile. The most common complaints are that teeth naturally appear too yellow or too gray. While laser teeth whitening at Dr. Mansoor’s Smiles by Hanna cosmetic dental practice can help, you need to be practicing proper tooth care in between your teeth whitening sessions to maintain your pearly whites. Aside from drinking beverages known to stain teeth with a straw, one of the best things you can do to keep your teeth white longterm is to immediately brush them after consuming anything that is known to stain teeth. This includes after drinking dark colored beverages like colas, coffee, and red wine, and after eating foods known to stain teeth, like mustard and red pasta sauces.

3. Avoid Nicotine Products for the Brightest and Healthiest Smile Possible

Some Gilbert residents have a habit of smoking, vaping, or using chewing tobacco. You already know these products are dangerous for your medical and oral health, but did you know they can negatively impact the appearance of your smile too? The chemicals in nicotine products can stain your teeth yellow. They can also darken your gums. For your health and for the sake of your smile’s appearance, it’s best to kick these habits to the curb for good. If you need help quitting, ask Dr. Hanna in Gilbert for information about a smoking cessation program that is proven to work.

Learning More About Cosmetic Dentistry Do’s and Don’ts

Cosmetic dentistry is a very big field, and cosmetic dentists like Dr. Mansoor have a wealth of knowledge to provide patients looking to improve the appearance of their smiles. If you have more questions about the best oral healthcare tips to maintain your beautiful smile, a cosmetic dentist can help.

To learn more about cosmetic dentistry, call Smiles by Hanna today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mansoor. She can be reached at (480) 279-3700.