May 30, 2017
Drawing of Dental Implants Next to Original Teeth

The benefits of dental implants are eye opening. Because lost teeth can lead to decreased self-esteem and a less fulfilling life, dental implants are good solution. Dental implants provide a solution that looks and feels natural, restoring your smile and confidence. The benefits of dental implants can extend to individuals who are missing one tooth, several teeth, or even all of their teeth. Here’s how.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is essentially a replacement tooth. The implant replicates a tooth root and is surgically placed into your jawbone. After your mouth heals and the implant forms a bond with the bone, the dental team places a crown for each tooth—the white portion that creates your smile.

Benefits of dental implants

There are many benefits of dental implants, most of these because they replicate the structure of your natural teeth.

Dental implants look and feel natural

Dental implants feel natural, much like your original teeth—and they look natural to others. A dental implant is stable and comfortable and it won’t slip or move.

Implants are long-lasting

Dental implants provide a long-lasting solution for missing teeth and with proper care, they can last a lifetime, as opposed to other procedures that may need to be redone after five to ten years.

Dental implants promote healthy bone and tissue

The jawbone begins to deteriorate without tooth roots to stimulate it. Because dental implants fuse with your jawbone, they promote healthy bone and tissue.

Dental implants let you eat without pain

Dental implants allow you to eat what you want without discomfort. Because they’re stable and comfortable, you can once again enjoy your favorite foods without worry.

Dental implants increase confidence and self-esteem 

Many people who are missing teeth feel a loss of self-esteem. Dental implants can provide a natural-looking smile and restore your confidence.

Are dental implants safe?

When performed by an experienced professional, a dental implants procedure is safe and effective with the latest technology. Because the implant fuses with your bone, it locks into place, creating a sturdy foundation for your replacement teeth.

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