August 8, 2018
laser frectonomies for tongue ties

For babies with tongue ties, feeding can be especially challenging. Whether you choose to breastfeed or use bottles, either can be difficult if your infant isn’t able to suck correctly due to a tight frenum (the strip of tissue just below the tip of the tongue.)

If not corrected, your baby can also face challenges like speaking delays, speech impairments, and pain. Difficulty in nursing can also make it challenging for the baby to latch, making them prone to weight loss and colic.

The Disadvantages of Traditional Tongue Tie Surgery

In the past, loosening a baby’s tongue-tie meant performing a frenectomy using surgical methods (a scalpel.) This, obviously, could cause more discomfort to the child and make the procedure more challenging to perform in regard to the infant’s safety. As such, some dentists refer parents to an ENT, oral surgeon, or require sedation for the infant to have the procedure.

Additionally, tongue tie surgery where the tight skin is cut or trimmed poses a risk for infection and lengthy recoveries for the tiniest member of your family.

Gentle, Effective Treatment in Our Office

Fortunately, Smiles by Hanna is able to offer a gentle and minimally invasive alternative to traditional tongue tie surgery. Dr. Mansoor incorporates gentle laser technology to provide safe and effective treatment and a fast recovery.

Because our Biolase Waterlase laser uses gentle pulses of energy combined with a cool flow of water, your infant or toddler can have a laser frenectomy without the pain, bleeding, or swelling experienced using surgical techniques.

Your infant will enjoy a painless procedure and rapid recovery. No sutures are necessary! The laser allows Dr. Mansoor to reshape the soft tissue under the tongue or behind the lips in a predictable manner for effective results.

Is Numbing Necessary?

No! Waterlase technology is virtually painless, even for infants. Although the area just under the tongue can be quite delicate, reshaping the soft tissue with a laser is a very simple procedure for your child. No anesthesia is needed.

Faster Results for Your Child

Infancy can be an especially challenging time of life, especially for new parents or families that have babies with special needs. Getting a tongue tie treated can be confusing for some, especially when you’re not sure where to turn. Your pediatrician may recommend sedating your baby and having the frenectomy performed by another medical specialist, while a pediatric dentist might recommend completing the procedure in a hospital.

Most of these medical and dental providers don’t have access to the lasers used by comprehensive dentists like Dr. Mansoor. As such, we’re able to provide infant, toddler, and child tongue tie treatments without a referral from your medical or dental practitioner. The procedure is quick, and your family can be in and out in less than an hour.

How to Tell if Your Infant Has a Tongue Tie

Tongue ties can cause a number of different signs in children, including:

  • Difficulty in nursing, feeding, or “latching” onto the breast
  • Colic
  • Clefting at the end of the tongue
  • A visibly short strip of skin under the tongue, restricting its movement
  • The gums pulling down, away from teeth
  • Teeth gaps, separation of teeth

If you’re still uncertain about whether your child needs a frenectomy, contact Smiles by Hanna in Gilbert, AZ. Dr. Mansoor is happy to meet with parents to discuss any feeding challenges that your baby may be experiencing. Should a frenectomy be the best option, we will schedule the short procedure as quickly as possible.

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