May 1, 2018

Are you suffering from sensitive teeth? You’re not alone! It’s recently been reported that as many as one out of every eight people in the United States suffer from sensitive teeth. Our experienced Gilbert dentist, Dr. Hanna Mansoor, shares some tips for helping those sensitive teeth. 

Visit a dentist

 If you haven’t done so already, it might be a good time to schedule an appointment with your dentist. Dr. Hanna has many patients who schedule appointments at her Gilbert office to discuss their sensitive teeth. At times, sensitive teeth can be caused by cavities, worn enamel, or gum issues. An experienced, and qualified, dentist will be able to assist you best in determining the cause of your sensitive teeth. If it’s been a while, schedule an appointment with Dr. Hanna today!

Try using a fluoride toothpaste 

There has been research that indicates that fluoride will help bond to your tooth enamel and it will close the pores of your teeth. This will strengthen your tooth enamel. Weak tooth enamel is one of the common causes of tooth sensitivity, and this will help against enamel break down and developing cavities. Ask your hygienist as well to apply fluoride varnish on your teeth following every cleaning. The varnish will stick on your teeth and slowly release fluoride for up to 3 months. 

Skip the whitening treatment

An unfortunate side effect of teeth whitening treatments is that they can commonly cause patients to have sensitive teeth. It’s probably best to skip the treatments or to use the whitening gel less often. Your dentist can help you develop a plan for what’s best for your teeth. If whitening treatments really bother your teeth, it might be time to consider dental veneers

Try a different toothpaste

It could be that your toothpaste is bothering your teeth (especially if it has some whitening chemicals too). There are many kinds of toothpaste that are created specifically for people with sensitive teeth. 

Avoid foods or drinks that irritate your teeth

Hot or cold are common triggers for sensitive teeth. Now, we aren’t suggesting that you totally give up ice cream! But maybe next time you have a treat, you can opt for something with a spoon instead of biting into that popsicle. 

The team at Smiles By Hanna is always here to support our patients! If you have any questions about your sensitive teeth or anything else, please give us a call. Smiles By Hanna is located in Gilbert, AZ, just off of the Loop 202 San Tan Freeway and Higley Road.