April 20, 2017

They say that your smile is the gateway to the rest of your body. From what science shows, the saying has never been truer. Active gum disease is a reflection of chronic inflammation and immune suppression in the rest of your body.

Your Cardiovascular System

Diseased gums allow oral pathogens to spread straight into your cardiovascular system. They’ve even found periodontal bacteria levels to increase the risk of:

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • High blood pressure

Reproductive Implications

For years, we’ve known that periodontal disease increases a woman’s risk of going into labor prematurely. It’s also thought to be a risk factor for a low birth weight. Now we also know that the infection can cause problems conceiving. Both women and men may experience challenges. A recent study showed that management of gum disease showed a positive impact on the treatment of ED in just a few months!

Difficulty Managing Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes and gum disease often go hand in hand. When one gets worse, so does the other. Many studies show that they two conditions need to be treated jointly in order to achieve any type of improvement. Unless your blood sugar is under control, your gum disease won’t be either. Better oral hygiene and a trip to the dentist for a cleaning can help you get off on the right start.

Pneumonia and Respiratory Diseases

Active gum disease allows bacteria into your bloodstream as well as your respiratory tract. For older individuals, the immunocompromised, or people being incubated, this can increase the risk of developing pneumonia or other respiratory tract infections.

Get Your Smile Back on Track

If your gums are swollen and bleeding, you might need more than just a routine dental cleaning. Book a visit to Smiles by Hanna in Gilbert for a gum disease screening. We’ll show you how to eliminate active periodontitis so that you can protect both your smile and your health.