March 27, 2018

Laser Dentistry in Gilbert, Arizona

It is human nature to fear the unknown, which is one of the primary reasons why many patients fear visiting the dentist. They simply are unaware of how comfortable and efficient addressing their dental needs can actually be. As a laser dentistry expert, Dr. Hanna utilizes Waterlase technology. Smiles by Hanna in Gilbert, Arizona can treat patients in greater comfort than ever. “Most people don’t even know that Waterlase Dentistry exists,” explains Dr. Hanna Mansoor, “but at Smiles by Hanna we are always looking for ways to improve the comfort and clinical care of our patients, so we invested in this advanced technology.”

Waterlase Dentistry

The Waterlase® laser system, from Biolase Technology of Irvine California, is a revolutionary dental tool that uses a patented combination of laser energy and water to perform a variety of dental procedures, in most cases with no shot, no-drill, and no pain. Cleared by the U.S. FDA for use in many kinds of dental work – from fixing cavities to preparing teeth for crowns, performing root canals, and even putting in implants – the Waterlase® laser is being used by thousands of dentists worldwide.

According to studies, Waterlase Dentistry™️ is less traumatic than the drill and only minimally invasive. The aim is to treat the diseased part of your tooth, gums, or bone without causing damage to nearby healthy tissue. It uses a combination of laser and water to deliver a brief and unique cutting action that is precise and gentle, this preserves healthy tooth or gums when treating a cavity or gum disease as well as maximizes patients’ comfort while providing excellent clinical care.

Learn More About Dr. Hanna

For anyone who needs dental work, but may be putting it off because they’re afraid of the discomfort, visiting Dr. Mansoor’s office at 1355 S Higley Rd Ste 119, Gilbert, AZ 85296 or making an appointment by calling (480) 279-3700 could mean an end to their fear of dentists. “Like they say, ‘Knowledge is power’, Dr. Mansoor explains, “and the more that people know about Waterlase Dentistry, the easier it is for them to conquer their fears and let us take care of the dental work they need.”