May 22, 2017

Dental lasers use light energy to accomplish everything from preparing a tooth for a filling, to performing soft tissue surgeries like frenectomies or gingivectomies. Speaking of gingivectomies, Dr. Hanna often uses our WaterLase laser to correct areas of excessive gum tissue…or “gummy smiles” as our patients not-so-fondly refer to them.

Causes of a Gummy Smile

Patient Smile Showing Gum Overgrowth

A “gummy” smile is usually due to having too much gum tissue covering the teeth. This causes your tooth to look shorter than it really is. The excessive gingiva growth can be something hereditary, or even due to specific types of medication that you’ve been on. When it grows over the tooth, less enamel is visible…and when you smile, your grin looks like more gums than teeth.

How a Dental Laser Helps

With a laser, we can remove and reshape your gums, creating a more natural and aesthetically pleasing gingival contour. This exposes more of your tooth enamel and creates a fuller looking smile.

Because of how non-invasive dental lasers are, this procedure usually requires little to no local anesthetic whatsoever. That’s right…you might not have to be numbed up! As Dr. Hanna reshapes your gumlines, the laser gently cauterizes the edges of the gingiva, preventing them from bleeding. This technique also reduces recovery time and post-procedure discomfort. Most people do not even need to take a pain reliever afterward.

Dental Lasers – Part of Your Comprehensive Smile Makeover

A laser gum procedure usually takes a matter of minutes — depending on how many teeth are involved — which makes a gummy smile treatment one of the “fastest” ways to makeover your smile!

You may want to consider pairing this treatment with other cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening or veneers, for a comprehensive approach. Even when performed alone, laser gum treatments at our Gilbert, AZ office can significantly boost your smile’s appearance (and your self-confidence!)