February 1, 2017

Did you know that chronic snoring or sleep apnea can do more than make you feel tired or interrupt your rest? It may also be destroying your smile! Aside from your sleep partner pointing out that there’s a problem, your dentist might be one of the first people to notice.

Signs of obstructive sleep apnea or a sleeping disorder may include worn, flat, and chipped teeth along with broken restorations (fillings and crowns.) The great news is that Dr. Hanna Mansoor can fit you with an oral sleep appliance to help.

Oral Sleep Appliances vs. CPAP Machines

If you’re CPAP intolerant or find that the equipment is just too bulky or noisy to rest with, an oral sleep appliance has a lot of advantages. Some of which include:

  • A natural solution to opening your airway and increasing oxygen flow
  • No cumbersome equipment to deal with
  • Results as soon as the first night of use
  • In some cases, eliminating the need for CPAP altogether

You might be wondering how something you wear in your mouth can help you treat snoring or sleep apnea. It’s simple: the mouthpiece guides your jaw forward so that the soft tissues at the back of your throat aren’t sealing off your airway. Oxygen is able to flow freely, so that you get more restful sleep without the snoring.

Dr. Hanna Mansoor is happy to arrange an oral sleep medicine plan with your physician as necessary. Even if you haven’t already had a sleep study done, we can discuss whether or not you’re a candidate for an apnea or snoring appliance. It’s as simple as scheduling a no-pressure sleep apnea consultation at our dental practice in Gilbert.

New patients are always welcome. Contact Smiles by Hanna at 480-279-3700 today to find out if we can help you (or your loved one) enjoy a better night’s rest.