August 8, 2018

Dr. Hanna Mansoor in Gilbert, Arizona is an expert in laser tori removal. “Tori” or “palatal tori” is the term used to describe the bony growth or extension in the roof of the mouth, or alongside teeth just at the gumlines (making it appear as if the jawbone of gums is growing outward.)

Although tori are not present in the majority of our patients, they do occur frequently enough that it’s essential for Dr. Mansoor to offer supportive services when those growths begin to interfere with everyday life.

Why does Tori Need to be Removed?

Though some tori are very small and never pose an issue. Tori can grow so large that they interfere with common things like eating, talking, or wearing a denture. Depending on how large the torus is, it may even cover the entire roof of your mouth or portions of your teeth, making it impossible to chew certain types of foods. Other times, it can cause food to get trapped under the tori and or cause teeth to move and cause crowding.

Even the smallest tori may make it impossible to wear a “plate” (traditional denture) unless removed.

At Smiles by Hanna, we offer a more comfortable alternative to tori removal than conventional oral surgery. It’s all thanks to advanced laser technology that provides safe, efficient, comfortable results.

Biolase Waterlase Tori Treatment

Instead of relying on traditional surgical methods that involve cutting and painful techniques to manually remove the bony torus, our Gilbert, AZ practice has invested in advanced Biolase Waterlase technology that uses gentle pulses of laser energy to remove tori as comfortably as possible.

Advanced lasers designed for minor oral surgeries are extremely safe and predictable, allowing Dr. Mansoor to remove the bony extension without any vibration or heat. The beam of energy makes it possible to precisely reshape and sculpt the bone, removing the tori and recreating a smoother, flush surface across the roof of the mouth (palate) or along the jaw.

What to Expect

As with any type of oral surgery, you’ll want to plan to have a soft diet the next few days while your mouth recovers. Plan on stocking up on foods such as pudding, gelatin, mashed potatoes, etc. Because the roof of your mouth can be quite sensitive it can be tender for the first few days.

By choosing to have your tori removed with a laser instead of with conventional surgery, you’ll be able to expect a more comfortable procedure.

You can watch Carolyn’s testimonial to learn more about her experience with tori removal with Dr. Hanna Mansoor –

What Causes Tori?

There are a number of different theories as to why some people have tori and others do not. Some dentists believe that past trauma to the tooth or genetics has a role to play.

The truth is the tori are interfering with daily habits or posing a risk to your diet, there’s usually not a need to remove them. Once they do interfere and become problematic, it’s essential to find a dentist like Dr. Mansoor who is experienced and comfortable completing such a procedure. All that’s needed is a bit of local numbing medication to keep you comfortable. If you prefer, Dr. Hanna can also discuss sedation options such as oral sedation, or IV sedation.

You’ll Wish You Had Done It Sooner

Removing tori can give you the freedom to eat all of your favorite foods or wear a custom denture more comfortably. Smiles by Hanna is happy to offer this service in our Gilbert, AZ practice. There’s no need to refer you to a specialist or offsite oral surgery center.

Need dentures, but can’t move forward because your dentist says your tori is in the way? Can’t eat comfortably? You feel your teeth are crowding? Contact Smiles by Hanna today to schedule a laser tori removal consultation. We’re happy to accept referrals as well.