July 17, 2019
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There’s a new treatment option available to Gilbert patients who are missing most of their teeth in their upper and/or lower arch, want to replace dentures or are looking for the most state-of-the-art option for a total smile makeover. All-on-4® is a special technique used to place dental implants in an entire arch of the mouth. The solution can be used on the upper arch, the lower arch, or both to give you a mouthful of realistic tooth-looking crowns that look and function like real teeth.

The Many Benefits of All-on-4® Implants

There are plenty of reasons why Gilbert dental patients who want or need to replace their upper, lower, or all of their teeth choose All-on-4® implants. These include:

  • Wanting a Tooth Replacement System that Stimulates Jawbone Growth

Our tooth roots do more than hold our teeth in place. The placement of the tooth root in the jawbone actually stimulates jawbone tissue, which keeps your jawbone strong and helps it hold in adjacent natural teeth as well as keep your facial structure intact.

If you’re missing all or multiple teeth, you’re likely suffering from a condition known as jawbone resorption – where your jawbone tissue begins to shrink. This can cause any remaining teeth to loosen up, and either fall out or require extraction, as well as change your facial appearance.

While dentures can replace an entire arch or an entire mouthful of teeth, they do nothing to stimulate Gilbert dental patients’ jawbone tissue growth. But All-on-4® implants do. They place 4 titanium implant rods in each arch of your mouth, which provides the jawbone tissue the stimulation you need to keep your jawbone strong and your facial appearance intact.

  • Desiring a Permanent Tooth Replacement System that Isn’t Removable Like Dentures

Dentures may give you your smile back, but they come with some pretty well-known drawbacks. First, they have to be secured with a paste every day and let’s face it; denture paste isn’t always strong enough. Dentures are known to slip and slide as you speak, bite, chew and eat, and they also limit the types of food you can eat – often taking chewy or crunchy foods off your diet forever. You also can’t sleep with dentures in and have to remove them every night.

Dental implants are different. First, they’re built to be permanent, so long as you practice proper oral hygiene once they’re placed. You can invest in them once, and have them last a lifetime. Second, the tooth crowns are screwed into titanium implants that are fused in your bone. This means they don’t move when you speak or eat, and you can enjoy any food you like. In fact, the only time your Implant crowns are ever removed is when you visit Gilbert’s Dr. Mansoor for a bi-annual teeth cleaning, where she will unscrew them from the titanium implants so she can properly clean them before reattaching them to your implants.

  • Wanting to Be Able to Bite, Chew, and Eat Anything You Want

As we’ve already mentioned, dentures limit what a Gilbert dental patient can eat. Say “Goodbye!” to taffy and peanut brittle for good if you choose to have dentures placed in your mouth.

However, the tooth crowns of dental implants are incredibly strong – strong enough so you can bite, chew, and eat anything you want, no matter how chewy or crunchy it is!

  • Hoping for a Tooth Replacement System that Looks and Functions as Naturally as Possible

Most dental patients who want to replace their teeth are looking for something that looks and functions as naturally as possible. They don’t want telltale signs that their teeth are fake. All-on-4® dental implants provide this solution. Since the titanium rods permanently fuse with your jawbone, the implants are as strong as can be. And the realistic-looking tooth crowns look entirely natural, so no one will be the wiser that you have “fake” teeth unless you let them in on the secret!

Schedule an Appointment with Dr. Mansoor to Learn More About This Option Today

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