August 14, 2019

Portrait of a candid senior coupleGilbert dental patients looking to replace an arch or mouthful of missing teeth should know that All-on-4® implants, which can be surgically placed by Dr. Mansoor of Smiles by Hanna, offer several benefits over dentures. Here’s just a sampling of reasons as to why you should choose dental implants over dentures for your full mouth teeth replacement system.

1. All-on-4® Implants Are Permanently Attached to Your Mouth

As most Gilbert dental patients already know, dentures are adhered to the mouth every morning with a paste and come out of the mouth every night before you go to bed. Dental implants are entirely different. They are secured to your jawbone with titanium rods, which permanently fuse with your jawbone tissue as you heal from your surgery. Dental implants don’t come out and require no paste which may fail day to day, as many denture wearers know.

2. Dental Implants Preserve Your Jawbone

Tooth roots do more than hold your teeth in place. They also preserve your jawbone tissue, which in turn preserves the shape of your face around your mouth. Dentures do nothing to stimulate your jawbone growth, and many Gilbert patients with dentures experience jawbone tissue loss, also called bone resorption. But because implants place titanium rods in your jawbone that fuses with your jawbone, they preserve this jawbone tissue forever. With dental implants, you won’t have to worry about losing jawbone tissue and experiencing changes to your facial appearance. 

3. Implants Don’t Slip and Slide When You Speak, Bite, or Chew

As many Gilbert dental patients who wear dentures know, they aren’t exactly failproof. Dentures can slip and slide when you talk or when you bite down and chew on some of your favorite foods.

Because dental implants are permanently secured to your jawbone, you don’t have to worry about them moving or slipping and sliding. They stay put, no matter how fast you talk or what you are eating.

4. You Can Eat Anything You Want When You Have All-on-4® Implants

Speaking of eating, Gilbert dental implant patients have no restrictions on the foods they can enjoy. While denture wearers have to avoid chewy or crunchy foods, so their dentures don’t start moving, dental implants patients can enjoy any type of food they want, without worrying about their implants coming out or their tooth crowns breaking.

5. All-on-4® Implants are Designed to Last a Lifetime

Chances are if you opt for dentures, you’re going to need to replace them at least once in your lifetime. Dental  implants, however, are designed to last forever, so long as you care for them properly. In fact, if you avoid nicotine products and practice proper oral hygiene, just as you would if you still had your natural teeth, there’s very little risk for implant failure.

Ditch Those Dentures for Dental Implants

Whether you already have dentures, or you’re in the beginning process of choosing a teeth replacement system for you, Dr. Mansoor of Gilbert’s Smiles by Hanna strongly encourages you to consider dental implants.

To learn more about this teeth replacement system, call her practice today at (480) 279-3700.