September 25, 2019
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If you’re a Gilbert dental patient who needs scaling and root planing performed, you’ve likely found this blog because you’re considering laser gum treatment over the traditional method for performing this procedure to treat advanced stages of periodontal disease. Well, we’re here to inform you and help you understand why Dr. Mansoor’s WaterLase technology is superior to the traditional sharp instrument process of cleaning bacteria, plaque, and calculus from inflamed gums and affected teeth.

To help you make the best decision possible for your oral health care, we’ve compiled these 5 benefits of receiving laser gum treatment with WaterLase.

1. Turn a Process that Many Dental Patients Find Uncomfortable Into a Completely Pain-Free Experience

If this is your first time needing a scaling and root planing, you may have heard horror stories from family and friends who’ve had the procedure performed with traditional, sharp dental instruments. Not only does the traditional process require local anesthetic injections (and those injections alone can cause pain and dental anxiety for some), but many describe the traditional procedure as long and uncomfortable.

Scaling and root planing is completely different when you work with Dr. Mansoor for laser gum treatment. First, the procedure is completely pain-free, so much so that a local anesthetic injection isn’t even needed. While you won’t feel the laser as it works its magic on your gums and tooth roots, you will feel a stream of water as its being directed to targeted areas of your gums and tooth roots. And that’s it! In fact, Dr. Mansoor’s Gilbert dental patients who choose WaterLase often report that the process is entirely comfortable and pain-free.

2. Reduce Bleeding and Swelling that is Common When Using Traditional Dental Instruments

With its sharp dental instruments, a traditional scaling and root planing can cause your gums to bleed and swell. WaterLase, the laser gum treatment that Dr. Mansoor uses, completely eliminates this side effect. The entire process is so gentle; you don’t even need a local anesthetic to stay comfortable throughout the procedure. And with virtually no swelling and bleeding after your deep cleaning,* you’ll be on the road to recovery faster than ever! 

3. Heal Faster and Be Back to Normal Sooner

Sharp dental instruments can inadvertently cause little cuts and scrapes in the surrounding gum tissue while your inflamed gums are being treated. Plus, the simple fact of peeling away inflamed gums and scraping your tooth roots clean causes slight trauma from which Gilbert patients must heal.

Laser gum treatment is entirely different. Using only a laser that you won’t feel, and a stream of water, this solution cleans affected gums and tooth roots with virtually no disruption to adjacent tissue.* This means you’ll be able to recover from your procedure faster than if you had a traditional scaling and root planing performed.

4. Complete the Procedure Faster

Some Gilbert dental patients have such an advanced case of periodontal disease that a traditional scaling and root cleaning can’t be performed in just one session, and multiple appointments are required to clean the patient’s gums and tooth roots. As a more gentle alternative, WaterLase works faster, allowing the entire scaling and root planing to be performed in one session. What’s more, the process is so quick with WaterLase that some of Dr. Mansoor’s patients combine the procedure with other medically necessary or cosmetic dentistry procedures while they’re already at Smiles by Hanna.

5. Reduce Your Risk for Infection

While infection is always a possibility with scaling and root planing, the risk is reduced when your using WaterLase, because there are no sharp objects that can cause little cuts or scrapes in your gum tissue. This is a great benefit to all Gilbert dental patients, but especially to those with heart conditions who must take antibiotics before ever visiting the dentist, even for a routine teeth cleaning.

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If you need scaling and root planing performed, there’s no better way to have it completed than with WaterLase.

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