November 6, 2019
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One of the most common questions that Dr. Mansoor of Gilbert’s Smiles by Hanna is asked during an All-on-4® implants appointment is whether or not the solution is a permanent tooth replacement option. Not only is the answer a resounding “Yes,” but it’s also the best option you can choose for your overall oral health and the preservation of your jawbone tissue, which helps ensure your facial appearance remains unchanged.

All-on-4® Implants are Designed to Last a Lifetime

Whether you’re getting an entire arch or mouthful of dental implants, or just one implant to replace a tooth that required extraction, you should know that dental implants are the only tooth replacement system that is designed to last a lifetime!
Dentures, which you adhere with a paste every morning and must be removed at night before you go to bed, may require replacement overtime as they no longer fit in your mouth due to changes in your jawbone. This is because when you are missing teeth, the lack of tooth roots in your jawbone cause the bone to shrink, or resorb. Jawbone resorption means dentures won’t fit forever, and can also change your facial appearance as your jawbone tissue shrinks and changes over time.
Dental implants are different. When you choose to have All-on-4® implants placed by Gilbert’s Dr. Mansoor, the 4 titanium rods that are inserted into each arch of your mouth stimulate your jawbone growth. This means that your jawbone is preserved, and you won’t have to worry about changes in that tissue occurring over time.
Additionally, because dental implants are placed into your jawbone, they actually fuse with it during your healing process. This means that your implants become a permanent part of your mouth, and they won’t slip and slide while you’re talking, or break and fall out when you’re eating chewy or crunchy foods.

Proper Gum Care Can Preserve Your All-on-4® Implants for the Rest of Your Life

Just because you may choose to have your teeth replaced with dental implants, doesn’t mean you get a pass on practicing proper oral hygiene. In fact, one of the things that can make implants fail is the lack of caring for your implants and gums.

Gilbert patients should brush their implants twice a day, floss in between them every day, and use an antibacterial mouthwash and a waterpik once a day. The reason to maintain proper oral hygiene is that a rare, but serious infection can occur in the tissue around your dental implants called peri-implantitis. While it’s rare of implants to fail, this infection is known to cause implants to loosen up, which may require them to move or cause them to fall out on their own.

Gilbert All-on-4® patients should also keep regular bi-annual dental cleaning appointments, so that your implants can professionally be cleaned to keep them in the best condition possible.

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If you have any additional questions about replacing an arch or an entire mouthful of teeth with dental implants, Dr. Mansoor is here to answer your questions. Simply call her Gilbert dental practice, Smiles by Hanna, to schedule a consultation with her. Her practice can be reached by calling (480) 279-3700.